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Penguins with a new Igloo?

TSN reports that maybe the Pens could have made a deal for a new Arena.
But some sources tell it might have some setbacks…

NYR Done With Forsberg… Looking At Tkachuk

The risk-reward ratio is too high for the New York Rangers to take a stab at Peter Forsberg, but St. Louis’ Keith Tkachuk may fit the bill perfectly in Broadway.

According to the New York Post, the Rangers have had discussions to bring the forward to New York. It’s believed Tkachuk would waive his no-trade clause to play for the Rangers.

Stanley Cup Champion + Canadian Captain

Ok, it’s early in the morning and not much new on this site, so here is something just for fun, if anyone can fill in blank years or correct me that would be appreciated. I was talking with a friend and we realized that as far back as we could remember, excluding when Dallas won the cup that the Stanely Cup winner has always had a Canadian captain as of late. Now I am a fan of Montreal and we do not have a Canadian captain as well as the Leafs, Canucks and Sens, does this have an effect on us winning the cup? Who knows, likely not, but this is for fun.

Another Summit Series?

Vladislav Tretiak is reportedly raising the idea of another summit series. Of course we’ll have the nay sayers say “you can’t duplicate history”. Did they say that in 1939? Anyways, Vlad has a great idea, that would certainly be a close one.

Realistic moves for Leafs

The Leafs look like a playoff fringe team again and its going to look this way for a while if we dont change anything quick i no i might get bashed for saying we should trade sundin but look at the clark trade way back when . 

Leafs at the Deadline

There are a number of rumors that are flying around the leafs this time of year (like always). First off JFJ is a below average GM with below average talent.

At last years draft the Ducks would of taken a Stajan or Steen and a 1st round pick for Giguere as Bryzgalov was at that point going to be the number one guy. They overpaid for Kubina because they didn’t want him going to Ottawa or any other main rival.

As for there defence core. Kaberle is by far the best defensman on that team, Kubina is playing good enough to keep him out of the press as being trade bait. McCabe is just terrible, everyone thinks he is great because of his numbers, anyone can have those numbers by playing as much PP time as he gets. McCabe 5 on 5 is one of the worst in the league just like Jason Allison and look where he is now.

Bruins To Move Players Soon!

According to WEEI 1030 AM Boston, the Bruins are trying to move Brad Boyes and Brad Stuart. Boyes has been dissapointing this year and has been expected to be traded for a while, but Brad Stuart? Brad Stuart has been the Bruins best defenscemen this year for the Bruins by far.

Forsberg Story, Defending Bettman, What Could've Been (Crosby), Conroy

The Forsberg story, no longer an interesting one since it has become a soap opera. Once again the Flyers organization creates these dramas that just annoy me. GM Holmgren, I hope that if you are surfing the net you come across this article. Rangers may possibly get Forsberg, but hesitation takes place for Rangers fans; maybe they need some persuasion? By the way, how much can Forsberg really give to the Flyers if traded?

In defense of Gary Bettman. Sounds crazy, does it not? That’s why you must read!

I recall Darren Dreger titling one of his pieces on “What Could Have Been”; in regards to Sidney Crosby possibly breaking (or was it tying?) a record had coach Therrien kept him on the ice. Whatever the heck it was, I have a bigger picture with the same title of “What Could Have Been”. What is it about? Crosby is involved, but with the horrific ratings of the All-Star, the NHL keeps losing popularity. Now, this segment may stir up some heat as some hockey fans may call it “controversial”, but maybe not. I don’t know. We have had this discussion once before, but it’s been over a year since and I feel it is important to look back and say “what could have been (had Crosby ___________)”. Find out what I filled in the blank.

The Craig Conroy trade, will it finally get teams to speed up things and make trades?

Changes needed for All-Star Festivities

The All-Star festivities have come and gone with most of the United States not having a clue the NHL played it’s All Star game Wednesday night.

Hey what channel is the game on?

The Versus network had terrible coverage of the skills competition and they didn’t fare any better the following night. Something about that station irks me.

Habs have to shake things up !!!

Where has all the heart gone from this team? One of the best leaders in all the N.H.L. Saku Koivu has done little of late, Michael Ryder less than nothing he’s actually been a detriment to this team, Francis bouillion once the hardest working, hardest hitting player on this team and rewarded for it with a nice contract no longer hits or plays with any heart should be back in Hamilton the way he’s been playing, Sergei Samsonov well there’s nothing here I can say that hasn’t been said already, Chris Higgins where are you?

Who's In Who's Out Rangers fan!!

First of all it’s my first article so go easy guys. As we all know trade deadline is round the corner. Every year the Rangers try to atract big names to the big Apple. I think the Rangers already did that when the acquired SHANAHAN. So what’s left out there? Here’s a couple of guys I wouldn’t mind seeing in a Rangers uniform!

Current events!

A few events a i will be talking about are, Where Bert will go at the end of the year, who will get Forsberg if anyone, and more.

Deals for the Blue and White

…John Ferguson Jr. is not the best general manager in the sport and by no means do the hundreds of Leafs fans think that, but we do expect some intelligence from him. The countdown until trade deadline is fast approaching and will be here in less then a month, JFJ has to harsh out some sort of deal….