5 Things Guaranteed to Happen This Offseason

As we approach July 1st, rumors are running rampant on players being signed here, or players being traded their, players be pursued by this team or players being let go by that team. This is exciting for fans of any team, and can also be a let down for others. Bur i will try to show 10 things to all fans that will not be happening this offseason
1. Vinny Lecavalier Will Not Be a Canadien

With Stamkos and Hedman now helping to make this team a young team with a bright future, the owners squabbling and only two days left to trade him before his no-trade clause kicks in (he says he has always wanted to stay in Tampa), vinny is not be moved anywhere. Vinny provides a good number one center for this team and a leader for their young kids. To move him now would be asinine. Not happening.

2. Hossa will not sign with Detroit

With Detorit already having 52.25 million dollars commited to 16 players, it makes no sense for the Wings to sign another superstar to a long term, cap killing contract. Hossa could command as much as 7 million on the open market and even if he took a paycut to 5 mullion, the team would have to lose contracts just to make room for him, and thats without signing the minimum 18 players needed to ice a team. This deal makes no sense in anyway for Detroit and if Holland is the GM many claim he is, Hossa will be gone by July 1st.

3. Phaneuf will not be traded

Speculation in recent weeks, after the Flames 4th first round exit in as many years, quickly turned to the changes that could come to the team. After Phaneuf’s poor season and Heatle’s trade request, rumors came out about a trade involving a swap for the two. This trade doesnt make sense for the Flames, as it is only one bad season for Phaneuf and they would be trading a future hall of famer and norris trophy winner, something that could turn out to be the steal of the century if it ever had a hope of happening. It wont and dont expect it too.

4. No Major Leaf Changes

While Burke may run his mouth about getting Tavares (we all saw how that worked) and competing for a playoff spot this next year, dont expect it to happen. The leafs will continue a slow rebuild and any major changes will not take place this year. The best the leafs can hope for this summer is a trade involving Kaberle and a second tier UFA signing, like Beauchimin or another second tier UFA.

5. Atlanta/Columbus Will Make a Serious Play for A top Player

Whether this happens in the free agent market and period or in a trade, both teams will attempt (and i believe succeed, hopefully, at least one) in attracting or trading for a top tier, fringe top tier or top second tier player or players to help entice their big stars into signing extensions and staying with their respective clubs.

Please feel free to add constructive critiscm and other things you think will for sure happen. Try to be objective and not come up with stupid ideas.

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  1. Kramer says:

    The NHL soon will release next year's schedule. Then the mob will have a time-line to start fixing games. Set-ups take time to arrange. Why do you think they release the schedule so early?

    The league is part of the conspiracy. Half of their income is from scratches and side bets placed in bookie joints.

  2. lukeleim says:

    My top 5:
    1. Kaberle or Kubina will be traded.
    2. Gaborik will sign with Vancouver.
    3. Heatley will not be playing for Ottawa next year.
    4. Pittsburgh will win the cup again.
    5. Edmonton will make the playoffs.

  3. physicalsap says:

    You forgot to add every Penguin that the Pens management wants to keep around taking a significant pay-cut to remain a Penguin… already got Guerin and Adams!

    What a great time to be a lifelong Pens fan.  What's Aleksey Morozov's contract status in Russia?

  4. rc21pa says:

    I'm a big Pens fan but I will not make such a bold call as them repeating as cup champs until I see the free agent pick ups and see how they fit.  Right now it's a playoff team but not a cup contender. 

    I agree with 2 and 5 and will repeat a earily hunch. I see Hossa going to Columbus.  He will get his wish a Playoff contender with money he is seeking.  I like Columbus and would like to see Nash resign and I feel this could help their cause. 

    I will also throw one more out there.  I look for one or two more players to take paycuts to play for the Pens and be part of a serious contender.

  5. the_word says:

    Can't resist a round of high fidelity

    1. Burke make a splash, lands eithers the twins or one of Beauchemin or Komisarek. Though I'd rather see Burke stay quiet and see the Leafs play the lottery again.

    2. Jagr returns to the Pens. His fondest for Lemieux and the organization and the atmosphere of the Pens make for the perfect storm.

    3. Kaberle not dealt, that would be too interesting for a salary cap LNH.

    4. Philly wins the Eastern conference playoffs. They'll find a rent a goalie at the deadline to put them over.

    5. the international tweexcore underground will be the best album of 09

  6. dcz28 says:

    You have it slightly wrong for the Wings…it's almost 53 million for next season for 19 players.

  7. Elite_Destruction says:

    To the No major Leafs changes you stated – Well it will not be a "Slow rebuild" we will get rolling Burke already drafted his type of players, signed 2 college kids, and potentially the BEST goalie outside the NHL, cleared the Marlies coaching staff, bringing in better options, signed the best goalie coach out there IMO, not to mention how we will go after big skilled players in the next years draft, and who he might sign on July first hope its not some brutal contract to someone who will not help us when were ready to contend, i might be a bit biased, but you have to take everything he has already done, and put it into a big picture. When Pitts, Was,Chi all started to rebuild they didn't go out get new coaches for there minor teams, sign college kids etc.. what i said earlier, they just drafted 1 good player every year from the first round, so IMO i think were ahead of the normal rebuilding time. However your post was good, and very very accurate good job.

  8. hockey_lover says:

    Pittsburgh will win the cup again? In the offseason?  Now THATS impressive.

    hehheh .. I kid.

  9. ranger_fan says:

    1. Glen Sather will be working the phone lines trying to convince teams that he has no bad contracts. It won't get him anywhere and the Rangers will not resign Betts, Sjostrom, Orr, Antropov, Mara, or Morris. Instead they will sign a couple of players to one year deals and hope league revenues and the cap increase next season.

    2. Brian Burke will move a defenseman, and sign Chris Neal.

    3. Montreal foolishly will try to get Kovalev back and now that plan A failed, plan B is the Sedin's, and if that fails Plan C is trying to resign all free agents who walked. Komisarek will not be back.

    4. Komisarek goes to the Island, where we may see Khabibulin, another free agent defenseman, and vetran forwards sign.

    5. The Sundin Saga won't be concluded until September at the earliest. Expect Vancouver and NY being the only two destinations again. To go to NY, Gomez or Drury need to be traded, and that isn't happening!

    5a. Dany Heatley will be booed opening night at Scotiabank Place.

  10. futurebruin says:

    5 things the Bruins will do
    1. The Bruins WILL re-sign Hunwick and Bitz but not Kessel.
    2. They will trade Sturm and/or Bergeron for a prospect and/or a draft pick.
    3. They will make a big play for one good UFA.
    4. They will trade Kessel to Colorado, Minnesota or Toronto and if Toronto, they will get Tomas Kaberle.
    5. They will be a major cup contender once again next year.

    5 things guaranteed to happen
    1. Los Angeles will be big winners this offseason.(Gaborik, Havlat, etc.)
    2. JayBo will sign in Calgary, therefore leading to a Phaneuf trade.
    3. Dany Heatley will NOT be traded.
    4. Florida will make a splash in the FA market.
    5. Phoenix will be re-located by next offseason.

  11. pezzz123 says:

    Is there any truth to the rumours that Iginla wants out of Calgary??? I heard that on The Fan 590 yesterday night.

  12. LEAFS_54 says:

    i think there will be major leaf changes but not necissarily from big signings and big trades. the leafs ave a lotof players from the ccrappy to decent range and i  think we will see a lot of those younger guys up.

  13. Hatyfranco says:

    I'm not sure what you're going for in the article…It's called "5 Things Guaranteed to Happen This Offseason" Yet in your aritcle you say you "will try to show 10 things to all fans that will not be happening this offseason".

    Regardless of your organization issues, the 5 points you brought up are some of the main issues being discussed. I think you are pretty accurate in your assessments.
    #4 As a leafs fan, I have no idea what to believe anymore in terms of Leafs changes. I'm done predicting what will happen and at this point, i'll just wait to see what actually does happen before commenting.
  14. Bure96 says:

    1). Jay Bouwmeester will be the highest paid defender in the NHL next year. He'll make AT LEAST 7 million, so I figure 8 million and the title of highest paid defensemen in hockey isn't out of question.

    2). Sedin's will remain in Vancouver, but test the open market. Only 3 or 4 teams could afford them both anyways. I doubt they can work out a deal with one of those teams and then they'll re-up with Vancouver. Vancouver is the only team that wouldn't completely paralyzed themselves for the next 5 years if they signed the Sedin's.

    3). Either Francois Beauchmin, Scott Niedermayer or Mattias Ohlund will be a Leaf next year. Burke knows these players well, and wants to make a splash one way or another in free agency, so he'll sign one of these guys and then put Kaberle and Kubina on the open market.

    4). Boston make's a trade that puts the over the top involving Phil Kessel and a top tier defender coming back to Boston, but not Thomas Kaberle. Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will all battle for 1st place, and finish with at least 105 points.

    5a). Ray Emery has an excellent season for the Flyers, Chris Pronger is a nominee for the Norris. Flyers win the Eastern conference.

    5b). Johan Franzen has his first 50 goal season, and the Red Wings finish first place again.

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