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Goodenow gets scared

At a time when the NHL extends an olive branch by committing to continue to try working out a CBA with the players, the PA, perhaps sensing it is in a battle it will not win, has thrown out it’s last line of defense, threats and litigation. I am referring to the following 2 articles :

Shark Attack

For the past 10 years the Western Conference has been dominated by the Avalanche, the Wings and the Stars. Now a new wave of teams are ready to take over as lead dogs in the West.

Great Gretzky: Greatest Player. Great Manager. Great Coach?

Anyone who knows anything about hockey knows about Wayne Gretzky. He is the greatest player the game has ever seen. Even after his career was over his greatness continued leading Canada to Olympic gold by building one of the most talented teams ever assembled and then doing it again leading Canada to a win at the World Cup of Hockey.

A look at another scary young team

Well people seem to be in the mood to analyze the young talent involved in some of the expansion teams so I decided to submit my view of my favorite “scary young team”, the Thrashers. .

Blackhawks Downed by Bill Wirtz

When we talk about Stanley Cup droughts many refer to the Leafs and 1967. However the Hawks have the biggest drought as they have not won the cup since 1961. They have had their chances. They lost twice to the powerhouse Habs of the 70s and they lost to some guy named Mario and the Pens in 1992.

The Next Top Dynamic Duo in Hockey

In the last quarter century we fans have been spoiled by getting to see the likes of Gretzky and Kurri, Hull and Oates and Kariya and Selanne play together. These duos were nothing short of magical. Not only did they show us their amazing skill and talent on the ice, they proved to us what great chemistry on the ice will do.

Finally, The Legend Speaks

It took Bobby Orr, who in many minds is the greatest player of all time, and certainly the greatest defenseman, to break his silence.

St. Louis Will Be Singing the Blues

The St. Louis Blues are going to be singing the blues when they get back to playing hockey again. The reason being is that they will likely have to rid themselves of their best player in Chris Pronger for financial reasons. A new CBA will put the pinch on payroll for all teams and the Blues are one of the teams that is in bad shape.

Former Glory No Longer Former?

Just a few years ago the Habs were beginning to look like a Jerry Springer/Oprah cross over, trying to paint a good picture on a horrible mess. But the Habs are back. And could very well get the division title. Which would be a huge acomplishment in the best division in hockey.

P.R. Advice

A scandal has hit pro sports in the form of steroid abuse. Major League Baseball is just starting to thrive again after going through some dark days of its own ten years ago. A purportedly “juiced” baseball player helped jack enough home runs out of the park to surpass Roger Maris’ age-old home run record while re-energizing the fan base of America’s pastime.

Can They Repeat?

We don’t get alot of articles on the Tampa Bay lightning, but this is going to be a big discussion when hockey comes back. Here’s what I think.

Why They Will Continue To Choke

I have been yelled at many times before for calling the Sens ”chokers”. Here is why they will continue…

2005 World Hockey Championships

This years World Hockey Championships in Austria will usher in the new wave of hockey stars. Gone are the likes of Lemieux, Hasek, Hull and Roenick. In are the likes of Ovechkin, Lundqvist, Fisher, Hall and Legwand.