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Rumors Already Swirling

It has been just one day since a tentative agreement was reached between the league and NHLPA, and rumors about the upcoming offseason are already swirling. This is shaping up to be a frantic sprint to training camp, and here are some of the latest rumors.

Changes Needed on West Coast

The Vancouver Canucks have for the last few season have been a very solid, competitive team. But they have struggled to get over the hump and do much damage in the playoffs. In fact, the damage they usually inflict is on themselves. Whether it be the poor goaltending by Dan Cloutier, the disappearance of captain Markus Naslund or of course the infamous Bertuzzi incident, Vancouver has not had everything fall into place. Instead, things seem to fall to pieces.

Do You Feel Lucky?

Here’s according to TSN how will the draft lottery work and how many balls each team will get.

Deal done.. for real…no I'm serious this time!

TSN is reporting that the deal will be done today, siting sources from the meetings. They also say that they are still in a meeting that started yesturday at noon.

NHL Rule Changes

Sweeping changes are coming to the NHL. Or should I say the new NHL as it should have a distinctly different look when it returns. According to this article by Al Strachan of the Toronto Sun, several rule changes and new twists will be implemented in order to add more spice to the game.

What should the NHL do for the fans?

Since it is clear to this writer that the NHL is banking on a full return by the fans, what should the league and its players do to win us back to the game they took from us last season? Anything? Is the rule changes enough for us? Or do they need to bend over backwards to accomidate the people who make the game work?

Good Sign NHL is Back: Coaches And GMs Playing Musical Chairs

From this year long lockout we have seen most if not all teams layoff team employees and place hiring freezes until the new CBA is settled. But in the past little while we have seen some movement that is a good sign that teams are readying themselves for the upcoming season.

Moment of Glory, Goodenow, Legace, Trade Talks, and Other

The Moment of Glory, Coming Soon in Theaters near you!

Goodenow Lost the War.

These quotes will be a Legace.

Trades, will this salary cap system prevent trades or cause more?

And…. a bit off the topic things I want to say. Why not just give you some extra reading material? Too bad you can’t carry your PC to the bathroom! Well, you could always print this…stuff out…… yeah….. anyway…. Let’s Get It On!

And With The First Overall Selection…

And with the first overall selection in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft…

For just under a year, every hockey fan has wondered how the draft will work out this year. Who will pick first, and get the services of Sidney Crosby?

Source: Pelle Eklund –

Panthers on the Prowl

If there was one team that is completely ready to adapt to the new CBA it is the Florida Panthers. It is really too bad that this team is where it is, where hockey is probably dead last when it comes to importance down in Florida. We have seen fan support dwindle since their cup run in 1996 and much of it is due to them being in last place annually and because of the nice sunny weather.

More Players on the Trading Block

In a recent article here on HTR it mentioned 5 players on the trading block. Those players were Sergei Fedorov, Todd Bertuzzi, Ed Jovanovski, Joe Thornton and Jeremy Roenick.

Overrated vs. Underrated

first article posted!

Most Overrated Hockey players:

Mario Lemieux – Hockey analysts are speaking as if Lemieux may be the savior for the Pittsburgh Penguins young and underrated hockey team. At 39, Mario is still labeled as one of the best in the game although it seems more and more evident that he’s slowing down even though most Lemieux fans will not admit the obvious. Sometimes I believe that younger players have so much respect for this once ironically underrated hockey player, that they feel when he’s on the ice they’re obligated to not check the big center with full intensity. At this stage of his career, he’s not capable of carrying a team on his back; although some believe so.

Anyone Want To Argue That The NHLPA Is Broken Now?

LA Kings enforcer, Sean Avery, is another NHL player who admits that the players made a huge mistake when they drank the Kool-Aid that Bob Goodenow was feeding them. Avery claims he was “brainwashed” however it makes one wonder was his agents and attorneys also fooled by Goodenow? Does he (or any other millionaire pro hockey player) have quality people around them that could see how ugly this situation could get