Zherdev has been asking for a trade… for a while

The Columbus Dispatch has reported that Rolland Hedges, Nikolai Zherdev’s agent, has been asking Doug MacLean for a trade for some time now.

And apparently he has been talking to other GMs about Zherdev, from his quotes to the Dispatch:

    Zherdev’s agent, Rolland Hedges, said the Carter signing “doesn’t surprise me. I’ve thought they would want to trade Nikolai or keep him in Russia. We knew Doug’s position, and now we know the next step. What’s the next step after this? That is the question.”

    Does Zherdev now want a trade?

    “We asked Columbus to trade him months ago if they couldn’t sign him,” Hedges said. “As I’ve told everyone, Nikolai wants to play in the NHL.”

However, the Dispatch reports that MacLean seems set on not trading Zherdev, and with the signing of Anson Carter that would apparently put the Blue Jackets on their self-imposed $34M budget, leaving room for further signings later on if they look to make the playoffs. And in essence it seems Zherdev will be spending the season playing hockey in Russia.

    MacLean has been adamant: He’s not trading Zherdev. MacLean recently told a satellite radio audience that Zherdev, who is playing for Khimik Voskresenk in Russia, can stay “in that developmental league” for the year and face a $500,000 offer when he decides to return.

    MacLean toned down his rhetoric last night.

    “I’ve met with ownership and discussed the matter at great length,” MacLean said. “We are committed to negotiating with Zherdev. … It (an agreement) is just not happening right now. For whatever reason, we just haven’t been able to find common ground. We can’t agree on comparables.”

    It’s unlikely a deal will get done between now and Oct. 6, when Zherdev’s contract with his Russian league team kicks in for the full season. He will make more than $1.5 million, tax-free.

This situation is somewhat similar to what Kesler and Nonis were going through when Clarke stepped in, in the sense that they were negotiating still. Regardless of whether it is likely or not, I am curious: What would everyone think if Clarke stepped in here too, and made an offer to Zherdev?

For those interested in reading the original article, the link is HERE

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  1. mtl_prince says:

    trade him for malkin, a headache for a headache.

  2. midwestHCKY says:

    Does Zherdev have to come back through columbus if he plays in Russia or does he become a UFA? If he is to become a UFA there is no reason MaClean shouldnt ship the little prick.

  3. kamullia says:

    My understanding is that he would become an UFA, and in that light MacLean not trading him does not make much sense.

    At one point I guessed that perhaps the trade offers MacLean has been fielding were not of his liking (with GMs knowing they can lowball the offer due to the cir*****stances) and he was counting on a better offer later on from playoff bound teams, but that is out of the question because of Zherdev’s Russian contract. Apparently his escape clause can only be exercised on or before the NHL begins play, and if not signed by then he would have to stay the entire year in Russia. I guess he could pull a Malkin and just give a two week notice, but for what I understand the Russians are in the process of closing that legal loophole.

    At any rate, MacLean not trading him if he cannot come to terms sounds a bit obsurd and out of spite. I still doubt he would not trade him right before the beginning of the season.

  4. kamullia says:

    That is a bit unfair from the NHL teams views. Zherdev is a headache as far as the NHL because of either greed, or wanting out of Columbus, while Malkin is not a headache directly to the NHL. In Malkin’s case it is Magnitogorsk who is the headache to the NHL.

  5. bustaheims says:

    As long as Columbus keeps giving him qualifying offers, his rights remain their property until he’s played 7 NHL seasons, or he turns 27. So, no, he’s not a UFA for a while.

  6. alfredsson says:

    To ottawa:zherdev

    To Colombus:Volchenkov and biran lee

  7. CaptainInsano says:

    The rumour I am hearing is Zherdev and a yet to be determined prospect for Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar.

    I am also hearing Zherdev for Martin St. Louis rumours.

  8. CaptainInsano says:

    And also Zherdev to the Caps for Eric Fehr and Tomas Fleischmann.

  9. bustaheims says:

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  10. Veggetto19 says:

    clarke should step in and just offer him what primeaue was set to make i think it waqs like 2 years for 6.95 but just offer nikoli the 6 over 3 yrs

  11. ericthered1961 says:

    I heard ZHERDEV to the leafs for a 8th rounder and smile 🙂

  12. marcs797 says:

    no he turned down 6 over 3, make it like 8 over 3 and its a steal

  13. kamullia says:

    If Clarke did step in, he might as well declare himself Flyers’ Emperor the 1st and declare war on all the other teams. The GMs are already pissed at him pulling his dumb trick with no result on Vancouver, I can only imagine the uproar if he tried to pull it on Columbus. He’d might as well paint a face in his hand and call it “GM” because that would be the only GM to ever talk to him after that.

  14. midwestHCKY says:

    where are you hearing these rumors? i have a hard time believing columbus could get a guy of St. Louis’s calibre for Zherdev but if you have anything to back it up i would love to hear about it.

  15. Alozo07 says:

    Realisticly speaking but its only a wish oniell and telly and kronwall for zherdev i seriously doubt this would happen but its pretty fair.

  16. J_Retz says:

    Zherdev asked for a trade if him & the Jackets don’t come to terms by Oct. 6.

    Everybody knows that will not happen. Columbus still owns his rights for 5 seasons as long as they make a qualifying offer. Because he’s a restricted FA though, any other team can offer him a contract. That’s really going nowhere because MacLean already announced that he would match any offer.

    Just glad to have the best damn GM in the league. He thinks into the future instead of presently. He saw that the cap was coming fast so he hurried up and made a “cheaper” offer for Nash to lock him up long term. THis team is begining to look scary!

  17. Genejoke says:

    I thought only Leafs fans made ridiculous trade proposals.

    To Ottawa: Zherdev

    To Columbus: 8th round draft pick and a guarantee from Alfredsson that the Sens will win the Stanley Cup.

  18. alfredsson says:

    ***** ur mom *****

  19. Kraftster says:

    Why does everyone keep speculating about someone making an offer to Zherdev?! No one would give up the compensation that would be due after signing him for $3+ million….

  20. kamullia says:

    With Zherdev they begin to be scary, but without him in the lineup they are not ready yet. It would be a stretch if they make the playoffs with their present lineup.

    It is still to be seen if Carter can be as effective in collecting garbage goals without the Sedin twins to provide the rebounds.

  21. kamullia says:

    I agree, but to answer your question, probably because of the boneheaded move by Clarke. He did not expect to get Kesler and still made an offer. Perhaps they are waiting on Clarke to offer Zherdev $4.75M/1 year contract regardless of the two 1st round, one 2nd round, and one 3rd round picks he would cost the Flyers.

    Someone posted that MacLean has said that he would match any offer for Zherdev and I laughed. I doubt if someone gives Zherdev more than $3.5/year that MacLean would match. He would almost be better off with the picks at that price (one each of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks), and if they offer more than $4M MacLean would be insane to match. I shrugged it off to a “blinds on” without reason Columbus fanatic.

  22. Habroller says:

    By fair you mean very bad for Columbus?

  23. rlhockey46 says:

    zherdev would look great in those flashy orange and balck colors.

    am i right



  24. kamullia says:

    Selanne, Chistov, Getzlaf, and Zherdev? Hmm, I guess he would look good in flashy orange and black colors, but I still like their old colors better…

  25. wingedim says:

    If Zherdev REALLY wants to play in the NHL, then he needs to sign the next offer from MacLean. That will be proof that he’s not full of crap. I understand the negotiating tactics, however, now that they called MacLean’s bluff, Zherdev is S.O.L. Either he signs the next deal and shows that he does want to play in the NHL, or he’s going to rot over in Russia until he is traded.

    As for the trade aspect, MacLean is going to want fair market value for him. Zherdev has shown that he is a capable playmaker and potential star player. MacLean isn’t going to jump at the first offer, just to get him out of his hair. On top of it, once he is traded, the ‘new’ team is going to have to negotiate a contract with him anyway.

  26. bleedingblu says:

    Zherdev should trade in his Blue Jacket for a Blue and White jersey.

    Steen – Sundin – Zherdev

    …wishfull thinking.

  27. neilios says:

    Zherdev will be in a Canucks uniform before the season starts.Its rumored that MacLean wants Morrison,Bieska,and Grabner for Zherdev and Klesla.Just rumors going around all the hockey preview shows.I think it wouldnt be a bad move for the Canucks Zherdev would get a easy 50 goals playing with the Sedin’s.

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