2006 Olympics (If Pro's can go) – Canadian Edition

I have been here for just over two years under various user names, and remember the talks about the 2002 Olympic team. Now we must look and think, as 2005 opens in 5 hours and 45 minutes, the Winter Olympics are a year, a month and two weeks away, and the team must be assembled within 1 year, and if the rules are the same as 02, they have to name eight players in March.I can think of some of my favorite players who will be gone by then:



Roberts (Not much of a chance any ways)

MacInnis (My friend is a distant cousin of his and says he’ll likely retire very soon)







Messier (Old Enough to be coach of this team.)

Dave Andreychuck

and likely many more…

I’m gonna start with coaching. Pat Quinn has established himself as “Canada’s Coach” he is our Ivan Hnlinka, our Herb Brooks, I just hope he doesn’t follow suite and die in a car accident this summer.

So with Lemieux gone, who to captain? Almost any player on the team could captain any other international hockey team, but who’s to captain? Well I think every one knows Joe Sakic.

The first eight? Hmm… lets see…. Joe Sakic, Vincent Lecavalier, Jarome Iginla, Martin St.Louis, Joe Thornton, Rob Blake, Christ Pronger, Scott Neidermayer. That was quick.

Now to a question I ask my self. Can Crosby make the team? He has been doing an excellent job for Canada in the WJHC, but can’t match up to Patric Bergeron, who many would think not make the team. So can Crosby play? Yes. Is it because Gretzky is picking the team? Yes.

So what is my Roster? Here you go:





EXTRA: Tanguay




EXTRA: Redden



Joseph (I know I’m nuts, and he’ll be old, but I still like Cujo, it’s not being a traitor, who wouldn’t want a cup.)

So bash my team all you want, it’s what I think.

Next Up: Russia Preview