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Hockey in Hamilton? Hamilton Predators?

Hamilton again has given Basillie the rights to Hamilton as a destination for the Predators Franchise. In addition the city has also offered up Hamilton Place and Convention Center to Basillie.

Hurricanes Sign Cam Ward to Three-Year Contract

The Canes have signed goaltender Cam Ward to a three-year contract. The contract will pay Ward $2 million in 2007-08, $2.5 million in 2008-09 and $3.5 million in 2009-10.



A video that all hockey fans should see, no matter what team you take for it warms your heart and make you want to cry. Take time to watch this video about a yound boy who was a true hockey fan, this kid loved his SENS and forever will be remembered as ELGIN FRASER.

Report: Sundin to Sign Soon

According to and the Toronto Sun, it appears the Toronto Maple Leafs and captain Mats Sundin are closing in on the new contract that has long been rumoured to be happening this summer.

Gainey Makes Offer To Souray

Reports out of rds suggest that Bob Gainey has made an official offer to Sheldon Souray.

What the Leafs should do if they actually want a good team this summer.

If the Leafs want a good team next season, then they don’t have to do alot. The last few seasons they have had a prettty good team, they just haven’t built on it. Last season they didn’t really do anything besides drafting Tlustly and getting Raycroft. This season they aren’t really in a different situation. Both years they finished 9’th and rellied on a different team to get them in, unfortunatley both years the team they wanted to win didn’t win.

Strong rookie class

Next year’s rookie class will be very good. No one stands out like Crosby or Ovechkin, but there are some very good players.

Crosby to have C Sewn on Jersey…..and other comments

So….The story is Sidney Crosby at age 19, is about to become the youngest captain in the NHL’s history. It will be announced Thursday at the Mellon Arena. The penguins have not had a captain since the retirement of Mario Lemieux in January 2006.

Leafs sign Kulemin to 3-Year Entry Level Deal

As detailed on TSN, the Leafs sign another of their top prospects to entry level deals. This brings Kulemin together with Anton Strahlman to an aging team.

Wings Will Need Help to Stay Near the Top

The Detroit Red Wings were close, but close is definitely not good enough in Hockeytown. Nothing less than a championship will suffice in Detroit. Well the fans will have to wait another year for another crack at it after losing out to the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference Final.

Markov Salary Details

With his new 23 million dollar contract tucked firmly into his pocket, Andrei Markov will now be earning an average of 5.75 million dollars per season for the next four years. Such a large contract has many Habs fans doubting the signing of unrestricted free agent Sheldon Souray. GM Bob Gainey has said, however that his “priority will be Sheldon Souray,” adding “I expect to have talks with Sheldon’s agent in the coming days.”

Roberts and Recchi receive offers

Acording to, Mark Recchi and Gary Roberts have received offers!

The Cup

The first game of the cup was fantastic. While i think Ottawa outplayed the ducks, i don’t think they deserved to win. The officiating was once again a joke. Neither announcer has the balls to say if a call is bad or not, and its really frustrating. It just feels to me like the refs try to control how the game is, like give the away team a headstart, and in the end have the home team come back with chances. Could just be another conspiracy theory, but its really become a joke.