Monthly Archives: January 2002

Forsberg Rportedly to Return to Avs Before Olympics wire reports

DENVER — Peter Forsberg is expected to return to the Colorado Avalanche before the start of the Olympics, which begin Feb. 8, the Denver Post reported on its website Tuesday morning.

Disrespect or Respect Theo Fleury?

Theo Fleury is the shortest player in the NHL, yet one of the toughest and most aggressive. He is a gritty player who shows his emotions during a game. When Fleury is on fire, he could be dominant and lethal to teams. He can change the momentum of the game by drawing penalties and aggravating his opponents. But, Fleury could as well hurt his own teammates and cost them a win. He is the type of player who referees hate to handle situations with. What is worse of all though, is Fleury’s personal problems conflicting with his game and team. What will happen this season?

Checkmanek or Boucher who will go?

Many people are talking about trading one of the flyers 2 co-starting goalies. The question is which one should go? And in my mind i think there is no doubt that it should be Cechmanek. I realize everbody will have there own opinion(which i would like to hear). But here is why i choose Cechmanek

Lindros Has Seventh Concussion

Eric Lindros sustained his 7th concussion, but a very mild and minor concussion.