#35 To Be Retired – Time To Reflect

With Mike Richter’s retirement only a day away I feel as though it is time to reflect on the career of Richter. The greatest American born goalie (I dare say?) and more so the greatest Rangers’s goalie of all-time.For me, Richter was the first Rangers’s goalie I ever knew. That alone makes tomorrow night a very special night, however, #35 will be only the third number in Rangers’s history to be retired. When you think of all the great players that have played on the Rangers that makes the honor so much more. In a time of free agency and looking for profits it is quite marvellous to play on one team your entire career over a span of fifteen seasons.

Perhaps the greatest breakaway goalie of all-time (look at the career stats). Perhaps the most athletic and quickest goalie (definitely out of the goalies I’ve seen). Richter was a three time all-star, a stanley cup champion, All-Star Game MVP, and MVP of the 1996 World Cup of Hockey to name some of his accolades. Will probably most be remembered for “The Save,” of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. Although Brian Leetch took the Conn Smythe Richter was a close second. Richter was never really thought of as a franchise player, playing behind Messier and Leetch, but he definitely was the heart and soul of the team. Just when you thought the Rangers were done Richter always dug in and stood fast. Just when you thought Richter was done he always seemed to step up. A great goalie, a great man, and a true blue: Mike the Man of Steel…

I’m sure he’ll be working in the Rangers organization sooner or later, you’ll see.

While on the subject of retiring numbers I’d just like to bring up a discussion. Who do you think deserves to be honored by retiring his number (of former Rangers already retired)?

Leetch’s number will surely be retired and deservedly so, but do you think Messier deserves the same honor? I personally do, but I’m sure there are still some people who remember the Vancouver incident. What do you think?

One last question:

Is Richter a Hall of Famer?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. veggetto1725 says:

    If he more than got the job done he would have more than 1 cup

  2. MantaRay says:

    That WOULD have been a great trade for the Ranger$.

    Too bad. Lundmark is just rotting away right now and I don’t think he is ever going to get the chance to blossom the way he should on New York.

  3. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    nothing like that skating disgrace of a team to ruin a nice event for #35….its funny you dont see other teams floating around 11th in the NHL adding players to their rosters (not to mention high priced has beens) the $’s seem to think this is baseball, just add high priced players and watch them go! sorry pal, enjoy watching yet another $less playoff!

    p.s $= the disgrace that plays at MSG, they dont deserve to be called by a name, they havent earned that!

  4. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    “. Not Patrick Roy, not Martin Brodeur, not Eddie Belfour, no one. “

    WOW, wouldnt take Marty Brodeur huh? geeze hes only won 3 cups in the past 10 years, i wont even talk about Roy, we all know his accomplishments. Your really serious with this comment? you need some time off, all the losing and disgrace in NY is fuking with your head buddy!

  5. Kalgon says:

    and who are you a fan off?- plz dont tell me the red wings

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    Wow, you seemed to have forgotten that Brodeur has…

    1. Played on a defense first team that used the trap for his whole career

    2. Played on the best defensive team of the last 10 years

    3. Has had Scott Stevens on his team… enough said there

    4. Has lost to Richter both times they’ve met in the playoffs, 94 and 97…

    5. Has played on a better team for the tail-end of Richter’s career.

    Wanna know why the US won in 96? Mike Richter. Save after save after save, Richter stood on his head and denied the Canadians of the gold. 1994… Richter should have been the Conn Smythe winner had it not been for Brian Leetch’s great play. 2002, Richter stood on his head again, the game against the Russians is enough proof of it. A netminder’s duel between Richter and Khabibulin… Richter despite bad knees bests Bulin. Yes, bad knees, and a bad groin. Richter still stood on his head almost every night for the Rangers, a team that can’t even pronounce the word defense. I’d like to see Brodeur pull it off. I can’t wait until Stevens retires and the redline is taken out. Then, we will see how good Martin Brodeur really is. I’m not taking anything away from him, he’s my #2 favorite goalie of all time, but that will be the true test for him.

    Patrick Roy did play great for the teams he won the cups for… but what about the times he didn’t win? Meaning against Detroit in 02… Ouch, 7 goals. In 99 against Dallas… they were up 3-1 in the series, Dallas won it in 7. 97 against Detroit, bested by Mike Vernon who might have had one of the best postseasons I’ve ever seen in the net.

    The funny thing is, you talk about Roy and his accomplishments… but at this pace with Brodeur, Roy will be a thing of the past. Richter played on a subpar team for 7 years, had 3 ACL surgeries, and groin injuries, and STILL managed 300 wins. Richter would have around 500 wins had he played on a better team. I’d take him in a game 7 over anyone. I doubt Roy would have stopped Pavel Bure on a countless number of breakaways, like Richter did in the 94 all-star game. I doubt Roy would have stopped Bure on that penalty shot in game 4 of the cup finals.

    I think you really need to get your shit straight before you ridiculously jump the gun and embarrass yourself. I think jumping the bandwagon and being like a typical Ranger basher has messed with your head quite a bit, seeing as you like to jump into arguements without having no knowledge of the subject, what so ever.

    Good riddance to you.

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    Nothing like a simple-minded phallus licking idiot savant like you to come along and be your broken-record self and repeat the same old regurgitated garbage over and over again… “All this money blah blah blah”

    Get over it, they suck, no shit.

    It’s bandwagoning front runners like you who ruin sites like this. You’re worthless, you should try to save face and kill yourself.

  8. GretzNYR99 says:

    Ahhh yes, Manta.

    I defenitely agree, I pushed for the trade myself. I remember talking to CaptainSack35 about it, we both wanted to see Bulin in NY, and Tkachuk was another deal that Sather wanted in on.

  9. GretzNYR99 says:

    300 career wins on a subpar team, a cup, a world cup mvp, an all-star game MVP, and being one of the best people around in hockey, a true class act, isn’t hall of fame material?

    If that’s not, I don’t know what is.

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    Choke artist?

    I don’t call winning a cup, and the defining moment being stopping a 2-time 60 goal scorer on a penalty shot in game 4, being a choke artist.

    I don’t call standing on your head and being the best player on Team USA and making save after save against the Canadian assault and going onto win the MVP and gold, being a choke artist.

    I don’t call stopping a countless number of Pavel Bure breakaways in the 94 all-star game and winning the mvp, being a choke-artist.

    I don’t recall standing on your head and backstopping your team to a silver medal against a vaunted Canadian team who bolstered an NHL All-Star First Team defense and the league’s top scorers, being a choke artist.

    I don’t recall winning 300 games on a team that was subpar and missed the playoffs for 6 years, being a choke artist. If anything, blame the team he played for, because he wore his heart on his sleeve every night, and gave the team in front of him a chance to win. There’s a reason why he was the go-to-guy for team USA. If Barrasso and Vanbiesbrouck were so much better, why couldn’t they get the job done? Easy, Mike Richter is one of the best clutch goalies of our time. There’s no arguement to it.

  11. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    are you serious making mention of the all star game, stoping Bure on a breakaway as an accomplishment? heres an Idea pal, post a poll “what goalie would you rather have in a game 7” Id bet the farm the masses would agree with me…….And im the one that’s ill informed? Hey chief I never said I didnt like Richter, i just said taking him over some of the other greats might be a little biased, think it through……..and enjoy the off-season, again.

    p.s. Im not a ranger basher, im just an NHL lover, and that disgrace that plays at MSG is DESTROYING the game, period.

    Good riddance to me? Ill go head to head with you about hockey knowledge any time little man.

  12. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    Looks like I struck a nerve there little helper!

    “front runner”??? Thats funny, ive been with the same team for 16 years, that makes me a front runner? NO my team just wins, and wins often, the fact that they are and have always been my team makes me the opposite of a front runner. You prove yourself to be a simpleton when you only comeback is “go kill yourself” and things of that nature…..you look like a crying child who cant get past the fact that his team is a disgrace to the NHL, hasnt been in the playoffs the past 6 seasons despite have the higest payroll, etc……What ruins sites like this is actually people like yourself, always talking about a team that is never in the hunt, never in the playoffs, and never has a clue. Clowns like you and Mikster need to take a nap, you act is tired and the majority of people in here agree with ME, not you. Everyone in here could care less about a team floating around the 11th seed, yet we are constantly having to read articles about what that disgrace needs to add to the line-up. You know its sad for a clucker like you, you want so badly for your team to win and do well, but year after year they fall flat on their face, making fools out of themselves and the fans. Giving the NHL as a whole a black eye. It must suck to be you, you want so badly to enjoy the excitement of post season hockey, but you cant, you may tell yourself you enjoy the games none the less, but your only kidding yourself, you know damn well you cant have the same satisfaction watching the playoffs knowing your team is playing golf somewhere………And by the way you Donkey, #99 is an Oiler, and a LA King before he is a NYR. He was just playing out his carear in NY, to even associate #99 with the NYR is a joke, i think most would agree with that.

  13. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    “As for you vegetto, the lack of respect you have for a class act like Richter is disgusting, and intolerable. You should kill yourself for that little gesture. It’s one thing to hate the Rangers, but to disrespect Richter like that is horrible. You don’t even deserve to come back on this site, you sad sack of worthless shit. Good riddance.

    Then what would you call a crying baby who rants and makes biased comments about a worthless team day in and day out????

    a sad sack of worthless shit seem like a compliment in comparison to that……………..

  14. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    Hell, Gretzky is more of a Sault Ste. Marie Greyhound than he is a NYR……….(i cant imagine anyone would want association with the NYR) its a synonym for failure….

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    You are a little bandwagoning, phallus-licking front runner. If you didn’t care so much about the Rangers, then why did you comment, you simple-minded walking contradiction? The only thing that’s a disgrace to the NHL is fair-weather, front-running, featherheads like you who come onto sites like this to instigate with people.

    You don’t like us Rangers fans talking about the Rangers? Shut up, you worthless piece of crap. Parasites like you ruin this site. It’s classeless, tasteless, filthy garbage like you that pollutes these forums. You hop on 50 different names instigating with other people. What a shitty life you must have, to get off on this. Good riddance to such a sad sack of shit, as yourself. Get a life, take a look at the sun from the outside, and meet a girl or something. You really need help.

    What is there not to get here, Gretz is my all time favorite player, I’ve been watching him longer than your sorry ass has been living, and NYR is my favorite team, whom I’ve also been watching longer than your sorry ass has been living.

    The only joke here is you, thinking that you’re funny by saying the Rangers are a disgrace. You’re nothing, running on fumes. I swear, you must be every Ranger basher on this site, because I hear the same shit over and over again, come up with something new.

  16. GretzNYR99 says:

    Come on buddy, anything, I’m here. Unlike you, I have a life, I don’t hop on 50 different screen names, trying to instigate with other people because I’ve got nothing better to do with my lowely self.

    I know what I call someone that says they don’t care about the Rangers but posts replies to the articles and the people that post on them… A WORTHLESS IMBECILE. If you don’t care, why are you here?

    Stopping Pavel Bure on 4 breakaways isn’t an accomplishment? Your defense hangs you out to dry, and you stand on your head, stopping 4 breakaways with a 60 goal scorer on each one? That’s not an accomplishment? I honestly don’t see you stopping Bure, even with his knees dead, he could still smoke you silly.

    You really need to get a life. Run along now, foolish little child.

  17. KUBLI-KAHN says:


  18. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    heres something to chew on…….

    lets play a game, I’ll give you a description of a team, and you try and guess which team I’m talking about!

    here we go!

    -4 wins in last 19 games

    -won two in a row only 4 time all year

    -never a win streak longer than 2 games

    ….if you guessed the team with the HIGHEST payroll in the league, well hell youd be right, apaulled and disgusted, but right on the money (no pun intended)!!!!!!LOL

  19. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    “you simple-minded walking contradiction”

    Ill be waiting for an explanation on how I contradict myself………………still waiting, maybe you can come up with some more ingunuitive phrases like “phallus licker”….LOL, boy that a good one little man,…..LOL, phallus licker, LOL……man thats funny…LOL, oh god you are a funny little boy!

  20. veggetto1725 says:

    no im am not a fan of the red wings but they are better than the isles. But un like your team their washed up players still have talent.

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