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Muckler To Become Part Maple Leaf?

According to sportsnet, Muckler is going to meet with the Leafs

Ferguson’s Off-Season Report Card

I think it’s time we evaluate how John Ferguson Jr. has faired this off-season.

Rangers re-sign forward Prucha

The New York Rangers announced Saturday that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Petr Prucha.

Habs line up for the start of 07-08***NOT FINAL***

Ok, here’s what I have come up with so far for Montreal’s line up come October. NOTE, this isn’t final and is based on what I believe it will look like as of this very moment ( 1:23 PM, July 5, 2007)

Leave Gainey Alone

Ok, so Gainey didn’t land an amazing free agent. People really need to stop blaming him for it though. It is not his fault. There is talk of replacing Gainey and that is nuts! Gainey is the best thing to happen to this club. Yes he is very laid back but he is trying there it no doubt about it.

Trade Rumour Between Van/NJ

Someone on HFboards is reporting something he heard this on XM radio.

Just heard on XM Satalite Radio that there is a breaking trade that is about to go down between the Devils and Canucks. This is the deal that was mentioned:

Weekes moves across the river

FAN590 in Toronto is reporting that the Devils have agreed to terms with former New York Rangers goaltender and unrestricted free agent Kevin Weekes.

Financial terms and the length of contract were not disclosed.

Ottawa looking to make some moves

OTTAWA SUN and OTTAWA CITIZEN are both reporting on the efforts of Senators GM Bryan Murray to land affordable UFA depth, re-sign Ray Emery and trade Martin Gerber.

Jovo to the Islanders???? is providing interesting speculation regarding Ed Jovanovski. Apparently the New York Islanders are trying to acquire the all star defenseman and at the same time the Phoenix Coyotes have asked Jovo to waive his no trade clause.

For the Most Part Signings are Over, Predictions Time!

Of course there still could be a absolute steal in free-agency that could alter the standings but I feel now that all the real impact players are gone(except Hasek) that it is safe to make some 2007-2008 predictions. I will start off with the standings.

Replace Gainey next year for Patrcik Roy!

I know this could sound strange and easy to say. But as I already said on another news, the problem in Montreal is not the pression or the taxes or the French. The problem here is that we don’t have the team of kids that has rised yet. So, from there, another internal problem that is bigger than the fact that we don’t have a good team is there: WE have a big lack of leadership at the GM spot. Don’t try to make me believe that Gainey could be convincing with his attitude. He is respected from the leagues owners, right, but when happen the time to discuss with players, its another game! He don’t have the credibility we want from him.

Canaidian's Need a center

Ok the MONTREAL CANAIDIAS are not a better team from last year, but maybe the young guys will be better with another year of experience….

Kostitsyn = The key we don't expect for the Habs future ..with others as we

I am still very disapointed about the work of Bob Gainey since he is with us. But, I has to say that the draft picks that André Savard made were very very good and we begin to recognize how good he was. The problem with Bob Gainey is that he has to fight and be very convincing to bring a big player here. The problem is not pressure, or taxes or french! The problem here is that we are a team that is perceived by the others to don’t know what we want and where we go. When we’ll have a better team with the rising of the kids, everything will be easier. However, I really like the move to replace Bonk by Smolinski and serioustly Im getting used to the Hamrlik one.

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