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All-Star Teams To Date

If the All-Star votes were done as of today (November 29th) The Eastern And Western All-Star teasm would look like this (Assuming you have 13 forwards, 6 defensman, and 2 goalies)

Staying the Course is Not an Option for the Canucks

When the blockbuster Luongo/ Bertuzzi trade went down, fans finally saw the Vancouver Canucks as Division leaders. Last time I checked they were below 500. The problem with the Canucks is, well… everything. All Vancouver fans expected the scoring to be less with the loss of Bert and Carter, but no one could have seen this. Currently, there are only 4 teams who have scored less in the entire league.

Your Mission: Trade Tucker!

I think it is time to consider that the Leafs are not (or at least should not) be able to afford Darcy Tucker this off-season. Barring injury, or a total collapse, he is in for a BIG pay raise this summer.

I don’t for a second believe that JFJ has any autonomy running this team. How else can we explain the McCabe fiasco from last year’s trade deadline? MLSE is less concerned with winning than perhaps ANY ownership group.

Tellqvist for Tyson Nash

According to TSN, goaltender Mikael Tellqvist got traded to the Coyotes Phoenix for LW Tyson Nash and a draft pick.

Does this team need to make changes fast

The Canuck’s need to make some move’s and quickly. If you like high scoring game’s then now you can’t go watch a game in Vancouver or a Calgary game (Vancouver only played them once this year so I don’t know if they still lack as much offensivly). Vancouver is terrible defensivly (if you watch Sabourin’s last game then Luongo value just doubled). Honestly there just a one line team that has an amazing goalie. Morrison, Kesler, Ohlund, Bourdon (who didn’t even make the team), Burrows, Chouinard, Cooke, and especially Bulis have struggled this season. Even Naslund hasn’t live up to expectation’s. Henrik and Daniel Sedin are absolutly amazing. Two of the best hockey player’s in the NHL, and for only 3.5 million a year (i don’t know that exact number, but it’s like 3.66 or something). Luongo has been great, but not best goalie in the NHL great.

Who Will They Keep??

The big question for all habs fans is, wich defencemen will the keep, Markov , Souray , Rivet, or Ninnimaa who are all  unrestricted free-agent  at the end of the season . One of them says puts himself in the shoes of general manager Bob Gainey, and says he knows with whom he’d begin talking.

And it wouldn’t be with himself.

“Bob’s got to start with (Andrei) Markov,” Sheldon Souray said of the player regarded to be the Canadiens’ best rearguard, also its youngest and best free-agency-eligible bargain at $2 million (U.S.) this season , Rivs (Craig Rivet) has been here a long time, loves playing here and I’m sure he wants to retire a Hab. Whatever he gets, he’s going to deserve. That leaves me and Janne (Niinimaa), so we’ll see. It’s hard to predict.”

I wanna know who would you keep?

I Would Keep  Markov And Rivet .

Hawks interested in Samsonov?

The Chicago Blackhawks continue their search for a running mate for Martin Havlat due to the loss of Michael Handzus, reports the Boston Globe.

Hawks Fire Yawney

The Chicago Blackhawks have fired coach Trent Yawney.

Blackhawks general manager Dale Tallon has announced that Blackhawks legend Denis Savard will replace Yawney behind the bench.  Savard had been an assistant with the Blackhawks since retiring from the NHL following the 1996-1997 season.

The Blackhawks have a 7-12-2 record this season and sit fourth in the Central Division

Who Said It?

Slow news day, so I came up with a quick quiz for every one. Just match the quote with who said it.

Is Tellqvist finally going to be traded?

The Tennessean reported that there were two Maple leafs scouts in attendence at recent Predators games. With Vokoun out 6 weeks with a hand injury its believed Nashville is shopping for an affordable temporary back up to Chris Mason and Mikael Tellqvist would certainly fit.

Harrison On Waivers

According to TSN, young defencemen Jay Harrison has been put on waivers…

“The Leafs have placed defenceman Jay Harrison on waivers to make room for captain Mats Sundin….
Harrison won’t officially be on waivers until noon on Sunday according to general manager John Ferguson Jr.”

Sundin's return

The return of Mats Sundin poses a problem that Paul Maurice wishes he had more often. Where does Mats fit in?

Something Cooking On Thanksgiving, Kasparaitis and Prucha could Go

The Rangers trade to get Isbister???? Something is up my friends… kasparaitis and Peter Prucha are right smack in the middle of the trade rumors in New York. The Chicago Blackhawks are rumored to be big players in trade talks for Prucha, as sources have said Chicago is scouting the Ranger Games very hard and Very closely.

The Real Question is: What is going on with kasparaitis? Where has he been, and does Renny’s comments of Kasper not being “ready to play”… have any truth to them?