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Surging Leafs targeting the playoffs

Only 6 points behind Philadelphia

In early February the Toronto Maple Leafs were considered prime candidates in the Steve Stamkos sweepstakes, sitting at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference

A playoff spot was considered out of the question. The Leafs were deader than Lincoln.

Trade Deadline Results

Here are some of the results of the first couple of games trade deadline acqusitions have made with their new clubs, (if you have any others to add, please add them) :

Wade Belak: Great forchecking, and net pressence results in Panthers first goal in game against the Leafs.

GM of the Decade

We all know the importance a GM plays in a franchises success … or lack thereof.

It is also impossible to judge the task a General Manager needs to accomplish with only a few years at the helm of his frnachise hence … GM of the Decade.

Marian Hossa aftermath?

Well, since Marian Hossa went to Pittsburg instead of Montreal and Ottawa, what is the outcome of the trade going to be for Pittsburg. Will they sign this superstar? Or let him test free agency?

Personally, I hope that the Penguins do not sign Marian Hossa because then well, their will be future problems with the Pitts organization since they have Sidney Crosby and eventually Evgeni Malkin signed to HUGE contracts. Also, Marian Hossa will be making around the 8-10 million dollars per year mark and Pittsburg won’t sign a long term contract worth 8-10 million dollars a year, well hopefully. Maybe a one or two year contract could work for Pittsburg atleast.

Million Dollar Shootout!

At GM Place today during the Vancouver Canucks vs. Colorado Avalanche game’s 1st intermission, Darwin Head, a Prince Albert, SK native, won the $1 million dollar shootout prize, scoring 15 goals out of 20 shots, in 24 seconds, burying his 15th goal on his final shot.

You can watch all 8 minutes of it, including him and his buddies winning 4 Chevrolet Malibus (1 for him, 2 for his friends and 1 for an in-house lucky fan) and the 20-shot million dollar win on the following link in the box marked “Related Info”.

Possible new Penguins' lines

With the excitement of the Pens’ acquisition of Hossa still hot, it’s time to speculate what the new line combinations will be, once Crosby returns.
Until then, starting with tomorrow’s game against Boston, it’s looking like Staal will center Malone on his left, with Hossa on his right, while Dupuis will play on Malkin’s left, with Sykora remaining on his right.
[I’m not sure I agree with taking Malone off of Malkin’s line.]


The Team 1200 Radio is reporting that the Ottawa Senators have fired head coach John Paddock, and assistant coach Ron Low.

GM Bryan Murray, who took the Sens to the cup final last year, will be resuming his duties as head coach. No word yet on who will be his assistant.

The Aftermath

Hello hockey fans! Finally the day of intensity is over with and it feels like things are back to normal again. It was a good day for the NHL, I thought. Intriguing trades, and almost tied for number of total trades as well. It was also a good day for Anyway, the aftermath is here…..analysis on every single trade!

Not Sundin's Responsiblity to Fix the Leafs

I didnt know Mats Sundin was the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs? I didnt know it was his job to make the moves to save the franchise? It sure sounded like he had such God like power in the aftermath of his announcement that he was not waiving his no movement clause.

To no surprise, Sundin has chosen to stay a Leaf for life and in doing so, the dillusional, short sighted fans in atypical Leaf Nation fashion have turned against him.

Good day in the long run for Gainey

After days of speculation and rumors surrounding Gainey and the Habs, the deadline came and went without the big splash everyone had anticipated. I could spend this entire post saying things to specific bloggers like; “I told ya so”, but that isn’t necessary. The people who read my pre-deadline comments for the last week saw that everything I predicted to happen with the team, did. That prediction was that nothing will happen, at least in the “impact player” department. For a little bonus points I also suggested that Huet may be traded.

Will Gainey Be Taking Some Heat?

After watching the clock tick to 3:00pm and seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins acquire Marian Hossa Montreal fans were in shock. Having to watch Huet get traded had most people thinking Montreal was gearing up for a trade. That wasn’t the case…

Sharks Sign Boucher

The Toronto Star (through Associated Press) is reporting that the San Jose Sharks have signed veteran goaltender Brian Boucher to back up Evgeni Nabokov.

Leafs deadline fallout

3 Trades, 3 Players, 4 draft picks…