2003 ALL-STAR Team

Heres what the 2003 All-Star teams will look like:Eastern Team:

* Nikolai Khabibulin, Tampa Bay Lightning

Ed Belfour, Toronto Maple Leafs

Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils

* Brian Leetch, New York Rangers

* Sandis Ozolinsh, Florida Panthers

Zdeno Chara, Ottawa Senators

Sergei Gonchar, Washington Capitals

Roman Hamrlik, New York Islanders

Scott Stevens, New Jersey Devils

* Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins

* Jaromir Jagr, Washington Capitals

* Alexei Kovalev, Pittsburgh Penguins

Dany Heatley, Atlanta Thrashers

Marian Hossa, Ottawa Senators

Saku Koivu, Montreal Canadiens

Glen Murray, Boston Bruins

Jeff O’Neill, Carolina Hurricanes

Jeremy Roenick, Philadelphia Flyers

Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay Lightning

Mats Sundin, Toronto Maple Leafs

Joe Thornton, Boston Bruins

Head Coach: Jacques Martin, Ottawa Senators

Assistant Coach: Ken Hitchcock, Philadelphia Flyers

Western Team:

* Patrick Roy, Colorado Avalanche

Jocelyn Thibault, Chicago Blackhawks

Marty Turco, Dallas Stars

* Rob Blake, Colorado Avalanche

* Nicklas Lidstrom, Detroit Red Wings

Eric Brewer , Edmonton Oilers

Ed Jovanovski, Vancouver Canucks

Al MacInnis, St. Louis Blues

Mathieu Schneider, Los Angeles Kings

* Mike Modano, Dallas Stars

* Bill Guerin, Dallas Stars

* Teemu Selanne, San Jose Sharks

Todd Bertuzzi, Vancouver Canucks

Sergei Fedorov, Detroit Red Wings

Peter Forsberg, Colorado Avalanche

Marian Gaborik, Minnesota Wild

Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames

Paul Kariya, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

Markus Naslund, Vancouver Canucks

Doug Weight, St. Louis Blues

Ray Whitney, Columbus Blue Jackets

Head Coach: Marc Crawford, Vancouver Canucks Assistant Coach: Dave Lewis, Detroit Red Wings

Note: Probably the worst selcetions I have ever seen for the Eastern Team!


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  1. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    No doubt these selections have some ? marks.

    Who does the selection of the reserves?

    My view: Scott Stevens is not All Star any longer. Brodeur just makes him look good. He has definitely lost a step.

    Jerome Iginla has not produced nearly enough to make this year’s All-Star team. He is offense only and that has been missing all year.

    That’s enough wasting time for me. Looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts.

  2. Aves21 says:

    The one thing I don’t get is why Iginla got in and Sakic did not. Hejduk also should also be playing.

  3. DaAvs says:

    Unfortunatly…since the fans voted in Blake and Roy as starter…means that Avs have 3 guys. Expecting 5 on there is a stretch. The two starters are the least deserving is the funny thing…Blake has had a sup-par season as with Roy. Hedjuk should be in there. Sakic is still solid but has missed a few games. Calgary needed a representive of their teams..but honestly..I’d rather have seen Drury over Iglna…

  4. SDG says:

    I can’t stand how the All-star game is nothing more than a popularity contest. So many other players should be going, but players get sent because of what they have done in past years. Should Ozolinsh go? Roy? Leetch? I’m not saying they aren’t great players, but there are more deserving players this year. It sad to have to see Markus Naslund voted in as a reserve. On most nights Naslund is the most dangerous forward in the western conference.

  5. matteo says:

    Here’s my take – The All-Star game has become a complete farce. There is no pride left in it as there once was. It has become a side-show, and a way for the league to make money.

    The league will never change anything about it because it is a cash-cow. The everyday sports fan that doesn’t follow the game closely doesn’t know that Dick Tarnstrom in Pittsburgh is having an all-star year or that John LeClair should not be on the ballot. All they know is star-name recognition, and hence, certain players get by on their past reputation and make it into the game…ie, Khabibullcrap as a starting goalie.

    Unless voting is turned over to the GM’s and Players and the game is made to mean something(like the MLB just did) it will continue to be worthless to the true hockey fan.

    I am not a leafs fan, but the fact that Mogilny is not on the team makes me want to slap some sense into people.

    “Get me an Orange or Cola and none of that stinkin rutbeer. F*ck!n machine stole my quarter.”

  6. Tony says:

    The D on the Eastern Conference team sucks compared to the Western Conference team. I thought the picks from the West weren’t that bad with a few exceptions but I like the fact how they tried to include every team in the NHL. The East picks have alot of question marks though, I mean Chara in an All-Star game? Isn’t Redden a better choice? and should they of put Mognily in instead of Sundin?

  7. chaz13 says:

    How the hell did Lehtinen get left of the West roster?

  8. CaptainCanuck says:

    First of all, how the hell did Iginla make it!!!? He has literally sucked this season. Second, how was Zubov left off? He has had a great season. Other players that should have been left off are Brewer, Stevens, and O’neil. I think what really screws it up is that they want all teams to be represented. If not for this rule, then none of those would have made it. And more diserving players would have.

    P.S. I can’t believe the so called “expert” decided to write another article after what happened last time.

  9. wingsrock34 says:

    Brett Hull should be at the all star game he is a fan fav. and better then about half of the players there like Iginla for the Flames (should be Drury) i mean who would you rather see Paul Kariya, Ray Whitney, Doug Weight or Brett Hull and why does every team have to be represented if its for the fans they we should pick all the players not the NHL

  10. edmontonrules says:

    How the hell does Scott Stevens make the team? I’m sure even Devils fans have a hard time with this pick. The guy has 6 assists. Some goalies have more than that.

  11. Forsberg21 says:

    Why the hell is Scott Stevens going? It can’t be because they wanted to make sure they represented New Jersey. Stevens has no goals and only 6 assist with a +4. Scott Niedermeyer, who is on the same team, has 6 goals 11 assists and even has a better +/- with +9. They didn’t even have to name Niedermeyer either because the Devils were already represented with Brodeur. Tarnstrom should definitly have taken this spot, with his 5 goals and 23 assists and +4(which is the same as Stevens but on a worse team than the defensive minded Devils) Who cares if he missed some games. He’s playing now and his numbers blow away the mystery pick in Scott Stevens. Defensive minded players, let alone defensive minded defensman, have no place in the All Star game, the fans want to see flashy offensive play. What the hell is Stevens going to compete in during the Skills Competion, Body Checking?

    On a similar note, why is Zedeno Chara going instead of Wade Redden. Redden has two more goals and the same amount of assists in three less games than Chara. And his +14 isn’t that much worse than Chara’s +16. Redden is more of an offensive minded defensman anyway, and they can’t even say they had to represent Ottawa either because they are on the same team, which doesn’t really matter either since Hossa is going.

    And I don’t even have to mention Milan Hejduk’s snub. 5th in the NHL with 50 pts. 3rd in the NHL with 24 goals. His +16 can’t hurt him either. Jarome Iginla and his 31 Points, and -15 didn’t HAVE to represent Calgary either. They could have gone without a player so that a guy who obviously deserves to be there can go. The NHL sure as their priorities straight. Hopefully the inevitable injuries will help correct some of the snubs

  12. Forsberg21 says:

    I think Joe Sakic may have hinted he’d rather rest this year when he said that if he gets picked to go, it would be nice, but if he doesn’t he wouldn’t mind taking a rest either. Either way Hejduk should have been named.

  13. pantherboy says:

    Plain and Simple, Jokinen should be there. Here’s part of an interesting article from the Sun-Sentinal.com:

    While the NHL doesn’t name representatives from every team (Buffalo, Nashville and Phoenix have none), it’s clear it tried its best. Jokinen’s 22 goals and 38 points are more than Roenick’s 15 goals and 30 points, but it looks like the NHL went with the bigger name. Plus, no Roenick meant nobody from Philadelphia, one of the league’s most successful teams and biggest markets.

    Jokinen also has more goals and points than Sundin, but Sundin is a bigger name from a more successful team residing in Hockey Central. Roenick and Sundin will play in their eighth All-Star Games.

  14. wingerxx says:

    Why can’t we have an all-star goon game? It would be very fun to watch. Imagine a line of Odjick-Tibbetts-McCarthy & Cairns-Marchment going head to head with Oliwa-Ray-Brashear & Pilon-Ciccone (wait, he’s retired…aww, who cares). Now THAT would be exciting to watch! It would almost be like a live-action Slapshot.

  15. pantherboy says:

    Florida could send a line of Worell-Ferance(He is D, but who is keeping track?)-and Ward. That would be nice.

  16. Tradedude says:

    glad to see heatley on the allstar game.

  17. mikster says:

    If Broderu lost a step, then the Devs would not be as good. Withough Marty, the Devs would be struggling to make the playoffs as well. Who wouldn’t without their number one? Unless….you get another number one goalie.

  18. mikster says:

    All Star game lost its meaning, now it’s just about the big names and sales. It should be used for chairity.

  19. wingerxx says:

    Its been about the money since the league started digging a hole for itself financially…the big names have to be there to sell the sport. not the deserving names necessarily, but the big names.

  20. cwhockey says:

    I think the bad luck for Jokinen is that Ozolinsh got voted in. If he wasn’t voted as a starter, it’s a pretty safe bet he wouldn’t have been picked as a reserve. The ones on high who picked the reserves would have chosen Jokinen. I would bet anything on that, considering the game is at Florida’s house. It really is a shame for Jokinen, he should be there.

  21. rojoke says:

    Don’t they name a ‘veteran’ all-star about a week before the game? A guy who’s played a long time in the league, but never really gets a lot of attention. If so, gotta wonder who that will be.

  22. Obcd says:

    is not represented

  23. Obcd says:

    they should do just like they just did in baseball. The winner have the ice advantage at the Stanley Cup finals.

  24. Aetherial says:

    Missing Mogilny, people who see him play game in game out know this is a pretty bad oversight.

    I am sure there are more I am too tired to read.

  25. rock_the_world says:

    East- Chara, Stevens, O’Neill-joke they suck, West-Brewer, Iginla i don’t have words for thoese two.

  26. rooney says:

    the only reason people dont think scott stevens is an all star is becuase he doesnt put up big points numbers. defensively he is still one of the best defensemen in hockey. if he was a free agent you would still have a ton of teams that wouls sign him. stevens doesnt get the respect he deserves. stevens should have a norris by now too but no one shows him the respect he deserves

  27. pantherboy says:

    Your right. That was also in the article, but I just didn’t put it up. Good to see Heatly going.

  28. MapleLeafs says:

    This is for sure the crappest Eastern All Star Team,with players like Nikolai Khabibulin instead of Patrick Lalime and Scott Stevens,Zdeno Chara instead of Tom Poti,Dan Boyle.This sould show you that this sould be the last year the fans pick the players and let it be pick by stats.


    Go Leafs Go

  29. big_booty says:

    Most of you people sound like the Democratic party, which is still whining about ol’ “Dubya” sitting in the Oval Office.

    Let me clue you in on a little something. All-star starters are voted on by US! THE FANS!

    Piss and moan all you want about Khabibulin starting over Belfour, or Ozolinsh over Chara. You really want to see those guys start? Fill out a ballot. Don’t just sit here an argue about it.

    That’s the way things work in this country. Most of the time, anyway.

  30. big_booty says:

    You’d rather have Poti instead of Chara?

    Poti doesn’t know what the term “defense” means. Chara shuts everyone down, night in and night out.

    That’s a true defender, something that deserves to be rewarded. Poti might be a smooth skater, but he’s a puck hog who can’t backcheck even if he had a gun to his head.

  31. Rushing says:

    That’s just the prob. Too many of the votes are from people who may be going, “Gee, I’ve heard of that name, I’ll vote for him.” Or perhaps, “Hey, he’s on my team, I’ll vote for him.” It’s not evidently people who are voting on the true players who are leading by stats…….”THIS YEAR!”

  32. -Swizz- says:

    Chara deserves to be there. He may have less points than Redden, but Chara is the best at what he does: Shutting down the opposition.

    Just b/c he’s not that offensive (still has decent numbers), doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be in the All-Star game. Yushkevich has made it before. and Ben Wallace (NBA) has made the allstar game, he couldnt make a free throw if his life depended on it. The AllStar game isnt allll about offense anymore. It mostly is, but good to see a few defensive stars make it.

  33. bruinexpert says:

    where’s Graeme in all of this action?? I say it should have been him not Belfour, that guy sucks

  34. bruinexpert says:

    I’m very impressed that Hossa, Heatley and St. Louis got in, i thought for sure they would all get overlooked. Where’s Kaberle on defense though, he rules…and about that goon all-star game, we need belak on d and cloutier in net

  35. mikster says:

    Good thing Gore didn’t win just because he is a Democratic. That’s the only reason why he got the votes. But hey, i’d love to see him run up again next time, both parties hate the guy!

  36. MossRocks says:

    You can’t do that for one reason. The value of regular season performance is getting better these days considering the parity, but it is still undervalued overall. The best regular season record should have home ice ‘advantage.’ If you take that away and give it to the all-star game, that just makes the season even more worthless.

  37. Avalanche114 says:

    I would have to agree that Colorado’s picks are weird. Forsberg i would say is deserving, so is Blake, but not as a starter this year. As for Roy, and i mean no disrespect to the guy, seeing as he is my favorite goalie and one of my favorite all-around athletes, but he has not played like Patrick Roy the all-star, winner of 4 cups, 3 conn smythes and all those wins..he is having an off year, he should not be an all-star. Also, I think Sakic staying out is a good idea, he has been injured recently and should be rested up, they guy is getting old too y’know, not that old, but he has been around the block a few times. Hejduk should be our staple this year, he should be in there, he leads the team in goals and has picked up quite a bit since last year.

  38. wingerxx says:

    Dubya? Oh, you mean that imposter sitting in the White House right now?

  39. Leaf_Expert says:

    Go get em Mats and Eddie!!!

    Go Leaf GO!

  40. cwhockey says:

    Even though I wasn’t able to read the article, that seemed a logical conclusion.

    I would have liked to see Kovalchuk go as well, but there are always a handful of deserving players who get left off. I would think it will be good for Atlanta that people get to see him play. Everyone has heard about him, but if you don’t live around Atlanta or get Center Ice, you are lucky to see him once or twice a year. He has that special something not many players do, but you have to see him at least a few times to appreciate it.

    By the way, how is Stephen Weiss doing? I get to read so few reports on the Panthers. From the few accounts I’ve heard, he could be a tremendous two-way player. I know he is still very young but was just wondering if a big Panthers fan would know more.

  41. Tradedude says:

    stevens is a great player, or should i say “was”?

    Scott Stevens is a player’s player, no matter how bad u hate ’em.

  42. pantherboy says:

    His is having a pretty good year so far. His numbers are not where they could be right now, but I guess that suffers from A) playing a terrific two-way game, and B) Not having the greatest linemates. Weiss usually is on a line with Hagman and Johnson, and they are all defensive players. But other than his numbers, everything else seems to be working out. Keenan has tagged him as future captain.

  43. leafsrule31 says:

    dubya?.. you mean that crazy bastard president of yours thats gonna get the whole western world blown up by some yahoo pissed off iraqi with crabs?

  44. cwhockey says:

    That look’s like a good sign. I’m not a big fan of Keenan, but I do appreciate what he can do for certain players. I’d love to see Weiss grow into that mold of a two way player; unless otherwise pressured, he should acheive that. I normally would not cheer for such a player in the same division as my Thrashers, but I believe that Stephen Weiss could be someone that would help the league as a whole, if his potential can be reached. I do sincerely hope that he gets the playing time he needs and shows the league what he’s got. Good luck, Steve.

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