PK Subban Contract Survey

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11 Responses to PK Subban Contract Survey

  1. Trade Man says:

    People must be joking when they say 7 million per year right.

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Why isn’t there an option for 8 million?

  3. kilter says:

    TRADE HIM!!! He’s good but not great, still has much to learn and when he does finally learn it he’ll still only be worth $3.5 to $4 million at the very most! So of he wants more then that now…trade him…out of the conference preferably and get as much as you can in return…which in todays world of dumb GM’s you might get a big return that doesn’t put himself ahead of the team. As for the French rioting in the streets of they trade him….LET THEM!!! It’s TEAM first everything else is secondary!

    • JoelLeafs says:

      I feel like you were shouting that paragraph. In any case, trading him is tough because you, as a GM, can always get burned by the trade. If Subban goes to, say Nashville, and starts really lighting it up, Bergevin looks like an idiot. Even if PK leaves town as is only decent but the players/picks that came back in the deal don’t pan out, management is similarly made to look foolish.

      I agree that it’s an attractive option at this point, but with talent being the way it is in the NHL I find it hard to believe that Bergevin, a GM new to the organization, would take such a risk for some ideological battle about paying young players.

      Fuck it, Subban deserves 3 mil on the same short term all his peers received. He’s a RFA for fuck sake, he shouldn’t get to dictate what he makes; but the reality is that he is too valuable to the organization–for a number of reasons–to let go.

  4. JoelLeafs says:

    7 million. Vote. Back to vote. 7 million…

  5. kilter says:

    Well understand that the GM could be made to look foolish if he starts lighting it up with another team, but that’s a risk in any kind of deal and he’ll never light it up to the tune of $5 to $7 million a season or $4.5 for 20 years or whatever the terms are he’s looking for. So wait till injuries start to hit in this short seasons and people will be begging to trade for him and then the Habs will be in a far better position to dictate terms of the return.

  6. doorman says:

    PK plays the game with passion and is fun to watch but he needs to give his head a shake if he thinks he is worth doughty money, doughty isnt worth doughty money

  7. 93killer93 says:

    As per TSN Montreal are standing firm on 2 years at 2.5mil per season. They’re extremely far apart. Wouldn’t mind offer sheeting him.

  8. doorman says:

    Offer sheet won’t work unless it is huge money, IMO. And PK while a nice player is not worth multiple 1sts

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