5 Questions

Here are 5 burning questions that I would like to hear your answers to. 1. When will we see NHL hockey again?

my guess is the 2006-2007 season. I don’t think the players can stay away from it longer than that. Although still in the early stages of the lockout, it is unlikely any side will bend any time soon and that cooler heads will prevail. This is a game of chicken and a battle of egos, which goes well above and beyond the real issues at hand. We have 2 sides that care nothing about anything except the all mighty dollar and we the fans are made to suffer because of it. And it gets worse. The longer it goes on, the more fans lose interest. and if it goes for nothing and the next deal doesn’t do enough to address the concerns for all parties, there is much to lose and nothing to gain from any of this.

2. Should there be contraction?

Most definitely. 6 to 10 teams should be dropped. Although easier said than done, a long drawn out lockout could potentially lead to teams dissolving. This could be especially true if this next CBA does not change enough to satisfy all 30 teams. Teams like Pittsburgh and Florida and Carolina may find it most difficult to continue operations and we could very well see a smaller, but sleeker NHL. I think it is for the good of the game to have teams end operations as the on ice product will be much better with less fringe players being full time NHLers.

3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

Definitely. the NHL, the NHLPA and the IIHF should push their differences aside, share the costs of doing this project and make this a go. The best, most exciting hockey we have seen in a while was the 2002 Olympics. They need to create that excitement again, especially if they have such a long layoff. They will need to win fans back and nothing better would do that than a best on best tournament on the world’s biggest stage.

4. will there be a salary cap?

Well I think there should be one, but there are about 700 hockey players and two lawyers who don’t seem to think so. At least they should take a look at it and not just lead us to believe that it is such a horrible idea. The CBA involves so many things and a cap could be fair to all parties with the right combination of rules that are linked to a salary cap. and the same idea goes the other way if there is no cap, I am sure there can be plenty of deterrents to rising salaries that can be put in place without the need for a cap. no party can have it all. the players cant have no cap, as well as keep all the arbitration and qualifying offer rules status quo and continue to get inflating salaries for playing garbage hockey. and the owners cant just get the hard cap they want without having to give something back to the players. Unfortunately the only way to find out is to talk it through and actually negotiate. Something that neither party is capable of doing.

5. who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

I hate Goodenow more but not by much. Anything that comes out of his mouth is absolute garbage. he has the bigger ego among the two egomaniacs at the helm if that is even possible and that is what could be the root cause of all the losses that will occur due to the long layoff. fat egos could kill this game. absolutely no cap he says, rising ticket prices have nothing to do with salary escalation he says, the “concessions” that he has come up with that would produce so many saving that it would make scrooge proud and his screw the fans, I don’t care what they think attitude. I am so sick of hearing it. he makes it sound like the cap is worse than child abuse or murder. That the poor million dollar players will suffer with this oppression. the poor players are just average joes struggling to make a living. please!! give me a break. even the grandest concessions will still mean players will be millionaires. that is fact not rhetoric that he keeps referring to when he comments on what the NHL says. I don’t think they should be so hard about making a deal and getting into a partnership with the league. They will still be well off as the league and the owners will still pay them well. So what is the problem? Goodenow that’s who.

But Bettman is no better. Here is a good example. he says he only caters to what the fans want but he DOESNT want to go to another olympics which is what we the fans all want. right? Being a hypocrite is not going to win anybody over. the boring bettman hockey has ruined the game as the product went from exciting and very hot to deathly boring and ice cold much too quickly. On most nights it is a horrible thing to watch and we can thank Mr Bettman for that. Adding 9 expansion teams, giving franchises to criminals, and selling out and turning his back on Canada doing NOTHING at all to save the teams there is all his wrongdoing. but instead he bends over backwards twice over to save any US based team. no offense to the Americans but this is Canada’s game and it should be run by a Canadian as we Canadians bleed the sport. it is only right that we run the NHL. The game will only get better when we are rid of Gary Bettman.

so thanks to two idiots and a plethora of selfish greedy players and owners, we have no NHL hockey for the foreseeable future. And if they thought the empty buildings were a problem now, just wait until a few years from now if they come back and see a whole bunch of us fans so turned off from giving our hard earned money to greedy owners to watch a whole bunch of selfish players play like garbage.

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  1. Flames04Champs says:

    I agree with you completly. Unfortuantly there’s nothing else left to be said. Oh well i guess I’ll have to go to lacrosse games this winter…oh wait..they ALSO need a new CBA

  2. PayUpSucka says:

    Question 1.

    I’m hoping to see a shortened season start in January 05. Being a leaf fan this would be an ideal scenario for a veteran team, fatigue and injuries wouldn’t take the toll of the 82 game sched, and the leafs would be a serious cup threat. That being said, noone is even talking at all now, players nor owners. 06 is looking more like reality.

    Question 2

    Contraction is and should be a definate possibility.

    The talent level in the NHL is watered down big time. Get rid of 10 teams and this league would be much better off. Quit trying to market teams in places they have no business being in. I won’t name any in particular for the sake of pi ssing off any die hard fan or fans.

    Question 3

    Without question the NHL players should be allowed to play in the Olympics. The hockey is much better and more anticipated with the likes of Vinny and co, than say Fabian Joseph and co. If the NHL is looking to showcase it’s talent level, or promote it’s game what better stage to do it on than the Olympics with the whole world watching.

    Question 4

    I hope so. If the league is to succeed long term it simply can’t continue to operate the way it has and expect to survive. I don’t agree with a hard cap of 30 mill, but 40 to 45 would be an easier pill to swallow. You can’t penalize teams like Tor, Philly, Det, NY, Col, and Dallas for having the means to compete every year. A cap of 30 mill cripples those teams who deserve to spend as freely as they wish. They shouldn’t be faulted or penalized for having the fans and financial resources to compete year in and year out.

    Quesion 5

    They’re both idiots, and their personal vendetta against each other is killing hockey. Swallow your f ucking pride already and get a deal done. Whether it’s a hard cap, soft cap, luxury system. These guys have to wake the f uck up and realize their fans base is dying more and more by the day. For a league on the decline they really need to get their acts together and get a deal done.

    My opinion on this is the owners gave up alot in the last agreement, they caved to the players demands and it’s cost them severly. I don’t blame the players for getting as much of the pie as possible, but it’s time to give a little back.

    These playes need a god damn reality check. Bobby Holik and etc. make me sick. I seriously hope that when play resumes he gets booed in every arena he plays in, including his own. A 9 million dollar a year plug has no right even opening his fat mouth.

    Too bad there isn’t more guys in the league with nutz like John Madden. Here’s a guy who cares more about the game then the god damn zero’s on his paycheck. Hopefully Johnny more guys like you will stand up and be counted.

  3. hockeyhead says:

    1. i think in december or jan this year. any longer and it is over. if you listen to don cherry there will be no more hockey in the states.

    2. i don’t think there will be but ABSOLUTELY.

    a. when there were 21 teams the league was cool. then…….think of how expansion teams were made. “Ok, we will leave this scrub unprotected and we will leave this loser unprotected and this tool was only going to play in the Ahl” and so on.

    b. plus..these teams in the south…i have skated in arizona…it is like skating with your blade gaurds on. plus the south does not have hockey youth programs and universities that offer other interest and understanding for people. they just go to nhl and try to learn the game. we need knowledgeble fans for our game.

    c. because these teams are made with crap they finish last and get the best players. see ottawa. they finally got a good team……TEN years later. meanwhile teams like the bruins, canadians and rangers could of got these good players to go with already good players to make even gooder hockey. it would be the bestest instead it is watered down mls socccer on ice. BORING.

    3. olympics dont really matter. it is just 2 weeks. does not make a diff to me.

    4. if you get rid of 9-10 teams you won’t need a cap. but at current….they can have a “cap” but call it something else. there are ways around that.

    5. does not matter. but bettman expanded and i blame him for ruining a great ONCE FAST game.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    Q-1. When will we see NHL hockey again?

    A- Well all I hear is no sooner than January.

    Q-2. Should there be contraction?

    A- Yes by virtue of market strength. It is time for the NHL to allow teams to Live and let die!

    Q-3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

    A-If you meant should NHL players be allowed in the Olympics then I would have to No! The Olympics should be returned to amateur non professional athletes. Stripping Jim Thorpe of his gold metal then allowing Michael Jordan to compete is hypocritical. It is time for all Olympic events to be held exclusively in Greece and to end the commercialization of the Olympics is imperative.

    Q-4. will there be a salary cap?

    A- Betteman has maintained that he does not want to call it a cap. He calls for a plan of cost certainty. The NHL has suggested that collectively the players should not make more than 930 million. I have no problem with establishing a system that calculates how much each player should make individually no matter what team he is on. I do have a problem with a system that will limit any team from being at liberty to sigh players by putting a limit on how much a team can spend.

    Q-5. who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

    A- I don’t hate either of them. I will say that your question here for me is more like for me to choose the lesser of the 2 EVILS. To me that is Goodenow. I think Bettman is trying to do more than what is needed. He is calling for “Cost Certainty” in a world where you can only be sure of 2 things DEATH and TAXES

  5. 19Yzerman says:

    By now Ted lindsey would have found that individual and beat his head in for stepping outside the lines of the interests of the union. I can understand your sentiments on players that just want to play. However The NHLPA cannot present a strong united front without standing should to should and being on the same page as one and other.

    Your right they do need to get it done as you said, ” They’re both idiots” . Somewhere between Holik getting 9 mill per year and Gordie Howe getting a Red Wings jacket as a signing bonus is the formula.

  6. N25philly says:

    When will we see NHL hockey again?

    I think if the NHL doesn’t make it back into action my January, the league is going to end up folding eventually. The sport doesn’t have enough backing to last a lockout longer than that.

    Should there be contraction?


    Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics? Well, NHL players shouldn’t have been in the 2002 or 1998 Olymics, so no. We don’t need the league being shut down in the middle of the season so NHL players making millions of dollars can take away an experience that should be reserved for college kinds that the Olympics might be their only chance to have something special hockey wise. Besides, the werar and tear on top players, and the layoff for the lower end players hurts the NHL players in the NHL playoffs which are much more important than the Olympics. Especially since the bigger rinks only brings on no-touching ***** hockey.

    will there be a salary cap?

    It all depends on who gives in. There should be a cap, let’s leave it at that.

    who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow? Can’t we fire them both, and put people who actually care about hockey in their places?

  7. aafiv says:

    1.) January or October 2005. Once all of the intial bluster fades, some owners will realize that they can spend like drunken sailors and still make money – like the Flyers, Leafs, and so on. They’re willingness to hold out for a cap for the sake of smaller market teams will fade, the resolve will die and hockey will return.

    2.) Should there be contraction is a different question than will the be contraction. There *should* be contraction but there *won’t* be contraction.

    3.) I think that having pro hockey players in the Olympics is stupid just like it is stupid to have pro basketball players in the Olympics. It takes away from the league, the teams, the players, and the Olympics.

    4.) There shouldn’t need to be a cap. If the owners weren’t sooooooo stupid in the contracts they offer (Yashin, Jagr, Holik, Lapointe…) they wouldn’t need one. Hockey players are worth what owners are willing to pay. If the league was in such dire financial straits, this would never have happened.

    5.) Gary Bettman’s tenure has been a disaster for the NHL and the game of hockey. One can only hope that this debacle turns sour for him and he gets the boot.

  8. Freeze says:

    1. When will we see NHL hockey again?

    January, 2006

    2. Should there be contraction?

    Yes, by at least 6 teams, but making that a reality will be difficult.

    3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

    Yes. The NBA does and so should the NHL.

    4. Will there be a salary cap?

    Yes. That’s what will ultimately end the lockout and start hockey back up again.

    5. Who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

    Gary Bettman, hands down. This guy is the one who created much of this mess with his insistence on a failed expansion effort. Now, he wants to dramatically lower the salary bar to accommodate those minor league cities with NHL teams. If you fold 6 or more failing franchises, the salary bar comes up. I still see a salary cap, but not the $30 million variety as Bettman is proposing.

    From a personal standpoint, Bettman is an obnoxious weasel.

  9. kingmo15 says:


    we will see hockey october 2005. once the january threshold has passed, and both the players and owners realize how much money was lost, they will rush to get something into place either in early 05 or late summer 05 so that the season can begin as scheduled.


    no, contraction should not be considered. the talent level in hockey is not “watered down.” the reason scoring is down is because of hooking and holding not being called. call the GOD DAMN penalties! i don’t care how the rule book is written. if you are a defender and the blade of your stick touches the puck carrier above the waste or intentionally between the legs tripping him, put your arm up. simple as that. there is plenty of talent in the league that is muted due to the horrid officiating. furthermore, hockey is a growing sport. growing in many areas of the states and undoubtedly across new parts of europe and the UK. as popularity grows, talent grows. what you will have in an abundance of talent at some point if you contract, that you will then expand again. it doesn’t make sense. and for all of you who think pittburgh is a sarry hockey market and can’t support a team, go to hell. that’s absurd. florida, maybe. phoenix, maybe. teams should be displaced, but not relinquished. florida should move to hartford or baltimore. phoenix should move to portland or seattle. keep the same number of teams we have now.


    yes. the olympics is about putting your countrys best athletes in the field of competition. the nhl has the worlds best hockey players. it just makes sense. if anything, they should make a maximum age for the sport of hockey, say 23. it would be great watching your country’s top young talent competing for a gold medal. hell, canada would basically just keep their world cup roster.


    i don’t think the owners will pull it off. i honestly think a luxury tax that actually penalizes big spenders would be the most fair and effective route to go. i’m not getting into numbers, but since team revenues are based on their own tv contracts and marketing/sales revenues, it would only be fair to allow larger money-makers to spend more money. but a strict luxury tax that is at least a dollar-fod-dollar penatly when exceeding the cap would be ideal.


    i don’t hate either. they are doing their jobs. the system is flawed, and this absolutely has to happen. it’s unfortunate negotiations many times go this way, but it’s not an easy task asking anyone to give up money. we all bithc and moan about the players being greedy, but most on here *****ing would do the same thing. and if you say you wouldn’t you’re lying or clueless.

    good post.

  10. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    1. When Will Hockey Begin Again?

    – This time next year. The NHLPA will be a broken union. Players will make 40 to 50% less and will have damaged the game to the point where it could take the better part of a generation to get back to where we were last year. The hope for the game will be significant rules changes and young stars like Crosby, Ovechkin, Maklin, Fleury etc…

    2. Should There be Contraction?

    – Yes but it will NEVER happen. With Harold Baldwin looking to buy a team simple economics say “the correct price for something is what a willing buyer and seller agree to.” Baldwin could buy a team for $40,000,000 like Anaheim or Pittsburg. Bettman should REJECT any move to Kansas City and put a team in Winnepeg. More core hockey fans there. Good for TV. Not as much marketing needed. He has plenty of markets he can work on to build a fan base like Carolina, Columbus, Nashville, Miami and Anaheim if Bettman is looking for a marketing project.

    3. Olympics

    – Absolutely not. Players get PAID huge dollars to play in the NHL and they should stay focused. Leave the Olympics for the armatures. Imagine how you would feel if you are a GM and your star player gets injured for a cup run in the Olympics? Insurance doesn’t help you when you have a $40,000,000 team on the ice with a chance to win this year but your star got hurt playing for Russia or Sweeden. Forget the olympics.

    4. Will there be a cap?

    – Yes. The NHLPA will buckle which they should have a long time ago. The issue should be how big is the cap not if there is going to be one. The $320,000,000 the NHL has in its war chest is designed to break the union and if the NHLPA isn’t careful that is going to be what happens.

    5. Who do you hate more?

    – I don’t hate either personally. They both are failures however. Bettman’s record stinks with foolish expansion, ruined TV deals and lower scoring. Goodenow is a failure because of his greed and lack of understanding of the NHL’s problems. When the former SEC chairman audits a 2.1 billion dollar business and say it is losing 250 million per year – he is VERY UNLIKLEY to be lying like the NHLPA says. It might take a new union leader to get a deal done. Don’t be surprised to see Goodenow out if things get ugly. A new deal could get done quickly thereafter.

  11. hockeyhead says:

    i have to disagree with you mo, it is watered down because the expansion teams were made from fourth liners and such.

    there was never a trap in the early 90’s and before. it was developed because these teams could not play real hockey in my op. see the florida panthers.

  12. werdo says:

    1. I think November 2005. An entire season will pass and the next one threatened before either of the egos cave in, or the league gets up the nerve to impose a settlement.

    2. I don’t think contraction is the answer. I think other things have lead to the snoozification of hockey. If there were so many sub-par players out there, the stars should have an easier time going around them for highlight-reel goals. The problem is the rules and the enforcement of the rules. The amount of interference is painful to watch. In terms of financial survivability – there will always be larger and smaller markets, the CBA has to be set up so smaller markets can make a go of it too.

    3. I would like either some form of a world cup or Olympics involving NHL players. I don’t really care which one, but best on best tournaments with everything on the line in every game is pretty exciting to see once in a while.

    4. A cap or tax system or combination is inevitable. In order for the league to thrive, there must be healthy franchises across the continent, all with the potential to succeed on and off the ice. Competition is good for the game – having a handful of teams hoarding all the stars (which doesn’t = winning anyway) doesn’t work. Teams need to have the ability to build their teams, market their stars, and have the hope of winning every October.

    5. I don’t like either, but the PA definitely gets on my nerves more. Part of the problem with the PA argument is that they claim the market should set player value – but there are 30 markets and the PA always uses the biggest markets to set salaries. I’m in favour of the market determining player salaries – the market for each team. So the Flames can offer Jarome Iginla a contract commensurate with his ability to bring in $$ for the organization. His contract negotiations should have nothing to do with how much a the New York Rangers make in a year. And that’s the reason to limit salaries. Look at Eric Lindros who refused to sign with the Nordiques – if the current CBA continues, all players will hope to be drafted by or traded to the rangers so they can cash in, and we’ll end up with more and more players refusing to put on the jersey on draft day. I think that the league has the option to dissolve the league and start anew – I wouldn’t oppose that move.

  13. kingmo15 says:

    your opinion is your opinion, and you’re entitled to that. the thing is, if you take 180 forwards in the league (that’s 6 forwards per team – 2 lines) there is enough talent there to provide each team with 2 highly talented lines. then the 3rd line should be grinders or scrubs like konstantin koltsov and turner stevenson. then the fourth line should be rookies or young players with 1-3 years experience, maximum, so as to allow you youth to develop in some capacity at the nhl level. so, back to the 180 theory…you now have teams that are loaded with talent, like the redwings, leafs, senators, avs, etc who will average 7-8 top end players, then you have teams like pittsburgh and washington who have just a few (washington has maybe 1 in zubrus but that may be a stretch). using pittsburgh as an example i would say they have at least 3 – mario, recchi, malone, and you could make a case for milan kraft who is now, or soon will be a solid second line LW.

    anyway, just attempting to prove my point about talent…

  14. Sands says:

    1. Yeah, but I see hockey coming around again for the 2005-2006 season but that’s about it. So many problems are going to happen. Who gets Crosby is the real question.

    2.I hope to God so. Too many teams that no one cares for are playing in this league it’s a waste of time.

    3. No Way. Let it go to the way it used to be. It takes away from the NHL and it’s a waste of time. You want to see real country’s play? Let it be players we have never seen before play for there country. I’m sick of seeing the NHL Olympics. It’s just the NHL split into different teams. It’s boring.

    4. Could be still hard to tell. If there is one then I think there will be a way around it like a mid luxury tax.

    5.Bettman. He’s not trying to bring this lockout to an end he sucks. The guy can’t lead and thinks he is the Big shot of the NHL. Someone needs to step on him and get him out of the NHL. He has no clue what he is doing.

  15. propiro98 says:

    what about China and Russia? In the communist ways their jobs are playing sports. Isn’t that being a professional?

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    Also teams that were thin at 1 position having to expose 2 players to an expantion draft at that position could be some good players there. Teams would also expose some pretty good players under contract teams want out of. So to say that teams were formed from 4th liners is not accurate.

    However further expantion would result in exactly that.Contration of the league would result in a higher skilled league closer to being an AllStar league as opposed to a half AHL skill level league.

  17. 19Yzerman says:

    I don’t know about china but, Russia has had pro players fleeced by making them play from the Russian Red Army thus claiming they are not being paid to play and they are only serving the duties to thier country.

    I feel strongly about the Olympics being what it originated as and not what has or could evolve into. Next thing you know there will be Texas Holdem and poker champion gold metalists.

  18. hockeyhead says:

    fair enough guys. i guess i could do without the southern teams.

    plus, i would like something to happen that would bring the average of goals a game up to at least 6. i mean remember not to long ago when a goalie was good if his gaa was 2.99?

    i don’t know.

  19. 19Yzerman says:

    I would love to see touch up off sides and 2 line passes ok from inside your own blueline. Also a slight reduction of goalie pad sizes. Hell we could start whole new post with this topic. The problem is getting the league to approve rules that will result in less whistles for Beer commercials.

  20. kingmo15 says:

    here is a prime example of why we don’t need contraction in the NHL. compare the skills of alexander mogilny of 1993 to those skills of ilya kovalchuk of today. mogilny had 76 goals in 1993, kovalchuk had 38 on 2003, 41 in 2004. now, do you think that the alexander moginly of those days is twice a good as the kovalchuk of today? secondly, if the nhl was much more talented then, and mogilny scored TWICE as many goals as being scored today, then he must have been AT LEAST TWICE as good, if not 3 or 4 times as good as the kovalchuk of today. i mean, kovalchuk only scored 41 goals last year in a WATERED DOWN LEAGUE.

    come on guys, it’s not the talent levels. it’s the clutching and grabbing and hooking and NO CALLING that is robbing the league of talent and entertainment. personally, it is my opinion that if you put kovalchuk in the league of 1993, he honest to god may score 100 goals. his skills are unreal. mogilny was great, he still is. his hands are as good as kovalchuks, his speed was as good or better than kovalchuks, but he doesn’t compare to kovalchuk in terms of skating power and shot quickness and velocity. no comparison.

    the league isn’t watered down…the refs need to call hockey like it should be called. bottom line.

  21. kingmo15 says:

    here is a prime example of why we don’t need contraction in the NHL. compare the skills of alexander mogilny of 1993 to those skills of ilya kovalchuk of today. mogilny had 76 goals in 1993, kovalchuk had 38 on 2003, 41 in 2004. now, do you think that the alexander moginly of those days is twice a good as the kovalchuk of today? secondly, if the nhl was much more talented then, and mogilny scored TWICE as many goals as being scored today, then he must have been AT LEAST TWICE as good, if not 3 or 4 times as good as the kovalchuk of today. i mean, kovalchuk only scored 41 goals last year in a WATERED DOWN LEAGUE.

    come on guys, it’s not the talent levels. it’s the clutching and grabbing and hooking and NO CALLING that is robbing the league of talent and entertainment. personally, it is my opinion that if you put kovalchuk in the league of 1993, he honest to god may score 100 goals. his skills are unreal. mogilny was great, he still is. his hands are as good as kovalchuks, his speed was as good or better than kovalchuks, but he doesn’t compare to kovalchuk in terms of skating power and shot quickness and velocity. no comparison.

    the league isn’t watered down…the refs need to call hockey like it should be called. bottom line.

  22. 19Yzerman says:

    Check this out imagine if the NHL was reduced to 20 teams and retained the best players for these 20 teams. Then send the rest down to AHL. Now take The NHL’s best and put them against the AHL’s best.

    By reducing the NHL would be left with players who excele at the NHL level not just compete.

    Bottom line is that there is a skill level differential from top to bottom and removing from the bottom leaves what is commonly refered to as the cream of the crop.

  23. headpushslap says:

    1. When will we see NHL hockey again?

    When the NHLPA and the owners get their collective heads out of their collective you know wheres.

    No sooner than January, no later than next September.

    The Brian Swansons and John Maddens of the league will see to it. When a player is in the middle to twilight of his career he realizes that his earning potential takes a hit every day that he is out. This point does not affect the Roenicks and Guerins because they have already fleeced the owners for millions, but third and fourth line players need to make that 1.8M average salary NOW. Before it’s too late.

    2. Should there be contraction?

    No, there WILL be contraction. The NHLPA says “Free Market”, well, the free market says that when an enterprise is losing money, you shut it down.

    Hello, Nashville? Carolina? Anyone there? Bye Bye 60 jobs for NHLPA members.

    3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

    NO! Professional sports is a business. If I sign a player to perform for my squadron, he better be there. If he wants to play in the Olympics, fine. Take the lost pay and suck it up. The NHL needs to stay far away from the Olympics, however they should encourage their teams to allow the players to participate. So for two weeks we can all watch AHL players in the show. Fun? No.

    4. will there be a salary cap?

    No. The league will simply say that each team must adhere to a standard of conduct befitting to the league and the other teams. So when a 9M contract hits the fax in the league office, the league says, “No, this will harm the league and the other teams. Try a lower number.”

    5. who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

    The Players. Bettman and Goodenow are just doing what their employer pays them to do. The freakin’ players think that they are entitled to all of what they get. Sure, so every day they don’t play and Mike Modano’s dogs go hungry for a month, they deserve (not the dogs, the players, although some players are dogs, and some are bi***es)

    Now, I think I have to sit down once again and solve the NHLs’ problems with a well crafted essay, to be posted soon on this very website.



  24. nhand says:

    1. When will we see NHL hockey again

    We will either have hockey in January of 2005 or we might as well find a new league to watch. If they can’t iron things out by then, I’m not sure I’ll care so much for the NHL whenever it does return. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still love and watch hockey, but I won’t be very happy with the NHL if we don’t have a Stanley Cup playoffs next spring.

    2. Should there be contraction?

    As much as I would hate to see it, I think making the league a bit smaller to fit with the economic reality of the sport in comparison to football, basketball, and baseball makes sense. It would be sad to see a Stanley Cup champion lose it’s team when the NHL returns. As an American, I love the fact that there is hockey in the south, southwest, and on the west coast (it makes for some good travel in the winter). However, I’d be extremely upset to see excellent hockey markets (especially the Canadian cities ie Calgary) lose there teams. Without a TV contract to support this sport in the U.S., the NHL will never be in the big time. That’s fine with me, because I’m perfectly happy with hockey being the small sport with the greatest fans in the world.

    3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

    Hell no. Forget the Olympics. I don’t like the idea of a break in the middle of the NHL season. I’d rather see the NHL season shortened a bit on the end, having the playoffs end in early May. That way more NHLers could participate in the World Championships (which need to be televised in the US for those who do like hockey). I’d also like to see more emphasis and funds dumped into the World Cup of Hockey and a better TV contract. There’s nothing better than watching great hockey in August and September and then head right into an NHL season.

    World Championships (end of May-into June)

    World Cup (end of August into September)

    NHL (October to mid-March)

    NHL Playoffs (mid-March to end of May)

    4. will there be a salary cap?

    I think there should be, and I base that only on the premise that the most successful sport in the world today has one. The NFL is the pinacle of prosports. The NHL should take a good hard look at that league and the way it does business. There are no teams losing money there and the players certainly aren’t paupers. Not bad for a 16 game season. Imagine what an NFL model could rake in over a 60 some game schedule in the new NHL.

    5. who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

    I try not to hate anyone. However with that said, I dislike them both immensely at this point in the game because I’m not seeing any progress towards bringing my sport back. I’ve never really liked Bettman. To me he’s just an NBA castoff who never really understood the NHL game or how to market it. Under his tenure the league has grown too large, the salaries have gotten insane, it’s lost a paying TV contract in favor of a revenue-sharing contract, we’ve had two lockouts, etc. Do I need say anymore. Give me some real leadership at the helm from someone who’s been around the game for some time (anyone like to see Brian Burke or Scotty Bowman at the helm?) As far as Goodenow goes, I don’t blame him for doing his job as the union head. If I was a player in the union right now, I’d be loving my million dollar contract as a fourth line checker. However, since I’m a fan, he sucks. He needs to see the reality of the situation. He’s either going to have to make some concessions so the sport will work given the money it can take in or I think he’ll eventually see his players jumping ship for whatever the NHL offers. After two or three years of no hockey, I’m sure an average salary of 1.3 million dollars might look attractive to a few ex-NHLers.

    With that said, I realize the situation is much more complicated than I explain in my personal nutshell, but nothing will ever get done if they don’t sit down and start talking. It’s been almost 16 days into the lockout. Time to set a date gentlemen. Get cracking. The fans are not happy.

  25. Bishop7979 says:

    I’m only going to comment on expansion.

    A. The more the league expands, the more people are exposed to it

    B. the more people are exposed to it, especially at a young age, the more people play it. Over the last decade the US has opened as many ice rinks as canada. there is a whole generation of americans who are playing the sport in all its forms. Kids who would normally grow up playing baseball and football are picking up hockey sticks.

    A+B= More players who are developing into possible NHL players. The League may seem watered down right now, but as a whole the league hasnt seen such a large number of truley skilled players enter the league in a long time. Its only a matter of time before this new generation of hockey players enters the league and fills out all 30 teams with young new talent.

    the league itself has entered a phase where the old stars are in decline, yet the new stars arent ready to fill in their shoes. Give it a year or so and this wont be such a concern. Give playres like Ovechkin, Fluery, Malkin, Stuart, Baker, Suter, Lethonen, Zherdev, Ryder, Heatley, Kovalchuk, Bergeron, Orpik, Regehr, Staal, Nash, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Fischer, Horton, Dustin Brown, Gomez, Spezza, Gamborik, Malone, let guys like these grow into their roles and really hit thier primes and then claim the league is watered down.

    There is a gap in talent between the old guard and the under 24 group. there werent enough of the “next marios” to go around in a 30 league team, but that wont be the case much longer. More and more players are being developed, and that number will grow as the sports popularity grows.

    Call the game like it needs to be called, and you up the tempo and allow the skill players that the leauge has to really put their skills on display. Create a new CBA that creates parity and gives any team a chance to win the cup on any given year, and watch the game succeed.

    The league did indeed expand to quickly and it may have spread the talent thin, but that is a problem that is righting itself quicker than you think.

  26. PayUpSucka says:

    I agree that the union has to stand united, but at the same time icing the worlds best hockey players on the biggest stage there is can only help the popularity of the game. I just mean the Olympics, not the minor leagues.

    All these players signing everywhere tells me the players aren’t as united as Goodenow and Trevor Linden would lead us to believe. If you took a private poll i’m sure half of the players wouldn’t care less whether a cap is introduced.

    Ted Lindsey 10 years ago would have sided with the players, but he and the rest of the hall of famers out there have to think the players have to compromise big time if they want to save this game. They wanted nothing more than to get a piece of pie that matched revenue. They succeeded. I don’t think they ever wanted to see a guy like Wade Belak making $950,000 a year.

    I just hope they get this thing solved or she’s going to be a long cold Canadian winter.

  27. rojoke says:

    1. October 2005. The 2004-05 season will be scrapped.

    2. I refuse to answer this based on the fact that it will never happen anyway, and everyone who poses the question seems to think that all they have to do vote on it and it’s done.

    3. Yes, but with a slight alteration to the rosters. If the big eight teams are going to have all their players available, then so should teams in the qualifying round. And, limit the age of players to those under 30.

    4. Yes. If the lockout goes longer than a year, which I believe it will, the NHL will declare a legal impasse, and have a CBA declared by the courts.

    5. If either one of ’em were on fire, I wouldn’t piss on ’em to put ’em out.

  28. bpanther83 says:

    to say they can’t play in the olympics is saying that the olympics are not all the best atheltes of the world. The olympics is suppose to be the elite of the elite, and to make the hockey amateur would ruin what the olympics is about.

  29. Rico420 says:

    1. When will we see NHL hockey again?

    I’m saying sometime in late 2005 early 2006, neither side is willing to budge, and even if the league starts back up will the fans return to make it a real league again?

    2. Should there be contraction?

    There should definately be contraction, but it won’t happen, remember when Bud Selig mentioned it a few years ago and the players union went insane. The only way teams will contract is if the owners say “screw this” and the NHL has to assume control of more then 5 teams.

    3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

    I always was adament that NHL players did not deserve to be at the Olympics, as it is the best AMATEUR athletes in the world. NBA players at the olympics made me laugh..especially seeing as the US team didn’t do very well this year. It’s a shame but no they won’t be there this time..nor should they really be there, though the 3rd liners making 1.8 million couldn’t care less they still get paid.

    4. will there be a salary cap?

    There will be some form of a cap, whether it’s in a form of a luxury tax or revenue sharing..I figure the best way to penalize a team for going over their cap is to take away draft picks and money..imagine if for every million you go over the budget you lose a draft pick..the Red Wings wouldn’t even have to have a scouting department.

    5. who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

    Bettman has undone over 85 years of tradition in ten years, and his time we saw teams relocate (from cities that wanted their team to markets where they were less popular..with the exception of the Av’s and Stars – they pretty much balanced out), the league expanded way to fast and he negotiated the worst TV contract in the history of any Major League Sport, the average salary has tripled, Joe six pack can’t take his family to a game anymore.

    Goodenow on the other hand seems to be the Messiah that the players have been looking for since the times of Tommy Ivan..The Eagle screwed the players hard and now the players want they’re just desserts…it’s hard to blame the players in this because I know if someone said to me “We want you to play here for 11 Million a season” I’d say where do I sign. It’s not good when the Union is divided though and both guys will lose their jobs after the Lockout is over.

    The players have to realize that the average person makes 30 a year and can’t sympathize with someone who makes millions for playing a game that anyone else on earth has to pay to play…along with endorsements i’m sure no player is hurting badly.

    I’m afraid we’ll see replacement players before we see the Shannahans on the ice again.

  30. habsoverserver says:

    It’s not the players or the refs, it’s the coaches who make them play that way.

  31. habsoverserver says:

    One question: Does anyone feel the average fan has a voice in the NHL or is this about everything but the fan?

  32. 19Yzerman says:

    A Long cold winter would be fine with me as long as it is also SNOWY. So I can put over 3,000 miles on my snowmobile this season.

    If Karia would play for 1.5 mil when he could have easily commanded 6 mil.Then it would be interesting to see who and how many of the players would like to make some concessions greater than those already offered by NHLPA to NHL up to now.

    I would like to see the Olympics returned to its mother country of GREECE and its athletes be of complete amateur status.

    Your right the NHLPA was formed to help the players get a fair share which has landslided over the years to equal 75% of league revenue.A feat that none of the very first NHLPA members would ever have envisioned or intended

  33. 19Yzerman says:

    Only in recent years have professional athletes been allowed to compete at the Olympics.So historically amateur athletes is what the Olympics have been and always should be about.Not “THE ELITE” as you have stated.There has benn gold medalists stripped of their metals in running and track events because they won money competing in bowling which deemed them to be professional.

  34. PayUpSucka says:

    No way, but i’m assuming these two crackheads running things could spin it like we do.

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