2007 Habs looking like the 1986 Habs????

Ok, first off, this is probably a coincidental finding on my part but what the hell, I thought it was very interesting. But anyways…

While looking through an old hockey book, NHL Pro Hockey’85/’86 by Jim Proudfoot, i looked upon the future 1986 Stanley Cup Champions, Les Canadiens de Montreal. Well, the first thing i noticed was Jim Proudfoot’s analysis of the Habs strengh’s and weaknesses. defences are basically the same in offence. Both are/were reliable when it came to 5 on 5 situations and both could chip in when it counts.

Like, look at it this way, these 2 teams are so similar, that the players are alike. Mike Komisarek is an up and coming Craig Ludwig but with more offensive punch. They even had struggling goal scorers for crying out loud in Ryan Walter and Alexei Kovalev. Even the goaltending is similar with Penney/Soetart and Huet/Halak. They both even had Top notch goaltending prospects in Patrick Roy and Carey Price. **Note, I am not comparing Price to Roy so please refrain from saying that I am**

One last note to pass along, the expectations for both teams were reasonably low for their respective years. The 1986 Habs were supposed to finish 3rd or 4th in the Adams Division, just barely qualifying for a play-off spot all while finishing first the previous year. This year’s Habs are expected to finish 3rd to 5th in the North-East Division after a season of finishing 10th overall but also while holding down 2nd in the North-East for roughly half the season.

So yeah, I thought this would make an interesting read for the site, I know I found it interesting. But yeah, leave me your thoughts.