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Leaf the Team the way it is?

Upon reviewing some of the interviews with JFJ and Paul Maurice there is one phrase I continue hearing that has peaked my interest.

“We could go into next season with the lineup we have and I would be excited.”

Is this blind faith in a team that has just had two mediocre seasons? Or is this a genuine belief that JFJ has turned this ship around and is finally starting to build this team into a Cup Contender?

New Uniforms coming soon!

According to the team 1040, Willie Mitchell has said that Vancouver will show off their new jersey’s tomorrow. Willie hinted that the vintage colors were going to be used.

Avery a Detriment?!

According to Larry Brooks, this article shows what the Rangers management had to say about Avery in his arbitration hearing:


I was reading some articles about NHL expansion, and I thought I would post my thoughts here.

Note: All of this is just MY personal opinion. It is is not speculation or rumour, just one persons two cents. So please don’t waste your time flaming me. If your going to go into this with a closed mind, Don’t bother. I will only read worthwhile commentary on the ideas presented here. And remember, at least it’s not another Leafs article.

No money for Smyth…but lots of money for Vanek…

This should be short and sweet.

So last season Kevin claims he doesn’t have the funds to offer Smyth what he wants…they can’t afford to keep him….then the off-season happens and suddenly Kevin Lowe is Mr.Moneybags, he offers Vanek 7+ million and then offers Dustin Penner just over 4 million a season…both very young and hardly fully proven players (although we’re all pretty sure they’ll be decent) that he’s offering way more than what Smyth asked and just under what Smyth asked, both for players who have no ties to Edmonton, no ties to the community and no relationship with the team.

Leafs training camp will be competitive

Assuming the Leafs make no more major moves, there are 30 players with a decent shot at making the leafs roster in training camp.

Sabre Rattling

Most people would contend that this year was Buffalo’s greatest chance at contending for the cup since the finals. Everything was roaring during the regular season for the small market team.

Ryder Signed

The Montreal Canadiens have signed winger Michael Ryder to a one-year contract. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Oil Spill, NHL's Cap for 2008-2009, Weekend of the Rat

Oil spill in the NHL, what should Kevin Lowe really do.

NHL’s cap for 2008-2009; where it should be and why.

Weekend of the Rat! A great day in South Florida.

Raycroft the Scapegoat

This is long, and I offer no apology because of it. I took a lot of time out of my week to get this together, so that we can all debate this as fans of hockey. Feel free to bash me, but please, if you think Raycroft is all so bad, read this entirely and check the videos on When the Leafs lost, the usually lost by more than goal. Going to through out some season Rankings for the leafs before I start.

3 Trade Options…Make Your Pick Bob!

Well, there are three possible scenarios that have been laid out for the habs. Of course some minor players in the deals might switch, but the key players remain the same.

1) The basic trade is with San Jose that I’m sure many of you have heard about. The possible variations are:

Habs made an offer to Brisebois?

The Montreal Canadiens have reportedly made an offer to UFA Defencemen Patrice Brisebois believed to be a 700 000$, 1-year contract.

A new Lowe

Kevin Lowe is desparate. He thought he had Nylander, but lost him. He thought he had Vanek, but lost him. Now one has to wonder what he thinks about Penner.