Winds of change behind the Canucks bench?

Cory Schneider will play 20-25 games next season in the National Hockey League, but the Vancouver Canucks’ prized prospect will learn as much or more from his 70 or so practices and about the same number of morning skates.

The Canucks’ goaltending coach will be vital to Schneider’s development. Which makes you wonder why, more than eight months after head coach Alain Vigneault had his contract extended by three years, the National Hockey League team’s assistant coaches have yet to be announced for next season.

Associate coach Rick Bowness, assistants Ryan Walter and Darryl Williams and goaltending consultant Ian Clark have been flapping in the breeze so long, it’s a wonder they haven’t suc*****bed to exposure.

All season, anyone who inquired about the status of Vigneault’s crew was assured there were no issues, that everything was moving along and eventually the assistant coaches’ contracts should be extended – as is customary when the head coach, their boss, receives a new contract.

But three weeks ago, in his season-end press conference, general manager Mike Gillis still wasn’t ready to commit, saying the coaching staff was not a priority and would be reviewed in time.

Assistant GM Laurence Gilman said Wednesday it could be July 1 before the staff is finalized.

The situation has become ridiculous, especially when you consider that two-year extensions were offered to the assistant coaches in April.

Presumably, these were signed. Assuming also that these legal do*****ents were not lost in the intra-office mail at General Motors Place, the Canucks appear to be considering firing an assistant coach or four soon after agreeing to pay them for two more seasons.

Hey, it’s good work if you can get it.

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One Response to Winds of change behind the Canucks bench?

  1. number15 says:

    what a waste of talent…. trade the young guy and let him make a name for himself. Obviously he wont have another chance for atleast the next 10 years, since Luongo is locked up for 12 years.

    the best he'll do in Vancouver is as a backup….. best case scenerio is if they play him 15-17 games and let him build value, then trade him

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