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2007-2008 Nuck's

I just want to show people what the Canucks team could look like next year, and just writing some ideas.

Leafs Year: 2008-2009

It looks like the Leafs won’t get much help next season from the prospect Pool. Pogge and Earl need more time with the Marlies. Stralman is a few years away from playing in the NHL, Williams needs a good healthy year before being called up, Tlusty and Aubin will join the AHL ranks next season, and Kulemin has signed a 1 year deal in Russia for Next season.

Sidney Crosby mature beyond his years

This is just a short blurb in defense of Crosby against all the critics who enjoy criticizing Sidney.

Go to launch the video player, sort by NHL on the left, and click on “Is Sidney Crosby The Next Great One?” It’s fairly balanced and even has senile Don Cherry representing the critics, with Wayne Gretzky representing the supporters.

I know who I respect more.

Sundin, Raycroft and More

Well.. I have heard a lot about trading Sundin and I have to disagree, look at Edmonton, they are a train wreck, Sundin is the center of the team and he can not be traded, i saw a topic earlier about him being the only guy to stand Torontos media and be able to lead the team and I totally agree…

NHL refs are pathetic! They are ruining the game.

It seems that every game I watch they make phantom calls where you just shake your head, and then make no calls on the most obvious. I’d really like to know how they became refs, as I’ve never seen such poor officiating from any other officials in a major sports league.

Is it time they are accountable to someone? Perhaps force them to sit down and watch every game they ref in its entirety and make them admit to all their wrong calls and missed calls? Although a stretch (and problematic for obvious reason), something has to be done to prevent these morons from deciding the outcome of games, and more importantly to prevent a lineup of NHL players at the hospital.

Radulov suspended

Alexander Radulov was suspended one game for his hit from behind on Steve Bernier. He had 3 goals and 1 assist in 2 playoff games. Nashville learned that LW Scott Hartnell would not be suspended after two game misconducts in a row.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

“The question coming into tonight, can Roberto Luongo play in the playoffs? Well the answer is yes!’ I can’t remember who said it, but it was whoever was calling the Canucks-Stars marathon game.

Canes resign Whitney

The Carolina Hurricanes signed Ray Whitney to a three year 10.65 million dollar deal. He had the most points on Carolina with 83

Why Jeremy Roenick Should Play One More Year

Everyone knows I love Jeremy Roenick. He’s one of the best power forwards in recent history, and after hearing Bob McKenzie and Darren Pang telling him straight up just to give it up, I turned TSN off that night pretty mad.

Peter Forsberg High Risk, High Reward Not for Leafs However

Peter Forsberg is most easily described as a High Risk, High Reward player. For every team he has been with this has been the case. High Risk because of all his injuries and High Reward… well watch the man play in the playoffs. His Philidalphia time was completely injury plauged and only a matter of time should he stay in Nashville which as you will read in this article I dont think he will.

Shell Shocked

In their first playoff game since the 2000-2001 season, the Pittsburgh Penguins came out flat and sluggish against the Ottawa Senators. The Sens came out with more enthusiasm, physical play, and desire than the Pens did. The Sens deserved to win that game. Here are a few reasons why the Pens will win the series.

A Modest Proposal For Dejected Oiler Fans

I know that most Oiler fans are wanting the franchise to go ahead in the off season and re-sign Smyth to the contract that he wants however, I personally don’t think that he will want to come back. Therefore Plan B for Oiler fans is to sign a big name free agent defenseman (Brad Stuart) and a big name free agent forward (Daniel Brierre). Although both would be nice acquisitions for this year, I do not believe that it would be the best course of action for years to come. The Oilers should rather trade for a defensemen like Joni Pitkanen this year and then in the following year put all of their efforts into signing a guy like Jerome Iginla.

The Carbo-cloning has to STOP

Spring 2007 will go down as a particularly long season for Hab fans everywhere, not only for the ugly finish but also for the overall roller-coaster season. The team certainly did not finish within expectations. Through December, they clearly showed they were capable of skating with the better teams in the NHL until inconsistency, individualism and bad coaching moves happened. The team started off the year as a tightly knit group, some players even mentioned how they were getting dinner tables for 20 instead of several groups of 4-5 guys. That stopped after a few months when rookie coach Carbonneau made the wrong moves at the wrong times. I will admit that he has a bright future as a coach but he mishandled a couple of situations with some of his better players including Kovalev, Samsonov and Rivet. As he pressured them on, the individualists in each one of them shone out. They tried to play harder, to produce more, but in the end they hindered the team’s success more than help it.