The hockey season is coming soon, and so are hockey pools. For this reason, the ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW will be back for the 2010-11 season!That’s right, we started working on the 2010-11 version of what has been called by many ”The best and most complete tool for hockey pools on the planet” to give poolers the edge when it comes to make their fantasy team.

The release date for the UPP has yet to be set, as we are all working on getting things done but updates will be announced from time to time right here.

As usual, the UPP will be released FOR FREE once it’s ready.

Want it earlier? it is now possible.
To thank everyone making a donation, I established a VIP Status.
Basically, the VIP Status is given to anyone making a donation or providing us with a scan of a magazine/website projections that we don’t have.

Being a VIP gives you the right to request a copy of the UPP at any time before it’s release. That means, if you have a hockey pool coming up and it’s before the release of the UPP, you drop me an email and within 24 hours (usually way quicker than that) you will receive a beta version of the UPP right away and will be able to use what we’ve done so far for your hockey pool.

All VIP members will also receive the final version of the UPP BEFORE it’s official release.

To become a VIP member, it’s easy:

Simply make a donation, using Paypal, to DancinShoes77@hotmail.com
Once this is done, please make sure to email me at UltimatePoolPreview@Yahoo.com to request your VIP Status.

and that’s it, you’re all set.

If you guys have any question or comment, you can write it here or email me directly at UltimatePoolPreview@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest!
Marco Normandin
UPP Founder