Martin Brodeur doesn’t rule out 2014 Olympics appearance for Canada

If Team Canada comes calling, Martin Brodeur will listen. Despite the fact he’ll be 41 years-old-during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Brodeur said today that he’s interested if he’s welcome there.

Initially, after playing in his fourth Olympics for Canada in 2010, Brodeur assumed it would be his last one. But with the Olympics only a year away and with him still playing, there is a renewed interest on his part.

Brodeur said that “a lot of people” have been talking to him about the topic lately.

“Now that we’re getting closer and I’m still playing – I didn’t even know if I would still play in 2014 – I will be playing next year,” Brodeur said. “If they feel that I’m still capable of helping them out in any way, for me it’s a great honor to be part of Team Canada. Team Canada has been great for me and my family since I started to play for them and it would be great. But I understand in my position it’s a little harder than a forward. You have a lot of young goalies that are coming up that are really successful, that deserve to be there or considered before I do just because of my age. But again, if I’m able to compete as well as anybody, you never know.”

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