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Striking Oil

For years the Edmonton Oilers have wasted draft picks on busts such as Jason Bonsignore, Steve Kelly, Michel Riesen and Michael Heinrich. It left their system bereft of good prospects. The Oilers were forced to acquire their nucleus through trades such as Doug Weight, Todd Marchant, Curtis Joseph, Bill Geurin, Roman Hamrlik only to see these players leave for greener pastures.

How Swede it is!

The Vancouver Canucks have been one of my favourite teams for a while. They’re strong, they’re fast, and a perfect blend of the best 2 hockey countries, Sweden and Canada (sorry USA, but they can kill you guys.) in 1999, 2000, and even 2001, you had told me that Marcus Naslund and Bertuzzi would be 2 of the best players in the game, I would’ve laughed my butt off at you. And I would have laughed harder if in 2002, you told me the Canucks would be atop the NHL standings. So what caused this success? How will it continue?

The return of JR

Jeremy Roenick says he wasn’t misquoted when he went on a rant about hockey fans last weekend. But the Philadelphia Flyers forwards says his comments were taken out of context

How the Leafs will fare in the new NHL

With recent media sources reporting that negotiations between the owners and players associations have improved drastically in the last few weeks and it is a logical estimation for any hockey fan that Canada Day could be the day that the whole lockout saga ends. In previous seasons, when July the 1st rolled around, the big spending teams, like Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia, NY Rangers, would shell out multi- million dollar contracts to veteran free agents like Alexander Mogilny, Curtis Joseph, Tony Amonte, and Bobby Holik. This time around, it will be a lot more complicated. With things like the 24% rollback, player’s salaries being bought out, the Sidney Crosby entry draft, and with hundreds of unrestricted free agents able to sign in the city of their choice, the National Hockey League and their fans are preparing for the most exciting off season in recent history.

What if…..

There are many players who’s careers were plagued with injuries. In the minds of most hockey fans Wayne Gretzky is the greatest…but what if Lemieux played 18 full NHL season, what if Bossy went for 50 goals 15 times, what if Bobby Orr never needed knee surgery…what if?

What's the right move for the Habs?

During this extended lock-out, it is impossible not to think about changes that could be made to your favorite team. It is almost certain that all 30 teams will go through a minimum amount of changes, because:

NHL Will Regain Past

There is only one good side to the NHL lockout and its effect in the United States….people here have no long-term memory! No one in this country is still “upset” over the 1994 baseball strike. However, hockey has do to more work since it is not “America’s past-time.”

Coyotes Armed And Dangerous?

Why did the Phoenix Coyotes, after spending 3 years downsizing their payroll, shipping verterans all over the map and replenishing their dilapidated farm system, suddenly become the surprise player in last summer’s unique NHL free agent market?

JR lashes out

The National Hockey League and NHLPA may be off for the weekend from CBA talks, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Roenick from speaking up!

Better Be-Leaf It, Toronto Will Be Buyers This Off-Season

At first glance, it appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs will be in quite the bind come the time a new CBA is in place. With the likelihood of the Cap being anywhere between $35-40 million, it leaves little opportunity for Toronto to spend freely as in years past. Though a rollback in salaries will help increase team’s cap limit, the Leafs are still not that well off as they will have approximately $27 million in salary tied to a mere 8 players.

Announce the Deal Already!

Well, how about being completely wrong on the NBA CBA? Ooops….

A well known known player says the CBA deal is bad for players, good for owners.

Jaromir Jagr says it was a mistake, how about that?

Crazy Goodenow is still not giving up!

The deal is practically done, so why not say it?

Super Mario's World

Things are looking up for Mario and his Pittsburgh Penguins. Despite bankruptcy, the inability to get a new arena and losing seasons the last few years, the Pens have a promising future. The new CBA should allow Pittsburgh to play on a more level playing field with the rest of the league. And new investors are on the horizon from the west coast that should put the team in more stable financial position.

HTR Olympic Fantasy League!

Ever wondered if you could go for the Gold, and bring one back for your country? Now you can, welcome to the new HTR Olympic fantasy league.