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Preds Lose Leading Scorer (May Force Trade)

The Nashville Predators, who have the least wins and fewest goals in the NHL, will be without leading scorer Andreas Johansson for the next two to four weeks.

Bonk to Los Angeles?

It is said that the Ottowa Senators are looking to shop with center Radek Bonk. Earlier titan wrote that Kings scouts (and others) where spoted at a Senator game. Ottowa is not happy with Bonk’s performance this year. They are hoping to find a good trade soon.I really think that it makes a lot of sense for Radek to move to the Kings. There many mutual offers.

Danton is cut loose by Devils

For those of you outside the NY Metro area here is another article about a fourth line rookie and his agent screwing up their careers.

Mike Danton, nee Jefferson made the team, whined about being scratched from a game, and after playing an undisciplined and sloppy game against the Red Wings Wednesday cried about his playing time.

I loved this kids on-ice demeanor, but it appears he and his useless agent have a lot to learn about being professionals in the NHL.

I usually don’t like to take out other people press pieces but I thought this was the perfect example of how agents are ruining the game of hockey.

Please read and let me know if you agree:


Time To Consider Professional Female Players

FOR the past few years, the National Women’s Hockey League has been operating as an arena for the best female hockey players to showcase their hockey talents. It’s been, more or less, a success, providing a springboard to the Canadian national team, but now the NWHL was faced with a boatload of new problems, not the least of which is the issue of lucrative National Collegiate Athletic Association scholarships.

Teams that let UFA's walk are cashing in

As the season draws near the quarter pole, the teams who most suggested as the “big losers” in the off season, are all looking down from the top.


Have a great and safe Thanksgiving, eat those turkeys!

HTR Staff

'Get Carter' Coming To A Rink Near You?

Pretty soon the phrase “Get Carter” might be more than the title to a bad movie to GM’s around the NHL. Once again, Anson Carter has put together an early season hot streak and is driving the Oilers’ offense. Usually Carter cools off with a major slump (last year) or a significant injury (every other year) but this is a critical contract year for him and it could be different this time. Last year, Carter almost made the Canadian Olympic Team with a roaring start, but then his game went colder than Martha Stewart’s personality and his hands got stiffer than her facelift. As a result, he was forced to sign a one year – $2.4 million deal this past offseason. (managed to cash in like Martha too) This will make him an RFA at the end of the year just like fellow Oiler top guns, Comrie and Smyth.

Belak, Simpson Suspended

Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Wade Belak was suspended for two games Wednesday for elbowing while Phoenix defenceman Todd Simpson received a three-game ban for high-sticking

Linden scores most goals as a Canuck

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Trevor Linden passed an old friend Monday night the with His Canucks.

Even More Rumblings and Grumblings from Around the League

Another week has passed and we are now passing the one quarter-mark of this 2002-03 season. As always, there are lots of issues to discuss and I’m sure everyone out there in HTR land has an opinion about one or all of them. Trades, rumors, firings, and off-ice happenings are the meat and potatoes of this website, and I am all to happy to throw some scraps out to the starving poor – especially on a slow day like today.

Devils in Dire Straits? “Wanted: Investors to bail out Devils”

“The Devils hockey franchise faces a financial crisis and is looking for investors to pump in as much as $50 million so the team can pay its bills and cover projected losses.

The cash crunch, described to The Star-Ledger by three members of the YankeeNets sports company, has rekindled turmoil within an ownership group that appeared on the cusp of security when it found funding lastmonth for a new arena in downtown Newark.”

Islanders 3rd Jersey's are out,0,342698.story?coll=ny%2Dfeatures%2Dprint

The Islanders will debut their 3rd jersey against Ottawa on Wednesday. Today’s Newsday has Peter Laviolettes wife and kids modelling the jersey. Looks pretty cool. Definitely better than the fisherman from a few years abck.

MantaRay Power rankings games ending 11/23/02

The MantaRay report for games ending Saturday, November 23rd.

Cliff notes:

Top Ten:

-Wild week:Minny capapults into #2 slot

-Canucks still climbing

-Sens enter the elite


-Pens flying up to #11

-Washington losing Capital drop

-Leafs & Belfour skyrocket out of cellar


-Bluejackets swatted 6 spots

-Isles making progress

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