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Report: Red Wings offer Fedorov $40 million US

DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Red Wings have offered Sergei Fedorov a four-year, $40-million US contract, an NHL source told the Detroit Free Press.

Lindros' Rhapsody in Blue to Change?

Sunday’s New York Post reports that New York Rangers GM Glen Sather is unhappy with one of his prized acquisitions, and wants to re-negotiate the player’s contract.

How to Increase Scoring

I read an article in USA Hockey today written by a goalie coach on how to increase scoring and hamper goaltending efforts most effectively w/o causing mass chaos at the start of the new policies. He disagreed w/ making pads smaller b/c of protection issues (he has a point that shots are a hell of a lot harder now), and also b/c goalies would be used to having big pads, and it would throw them off too much, and he also disagreed w/ making the nets wider b/c it would throw off all sorts of instincts of players and goalies both and just cause a mess (for very little gain…six inches on the side of the net isn’t going to do much).

Gainey Won't Be With Stars Next Season…May Open Door For Other Organizations


Bob Gainey is exploring options both in and out of hockey, as his days with Dallas Stars are drawing to a near close…

Uncle Walt Reaches Out From The Cryogenic Beyond…

A long-standing rumor has been confirmed by documentation found by “”.

Lots of talk but very little action Staff

Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland says there’s nothing to report when it comes to contract talks involving the team’s free agents, except that there’s a lot of talking.

Kenny Jonsson may not return to NHL next season.

May 15, 2003 — Kenny Jonsson, a restricted free agent, is considering not returning to the NHL next season, The Post has learned. It’s a loss that would be a significant blow to the Islanders’ defense, on which Jonsson is a top-four workhorse who averaged 23:14 a game last year.

Turgeon bought out

It appears forward Pierre Turgeon will not be back with the Dallas Stars next season.

Bure Done…. Going to Russia.

Rumors had it that Pavel Bure Is done. He will retire due to 5 knee surgeries. The report comes from a very good friend of Bure. It doesn’t sound so backed up … but if his friend is right. Which most likely is … then Bure is done. No MORE RUSSIAN ROCKET.

Edmonton Oilers 2003/2004

Edmonton Oilers G.M. Kevin Lowe was interviewed on an Edmonton radio station today, and he made several comments regarding some Oilers prospects and the MacT situation.

Sharks dig back in past for new GM

San Jose Sharks President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Jamison has named Doug Wilson executive vice president and general manager, concluding the team’s search for a new leader for the hockey department.

Wilson, 45, was the original Sharks captain and has served the past five seasons as San Jose’s director of pro development, helping to recruit and sign players such as Gary Suter, Kyle McLaren, Vincent Damphousse, Mike Vernon and Teemu Selanne.

Wilson has also been active in nurturing San Jose’s young talent by running special offseason camps and working hands-on with prospects such as Brad Stuart, Scott Hannan and Jim Fahey.

Experts Rumor Update:(For Coyotes) Boucher To Be Traded…

The Phoenix Coyotes have basically solidfied they’re goaltending with Zack Bierk and Sean Burke.

Now its just Brian Boucher waiting for the word out….

WOWBaseball: Mid-Season Fantasy Baseball

Yeah I know this is a hockey site but I may as well use HTR to help promote WOWbaseball,

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