Williams on Waivers + teams interested in Mark Bell

Tsn.ca is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have waived Jeremy Williams. If he does clear waivers he will report to the Toronto Marlies of the AHL.

In other news thestar.com is reporting that as many as three teams are showing interest in Mark Bell. It is also noted that that Leafs would be very “cooperative” in making any deal to move Bell.

Williams on Waivers

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  1. Skeeterzx225 says:

    i dont uderstand this move. this kid is a natural goal scorer.

  2. hockey_lover says:

    What the?  Williams is a good kid and I think he will develop into a pretty good player.

    Im kind of boggled by this.

  3. Kyleton says:

    The kids been out a good while with a shoulder injury and they are sending him down to get back in the groove of things and he really is not needed on the pro team right now. His age makes him have to clear waivers to be sent down thats all. Its not Burke trying to get rid of him.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    wow, burke's moves seem kind of odd. williams has done what needs to be done in the ahl, he needs time on the nhl roster (which surely the team can afford given the fact that they wont make the playoffs). Thats not mentioning the fact that the guy has been very good at the nhl level.

    so, one of two things happen.
    1. Williams is claimed and we lose a good developing player (can anyone say Wellwood?)
    2. Williams finishes the season in the aHL even though he certainly belongs in the NHL.

    Burke is realy starting to agrrevate me.

  5. mcdivitt says:

    Without question, Burke is going to be on my s**tlist if this kid gets claimed.  And something tells me 6 goals in his first six games will grab someone's attention.  "He needs to work on his game away from the puck"  Newsflash: that's why you hang on to guys like this.  He obviously has natural skill, but needs to be worked on by the coaches.  Now, this kid is likely leaving for nothing?

    I am already furious, even if Williams clears.  I don't like that they'd even take the risk of losing him.  Surely there's some other move that could have been made…

  6. NHLSlayer says:

    Williams HAS now officially cleared waivers, and will be reporting to the Marlies.

    Nobody was about to touch him, his development is such that all 30 teams realize he needs more time in the AHL.  It's only the armchair GM's who think he is more ready than he is.

  7. leafsrule12345 says:

    I don't like the move either, but Burke knows what he is doing. Let's face it – he's an NHL GM – he's no idiot. He's taking a risk and he feels it's worth it in the long run. Let the man do his job.

  8. mojo19 says:

    What! I can't believe Burke would put Lonny Bohonos on waivers to send him down! I mean Simon Gamache! I mean Jeremy Williams.

    Get over it everyone.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Thanks Slayer.

    For no real reason everyone has always had a hard on for Dempsey, I mean Williams

  10. mojo19 says:

    We're talking about a small 25 year old who has 9 goals and 2 assists in 31 career games.

    The crushes Leaf Nation develops, I don't understand sometimes. And my favourite players are usually hated by the rest of you.

    This brings me back to an old point from 7 years ago: Robert Reichel is UNDER RATED! Why do you all hate him so? He posted over 50 pts his first year with the leafs, developed into a solid 3rd line centre with the team and was really good in the playoffs. Bobby is just 1 example of players you all hate and you fall in love with scrubs like Williams. I think I'm watching different hockey then the rest of you.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Oh I missed one. You know who else used to snipe whenever he was first called up? Jonny Pohl. Does anybody miss him? He's just as good as Williams.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Williams is talented there's no question. And he's not going to be able to develop into a solid NHLer playing in the minors all the time. 9 goals in 31 games averaged out over 82 is almost 25 goals.

    Its not like the past when you could justify it by saying we want to win now, but this is clearly not the case. And even if it was the case, Williams is a fairly complete player, and could challenge guys like Grabovski and Hagman for ice time.

    Good 3rd line players can do something. Kill penalties, stand in front of the net, hit, fight, aggravate. Too many poor teams are stacked with 'solid' players who can't do anything. Reichel is one of them. Reichel scored 40 goals in the NHL twice. He never made it over 20 in his 3 years as a leaf.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Not fair comparisons. Those players got chances over and over. Williams has yet to get a full or even partially full chances, and he's excelled in the small chances he has got.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    For every few John Pohls theres a few Domonic Moores.

  15. mojo19 says:

    That's Lonny Bohonos to a T. And Jeremy had 2 goals in 18 games last year, that's not really excelling.

  16. mojo19 says:

    Bobby posted over 90 pts one year with Calgary. Reichel has more talent drunk then Williams. Reichel could probably give Williams a go right now and is probably still just as effective as an NHL'er I would think.

    Anyway's I like Williams, but I just dont think its anything to get worked up about when a marginal player like him gets put on waivers. This is not the first time he's cleared waivers either by the way, so explain to me why he's so great?

    I do like his quick release and that has got him his goals. But he's nothing special. His AHL stats aren't overwhealming either, except in 2006 when he was a point per game.

    Johnny Mitchell is a much better player.

  17. blaze says:

    big time agree on Mitchell

  18. Rickler says:

    haha, nice touch mojo.  

  19. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Mitchell rules!

    Williams has cleared which is good considering both Devereaux and Battaglia have been brought up.  Gonna need some scoring help with the Marlies.

  20. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Relax, sir.  Williams = developing?  How long does it take a "sniper" to develop these days?  Until he shows he deserves every shift by competing every shift, he's going to find himself in the minors over and over again.  We've heard it time and time again.  Williams lacks consistancy.  Let's hope Gilbert can get it into his head this time around.

  21. leafy says:

    I have to say I like Jeremy Williams.  If Mikhail Grabovski could shoot the puck like Williams, he'd probably get 50 goals!  I love players who can shoot the puck.

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    "Johnny Mitchell is a much better player."

    Huh? John Mitchell is another guy like that. 'solid' but brings nothing substancial to the team. He will be back in the minors next season.

  23. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    18 games isn't really a chance, especially when he plays 5 minutes a game.

  24. mojo19 says:

    I'll give you that. He didn't play much because Paul Maurice didn't like weak small butterballs like Wellwood and Williams.

    by the way, the Canucks game I watched the other night Wellwood didn't play in the 3rd period except on the PP. A little off topic but not really.

  25. mojo19 says:

    John Mitchell has better hands than Williams by far, he has size, not amazing speed but I wouldn't call him slow, and he's got a great shot. Best thing Mitchell does is he always cuts into the high slot, and he always looks good doing it.

    Williams is a cream puff, better suited for the AHL, Mitchell is a big strong guy better suited for the NHL.

    Sorry that's just how I see it.

  26. leafy says:

    Completely agreed on Mitchell. You describe perfectly what he does best.

    Regarding Williams, I didn't notice him being a cream puff, so maybe I should pay more attention.  Obviously he has a size disadvantage compared to Mitchell.  But I have noticed that Williams' shot is quite lethal, as it Mitchell's.

    In short, I like them both.

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Really? I see a guy who really has no scoring potential at the NHL level. He's average in every aspect and 'solid' but brings no substantial quality to the team. Williams on the other hand, has the shot, and has the hands.

    Mitchell is more comparable to Pohl, and Gamache, but whatever.

  28. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Wellwoods defensive game is almost as bad as spezza's right now (worse than in TO, if possible). so when he's not scoring he's a liability.

  29. mojo19 says:

    You're suggesting that Williams has better hands than Mitchell? You've lost it buddy.

  30. mojo19 says:

    The fact that he's small and soft and causes turnovers doesn't help his case either. Williams is cut from a similar mold.

    Small players better be atleast feisty, or else ridiculously skilled. But even St.Louis is feisty, and Gaborik etc.

  31. mojo19 says:

    Williams quick release catches goalies off guard sometimes, and he knows to pick the corners. He has goal scorers instincts. I do like him as a player but I don't think he's good enough to really be a regular.

    And BLUE-AND-WHITE, it looks like you're on your own here.

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Really? what gives you that impression. Mitchell has never scored more than 28 goals and 90 points in ANY league. Williams has scored 50+ goals and 100+ points in the WHL. Williams AHL stats are better, as are his NHL stats.

    above all of that, you have to watch both guys play. I see one guy making simple plays taking shots from the wings, etc. And I see another making nifty plays, getting in front of the net, getting in perfect passing lanes, and placing the puck wherever he wants on the net.

    If Williams never becomes an NHL regular it will be purely due to injuries.

  33. mojo19 says:

    He's got good goal scoring instincts, he knows when to shoot the puck when the goalie is screened, or has the goalie moving etc. but hes a weak little guy. The end.

    John Mitchell isn't as good at scoring goals, but his 16 pts in (52?ish) games is pretty similar production to Williams 11 pts in (32 cant remember). So I don't think that's an arguement either way. And if you're just looking at the goal totals then you're not really looking at who is the better player overall.

    side note:
    Battaglia and Devereux were called up today

  34. leafy says:

    Battaglia sucked last year, but was very good 2 years ago.  Let's see which version we get this year.

  35. LuKeScHeNn95 says:

    i honestly dont understand this move either because he does have the full potential to score goals buh i think he still has some holes in his game at the moment but that doesnt mean you have to put himon waivers why not just send him to the marlies.Bad move by the leafs or Burke.

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