5 Things Guaranteed to Happen This Offseason

As we approach July 1st, rumors are running rampant on players being signed here, or players being traded their, players be pursued by this team or players being let go by that team. This is exciting for fans of any team, and can also be a let down for others. Bur i will try to show 10 things to all fans that will not be happening this offseason
1. Vinny Lecavalier Will Not Be a Canadien

With Stamkos and Hedman now helping to make this team a young team with a bright future, the owners squabbling and only two days left to trade him before his no-trade clause kicks in (he says he has always wanted to stay in Tampa), vinny is not be moved anywhere. Vinny provides a good number one center for this team and a leader for their young kids. To move him now would be asinine. Not happening.

2. Hossa will not sign with Detroit

With Detorit already having 52.25 million dollars commited to 16 players, it makes no sense for the Wings to sign another superstar to a long term, cap killing contract. Hossa could command as much as 7 million on the open market and even if he took a paycut to 5 mullion, the team would have to lose contracts just to make room for him, and thats without signing the minimum 18 players needed to ice a team. This deal makes no sense in anyway for Detroit and if Holland is the GM many claim he is, Hossa will be gone by July 1st.

3. Phaneuf will not be traded

Speculation in recent weeks, after the Flames 4th first round exit in as many years, quickly turned to the changes that could come to the team. After Phaneuf’s poor season and Heatle’s trade request, rumors came out about a trade involving a swap for the two. This trade doesnt make sense for the Flames, as it is only one bad season for Phaneuf and they would be trading a future hall of famer and norris trophy winner, something that could turn out to be the steal of the century if it ever had a hope of happening. It wont and dont expect it too.

4. No Major Leaf Changes

While Burke may run his mouth about getting Tavares (we all saw how that worked) and competing for a playoff spot this next year, dont expect it to happen. The leafs will continue a slow rebuild and any major changes will not take place this year. The best the leafs can hope for this summer is a trade involving Kaberle and a second tier UFA signing, like Beauchimin or another second tier UFA.

5. Atlanta/Columbus Will Make a Serious Play for A top Player

Whether this happens in the free agent market and period or in a trade, both teams will attempt (and i believe succeed, hopefully, at least one) in attracting or trading for a top tier, fringe top tier or top second tier player or players to help entice their big stars into signing extensions and staying with their respective clubs.

Please feel free to add constructive critiscm and other things you think will for sure happen. Try to be objective and not come up with stupid ideas.