York Takes Pay Cut, Signs with 'Yotes

The Phoenix Coyotes have signed Mike York to a 1-year deal worth $1 million. A low risk signing for the Coyotes at a much more affordable price tag than York had last year. It could pay decent dividends, but if he played like he did for the Flyers (in his limited number of games since he was scratched most of the time, or limited to 5-10 minutes of ice time per game) then the Coyote fans will definitely be shaking their head whenever he is on the ice.


6 Responses to York Takes Pay Cut, Signs with 'Yotes

  1. avsjoendryan says:

    great signing mike yorks a good second line center and for 1 million dollers they stole him.

  2. loco42 says:

    Great pickup for the Yotes. He can maybe get some good numbers with Doan.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    as a rookie, he was part of the FLY line, which now stands as a faded milepost in the careers of each of its members.  despite his early promise, he led all rookies in goal scoring, he is now on his fifth team in the past seven seasons. 

    i don't know if there is something i am missing or if this signing is a huge steal.  with 18 minutes of ice time and second unit power play, he could end up with 50-60 points. 

  4. thiefage says:

    hopefully this works out for both york and the coyotes.  i've always been a fan of his and i was very disappointed that it didn't work out too well with him in philly.  same thing with kyle calder as well.  york will get the ice time deserves and i'm sure he'll put up decent numbers.  good luck to him.

  5. Hockey11 says:

    I loved him when he played for the Rangers… Apparently Maloney did too.

  6. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Wow the Coyotes are starting to fill out their scoring lines…

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