Senators should go after Ott, not Moulson

If the Senators can pry a guy out of Buffalo to play alongside Jason Spezza, Matt Moulson should be their second choice.

Their primary focus needs to be on Steve Ott.

The 31-year old Sabres captain is tough, he fights, he’s gritty and, we are told, an “old school” type of leader.

He’s versatile, comfortable as a winger or centre. He’s good in the faceoff circles. He’s defensively responsible, and has a decent touch around the net.

Just as important as all of that is the fact Ott and Spezza are also good friends who have had on-ice chemistry in the past.

In the 2000-01 OHL season, Ott led the Windsor Spitfires with 50 goals and 37 assists in 55 games. Second on the team scoring list was Spezza, who had 36 goals and 50 assists in 41 games.–anderson-thinks-miller-not-quick-shouls-start-for-us–ryan-asks-for-tv-suggestions

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  1. kessel_leafs81 says:

    I say go after both, there cheap at the deadline (capwise) and sens have space. moulson would fit well with spezza I would think and they could really have a playoff team with ott and provide needed leadership IMO.

    To buffalo: cory conacher + pageau + 3rd
    To Sens: Steve Ott + matt moulson

    Buffalo gains some young assets and a pick, sens dont give up too much for two expiring contracts and they can figure out what to do during the offseason. If they resign even just one of the two then its a win-win for both teams. I think the sens lineup should look like this but they are known for mixing up the lines quite frequently and not scared of throwing guys like ryan on the third line..

    Ryan – spezza – moulson
    macarthur – turris – zibanejad (miachalek if doesnt work
    greening – ott – neil (lethal for playoffs)
    michalek – smith – condra

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      Not close to being enough I’d imagine.

      Conacher sucks which we see how he’s not getting his numbers inflated in Tampa. He was a rookie last year, but he’s also 24, so it’s not promising to regress so badly at that age.

      I’d imagine Ott would return at least a first. Better player than Gaustad who returned a first and he’s the type of player you want for a playoff push. I’d imagine at this point a first is likely more valuable than Conacher (how good does that Bishop trade look now).

      Moulson reportedly has the interest of half the teams in the league. Gotta imagine he returns more than Pageau + 2nd. Pageau’s a pretty decent player, but he’s puny. Had a good playoffs last year, then did nothing this year. Can’t imagine Buffalo would want him as the center piece.

  2. doorman says:

    I don’t think there is anyway “little Timmy’ does Uncle Bryan that kinda favor. These guys will be well sought after and net a higher return than that. In Moulsons case alone even. Though I would prefer Ott.

    • kessel_leafs81 says:

      your right. I didnt take into account that there in the same division, but I can also seeing that as a benefit for buffalo, ottawa will have to offer up a little more then that for sure, but i cant see buffalo being very good for 3-4 years anyways and if they give buffalo a beating for 2-3 years and make them have a better draft pick, could be doing them a favor and when they’re good, ottawa will be declining.

      • doorman says:

        I wasn’t even referring to same division as much as the GM’s are related, lol, but exactly. I think The Sabres are going to sell them off to the highest bidder regardless of rival or not, these guys are pure rentals. But it’s a good point for sure. Obviously the best thing that can happen is the buyers and seller become quickly apparent. This will help stir the market up.

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