Lots of teams interested in Phaneuf

Five teams contacted the Leafs after the trade deadline to further discuss their interest in captain Dion Phaneuf. Among the five were the Boston Bruins.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    Well everyone’s least favorite EA Sports pretend GM Eklund has thrown out this:

    Kessel, Kadri and a 3rd round pick to Carolina for Semin and the 5th overall selection.

    Not a fan of the package, but a great idea to get that 5th overall pick to go with the 4th overall.

    • 93killer93 says:

      I wouldn’t hate the package if it was just for Kessel. I would probably just try to get a prospect added. But I don’t like the idea of having to give up kadri as well and just getting back the pick.
      Dreger reported a GM he spoke with said the Leafs could get a 1st, a young roster player, and a top prospect for Kessel. If they took back a big contract they could get more.

      • LN91 says:

        Great point, but in regards to your comment, here is why I am a fan of the deal:

        1) The ‘Top’ prospect in these type of deals never pan out. It’s more of a potential/project prospect that a team is more willing to deal.

        2) The Leafs will most likely get a first next year. In a weaker draft, Toronto is potentially drafting a depth player as opposed to a more sure-fire prospect.

        I prefer draft picks in this scenario…As it comes down to the Leafs management to determine if the trade was worth it. Toronto would probably get 2 for-sure talents in this draft…Which is huge in deterring the winner.

        Now, I do agree with you as Carolina would have to give up a bit more since Semin is a brutal contract. So, if they were to throw-in a victor Rask, I would be pleased

        • nordiques100 says:

          What if they replaced Kadri with Bozak?

          • LN91 says:

            I’m surprised they would not request a D-Men instead of Kadri/Bozak.

            They have Jusyin Faulk and no one else.

            • nordiques100 says:

              quite true. Their only young prospect is Michal Jordan who played some this year and Hayden Fleury who is going to be with the team eventually. They also acquired Roland McKeown.

              So they have some on the way, but none on the main roster. I wouldnt mind losing a dman not named Reilly if that needed to be done.

        • 93killer93 says:

          If we’re getting a high pick this year I would definitely expect a smaller package then I listed. I would also prefer a high pick this year, as oppose to a later one next year and a prospect. I just meant that I don’t like the idea of giving up Kadri with Kessel, and only getting a single asset back.

          If it was Kessel for 1st, Semin, Carrick I would probably accept it, unless New Jersey or Columbus had a better offer.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      I don’t like the deal for a couple of reasons.

      1) way too much to give up. When I look at this deal, Kessel for a 5th overall pick is a win for Carolina. They trade the leftover of Hanifin/Strome/Marner who could be a 1st line player or could end up being a bust, for a guaranteed top line elite scorer. I would want more for Kessel especially if we are taking a bad contract back. Either a solid young player with some rust or CAR’s 2016 1st. Which brings me to my second point.

      2) Semin is a cap dump. Period. Him being included should get us a better piece. Let’s say Kessel is worth the 5th overall and LAK’s 2016 1st (just for arguments sake). Adding Semin should upgrade the LAK’s 1st to another solid piece (Fleury, Skinner, CAR’s 2016 1st, etc).

      Now I know it is unlikely Carolina agrees to a deal like that but if they want to re-sign Staal and try to win now then they should look at a deal like this. Getting a top winger to play with him or top defenseman to help him is needed to get Carolina into the playoffs and have Eric more interested in staying.

      • LN91 says:

        I think it is important to realize you will never get what you paid for Kessel.

        If you get to greedy, you will never deal him. This is one of the greatest drafts in a long time, and another Top-5 pick is what the Leafs need.

        He might be a bust…But the bust is more likely the roster player or prospect you receive in the deal. I prefer the actual pick, because the Leafs actually have a better chance of deterring if they won the trade or not.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          If I was looking to get back what we paid then I would want Fleury, 5th overall, 35th overall. I know we won’t get what we paid (unless we trade for 2 1sts and a 2nd but that will be from a playoff team that won’t pull a Leafs move and give up two top 10 picks.

          That being said if we are giving up an elite player, we need an elite package back (or if getting a single asset then an elite one). Semin is a cap dump and has negative value so if he is included then we should get a decent piece to take him. As for the 5th overall, while that piece is likely to be a great one it could be a bust. That alone should get Carolina to include another piece ESPECIALLY if we are taking Semin’s contract back.

          Adding Kadri to the deal that is already a little weak is just dumb (way to go Eklund, facepalm). I don’t mind getting creative with Carolina if they don’t want to give up anymore than their 5th overall (like offer Phaneuf for Skinner & pick in the same deal or whatever) but I wouldn’t take a crap contract and ONLY the 5th overall pick for Kessel personally.

          If rather grab the solid player, top prospect and mid to late 1st package and roll the dice on that then put all eggs into a single basket (you know like we did with Kessel in the first place).

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Change Semin with Skinner and deal

  3. doorman says:

    So we know Boston and Detroit are two of the 5 for sure with the Kings to have been rumoured to be interested that’s 3, who might the other 2 teams be? More importantly are these teams all on Dion’s list? If they are this works for us in getting a better return.

    As for the Kessel Deal, if Semin is coming back @ 7mil for 3 more yrs, the cost is too much. I just can’t see the Leafs making that deal, it’s poor asset mgmt. While we might never get what we paid we need a better return then this.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Agreed. I know any deal made will look like junk considering what we could have had but the deal at the time wasn’t that anyway.

      Let’s hope there is no panic to trade Kessel for the sake of trading Kessel.

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