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Keith Tkachuk Signs a One-Year Deal

Keith Tkachuk signed a one-year deal worth 8.3 million dollars with the St. Louis Blues. Tkachuk Stated he wants to stay in St. Louis and is seeking for a long-term contract after the 2001-2002 season.

What do all these changes mean for the playoffs?

Obvoiusly there have been tremendous changes made to nearly every team in the league, but does that mean that there will be drastic changes in the eight teams from each conference that will make the playoffs?

Penguins and Capitals Might Turn Out To Be the Losers of the Trade, Rangers Win

“After learning the specifics of the whole Jagr deal between the Rangers, Penguins and Washington, the New York Rangers might turn out to be the winners afterall, and the Penguins and Capitals, the losers.”

No More Yashin Benefits Sens

Goodbye Mr. Yashin

With Alexei Yashin being traded to the Islanders for Jason Spezza, the Sens will be benefiting in the long run. Yashin has been a distraction for the team and the fans dislike him. With the newly acquired and fresh Speeza, the Senators will have a super forward for years to come.