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What I would want gainey to do in my dreams

The offseason will be more meaningful, if not more roller-coastery, than the regular season for the Montreal Canadiens.

In the last winning stretch to contend, the Habs were led by a core of young players.
In the two-game meltdown to lose the berth, they were let down by the vets; Kovalev’s give aways and Koivu’s penalties.

Revisiting My Predictions

As some of you may or may not know, I posted an article ( before the games of March 8th giving some insight and Nostradamus-like predictions regarding how the bottom of the Eastern Conference would play out and which teams would make it into the playoffs.

Let’s see how close I was…

Toronto's Offseason

I know that every second article is what the leafs should do with their offseason. I just want to offer my 2 cents, as I am not a leaf fan (go sabres).


In a cruel twist of fate, the Aves beat the Flames, and had they posted a point vs Nashville would have done the improbable and made the playoffs.

Does anyone think that Carbo might be the problem in montreal?

I know it’s only Carbo’s first season, but he’s made a lot of mistakes this year. His latest was benching Kovalev during most of the 3rd period of the leafs game. He barely played Kovalev during the powerplays, even though he’s awesome in the powerplay. He also did something when he touched the puck, unfortunately his linemates couldn’t do much.

Atlantic Division is the Strongest in the NHL

Preseason I made the bold prediction that the Eastern Conference playoffs would be represented by 4 teams from the Atlantic. Granted I had figured Philly would be there in lieu of the Islanders. But thanks to last night’s insanity in NJ (I can just imagine all those Leafs fans jumping for joy when Madden tied it with 1 second left… only to lose and force the Leafs out of the playoffs… again (as I also predicted back-to-back years)), the NYI have made the post-season, resulting in 4 teams from the Atlantic making the playoffs. Compare this to only 2 teams from both the weaker Northeast and Southeast divisions in the Eastern Conference.


With the leafs not making the playoffs their will be some retooling that will be needed but what will the leafs do ? They need to resign Boyd Devereaux, John Pohl, Nik Antropov, Bates Battaglia, Carlo Colaiacovo, Ian White. N

So what now?

This post is not for the main page, but if it finds itself there, lets try and keep it objective or just don’t respond.

Well as I sit here, the Ilses have defeated the Devils in a shootout to claim 8th spot in the East. A shootout to decide the fate of both teams seasons is not a scenario that i looked forward to, but it happened, and thats how it goes in the “new NHL”.

First round picks…

Heres the first round matchups for the 07 playoffs, and my predictions on who makes it out.


Maple leafs not in the playoffs

The New York islanders beat New Jersey in a shootout. Leaf fans across the city were screaming and cheering when the Devils scored with 0.8 seconds left, then all went silent when Brylin didn’t score.

Habs 2007-08

After missing out on the playoffs this year its time for Gainey to focus on next year and not just the futur every time.
First of all get rid of Samsonov and Kovalev(maybe even Huet) and clear up alot of space. Next, let Niinima walk.

Postseason – East Preview

While Toronto and the N.Y. Islanders have yet to decide which of them will get into the postseason, the other seven teams have been decided. Let’s take a look at the teams in the East and what to expect in hockey’s second season…

Time for the NHL to Become a 30 Team League?

With Leafs, Habs and Islanders fans still sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting the results of the Jersey/NYI game today, the question we’re left with is – do any of these three teams deserve to make the playoffs? I’d say no. Does Colorado? I’d say yes.

So, is it time for the NHL to become a 30 team league instead of two 15 team leagues?