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Leafs Stronger Than Last Season

As most of us come to look at the Maple Leafs latest off season, we wonder how could a team succeed if they only lose talent over the off season. How could they possibly perform? Many Maple Leafs question the future of their organization as people who oppose the team are waiting for the collapse of the team so they can rejoice. Well, keep those Champaign bottles packed, Leafs are still a contender.

Take Over Your Team

Everyone has there own opinion on there Favorite team, What do you feel needs to be done in order to complete your team for the start of next season.

Your the GM and Coach…. What are your lines and realistic moves to bring your team to the next leave?

Ranger's Contracts in Dispute is reporting: The New York Post reports that the National Hockey League submitted a rejection of both Bobby Holik’s and Darius Kasparaitis’ contracts when the New York Rangers sent them for approval to Central Registry.

Florida Panthers – Team of the Future

Last year the Florida Panthers accumulated only 60 points, ahead of only Columbus and Atlanta. Recently, Head Coach, Mike Keenan, signed a contract extension that will take him through the 2007-08 season. Why would he want to be tied down so long with such a team? The Florida Panthers have possibly the best young nucleus in the league. They could be cup contenders in years to come.

Boston Trade Rumor

It has been rumored on Sporting News Radio that the Boston Bruins are continuing their search for a scoring winger to replace recently departed Bill Guerin, who went to the Dallas Stars this summer. Although it is near impossible to replace a guy like Guerin, the Bruins are supposedly talking to the New York Rangers about a possible deal, which would send tough winger Radek Dvorak to Boston.

Goalie Debate

Over the past few months a lot of writers have been saying that the Rangers don’t have what it takes to get to the next step because they don’t have a true number one Goalie. Mikster strongly disagrees with this? Who is right?

THN Ultimate Fantasy Guide- 2002-2003

I am sure many hockey fans bought THN’s (The Hockey News) 2002-2003 Ultimate Fantasy Guide. It looks interesting, the cover looks cool, and there are all kinds of interesting things on the cover. I did learn to never judge a book by its cover, and boy does that phrase sound right!



Peachy news from Atlanta

The recent offseason has been a busy one for the Thrashers. They’ve added offensive depth and defensive depth. Are they in position to contend for the playoffs? Who knows? But things are looking up and Atlanta fans are hopeful.

Bruins Offseason Moves

The offseason isn’t over yet, but after the signing of defensemen Bryan Berard, most of the big moves by the Bruins are done. The only thing remaining is to trade McLaren, but who knows if that will happen anytime before the season starts.

Who pops out at you this season?

The free agent period is, with a few exceptions, all but over. Teams have basically finalized who they are going to invite to camp. As I look at all the teams in the East nobody pops out at me.

Let's make some Changes…..

Everyone Wants to fight and Bash each other. While it is kind of fun to mess with another member we all need to remember the name of this site. It’s not Bashing Trade Rumors, It’s Hockey Trade Rumors. Let’s all remember that this site is for free….. Respect for the staff and each other is due.

I Have a few ideas in which I would like everyone to vote on and answer.

Enough's Enough

This is seriously starting to piss us off. We, and I am shocked I did as well, received messages and e-mails from upset HTR members. These are the two complaints I’ve read today (and as of now):