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Clarke Rips Goodenow

Philadelphia Flyers’ GM, Bob Clarke, ripped NHLPA head, Bob Goodenow, today in a statement released before Clarke headed to New York for the NHL’s BOG meeting.

Isn't it Ironic? Dontcha think?

From an AP story:

“Marshall Faulk, now resigned to a backup role with the Rams, has agreed to a pay cut in a restructured contract that will essentially guarantee he’ll end his career in St. Louis.

Dan Blackburn Update

New York Ranger goalie Dan Blackburn, the 10th overall pick in 2001 has recently signed a contract and is playing with the ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings. Now why is this news?

Fan's Rant Corner

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And…article soon to be posted.

The NHLPA is a Joke!

This is a an article taken from the NY POST today…



February 22, 2005 — The ultimate record-holder wants to set the record straight. Who among us has more of a right to do that than Wayne Gretzky?

Comments on Naslund Vs. Moore

Some thoughts on what Markus Naslund said about Steve Moore’s lawsuit.

Bettman’s Hiring Was The First Domino to Fall in the NHL

This is a really divided topic regarding who is to blame. To be honest, every facet of hockey including the fans must accept some blame in this lockout but NHL hockey’s decline really started when Gary Bettman was hired.

Did Someone See This Coming?

Well, I guess I’ll write another “short, stupid” article and see if it gets posted. I will refrain from giving a personal opinion on the current state of the NHL until I have the time to do a full dissertation.

But, it appears a certain iconic Canadian band foresaw the current situation in the NHL many, many years ago, and sent forth a prophetic metaphor that we are just beginning to comprehend now.

No New Meetings in Sight, But Cup Awarded in 2005?

Well, The Season is truely over, and that is the worst, but at the same time could be for the better.

What The Hell Is Going On Here???!!!

Why is it that the league and the union can not get a deal worked out? Why is it that one minute we here that they have comed to an agreement and the next minute they have nothing. What the hell is going on here?

It Ain't Over Until Its Over – Meeting Slated For Tomorrow

Shock wasn’t the correct word to describe how I felt when the deadline came and went on Tuesday. No single HTR poster has been more definite about their being a season this year than me…

Reflection on Both Conferences and NHLPA Sinking Lower ***BREAKING NEWS***

Breaking News: reports that representatives of owners and players will meet on Saturday. Stay tuned because as said, “many are confident that games will be played this spring.

I believe something can be done though don’t put too much hope into it, but….cross those fingers!

Hello everyone,

Short talks about the conferences held on Wednesday, just to see which side I think had more valid points.

Is the NHLPA sinking further? Modano new leader of the pack speaks up again.

And……an HTR member challenged me!

Union Being Broken Today?

I am not sure if I am seeing things or not but the scuttlebutt with Eklund and his sources (including a Detroit radio station, WXYT) say that a faction of players are trying to undo the unthinkable acts of yesterday. The radio station is reporting that Brendan Shanihan couldn’t comment on what is going on right now for fear of getting in the way of what was going on.