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Peter the Great!

Written by Darryl Dobbsfrom

Peter Forsberg has become a giant in this year’s Stanley Cup Playoff. After garnering ‘just’ two points in Philadelphia’s first two games in Buffalo, Peter the Great took his game to a whole new level once the series returned to Buffalo. So much so, that one has to wonder if the Sabres can do anything to stop him. With four goals and six points in Philadelphia, Forsberg single-handedly picked up this Flyers team and threw them over his shoulder. By Sunday afternoon, we will know if either the Sabres were able to contain Peter Forsberg…or they are down three games to two.

HTR POOL: Season Winners + Playoffs!

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Let's Go Rangers!

And so, we have the first concluded series of this year’s playoffs, and quite possibly the second one tonight if the Ottawa Senators beat John Torturella and his Lightning.

I cheer Let’s Go Rangers!

Games 4 & 5 Open Thread

Saturday, April 29th

New Jersey 4 Vs. NYRangers 2 (4-0 New Jersey – SERIES OVER)

Edmonton 3 Vs. Detroit 2 (3-2 Edmonton)

Tampa Bay 2 Vs. Ottawa 3 (4-1 Ottawa – SERIES OVER)

Anaheim 2 Vs. Calgary 3 (3-2 Calgary)

Friday, April 28th

Carolina 3 Montreal 2 (2-2)

Buffalo 4 Philadelphia 5 (2-2)

Dallas 4 Colorado 1 (3-1 Colorado)

B Stands For….

B stands for Bruins, as in the Boston Bruins. A team rich in history and tradition. A team full of many greats and many legends. But also a team without a Stanley Cup in 34 years.

Berg's Days As Leaf Finnish.

Today Aki Berg signed with Turku TPS in Finland, bringing to an end his days as a Toronto Maple Leaf much to the joy of many Leaf fans.

Clarke Slams Leafs!

The Philadelphia Flyers GM was pretty angry about the firing of Leafs head coach Pat Quinn…



Quote me if you want to… “We’ll Win Tonight.”

Time for a little support for a team that is already counted out once again. With Lundquist coming back the Rangers are going to take

Game 3 and make this a series to play for.

Crawford on the way out? is reporting that the Vancouver Canucks have scheduled a press conference for 6:30 eastern time where they are expected to announce the firing of Head Coach Marc Crawford.

This follows a season which saw the Canucks go 42-32-8, while missing the playoffs for the 1st time in 6 years.

It's All Up In the Air, But…

After two games there are surely a few surprised hockey fans, and I am happy to say I am not really one of them. Carolina’s loss of Whitney is overlooked, and Cole is for sure gone. So, goaltending is to be a huge factor, and I’d bet the farm on Montreal’s duo over Carolina’s anyday. It’s only two games, but it was fairly demonstrative of the potential that this series has for an “upset”.

Primeau in for Game 3??

I think Captain Keith Primeau is feeling the presure and wants to try and help the Flyers before its too late. Actually, I think it may be already too late.

Very interesting interview with Jim Devallano

Thurday evening, late, the Fan590 in Toronto was doing an interview with Jim Devallano.

It was extremely interesting to listen to what he had to say about the Leafs and JFJ, having been there before when Detroit was an awful team in the early 80’s.

Former Leafs' Owner Steve Stavro Passes Away

Former 13 year owner of his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs Steve Stavro has passed away at the age of 78 of an apparant heart attack.