Martin Brodeur: Is it time for legendary New Jersey Devils goalie to move on? Cox

It shouldn’t end this way for Martin Brodeur.

As the backup to an as-yet-unproven goalkeeper on what may be the worst New Jersey Devils team ever.

And, Mickey Mouse past acknowledged, that’s saying something.

Having looked across the river and seen the kind of professional farewell the fabulous Yankee closer Mariano Rivera received this past season, Brodeur might have reasonably envisioned the end might work out the same for him at some point, some day.

But he hasn’t said he’s retiring after this season. And while Rivera was the closer in the Bronx to the end, Brodeur has informally ceded his role at the No. 1 goalie to Cory Schneider after a two-decade run.

“I think he’s in the net now to stay. I don’t see that’s going to change any time soon,” said Brodeur earlier this week.

So while Teemu Selanne is feted everywhere he goes this season, Brodeur seems fated to be anchored ignominiously to the end of the New Jersey bench wearing a ball cap, not good enough for a Devils team that has one win and is headed for a lottery pick it won’t get to use because of the league-administered punishment for giving Ilya Kovalchuk an illegal contract.

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