A bunch of rumors from the Toronto Sun

Does Sharks’ Wilson have Phillips on list?



San Jose GM Doug Wilson wants to be a player in the trade market pretty soon.

Ideally, he’d like to deal for a defenceman before the deadline. Some observers think he might have an interest in Ottawa D Chris Phillips because the Sharks would like a veteran presence on the blue line for the stretch run.

You’d have to think the Sharks could also be a landing spot for either Francois Beauchemin or Tomas Kaberle of the Leafs. The Sharks also might try to acquire G Tomas Vokoun from the Panthers, but Florida is in talks with Vokoun on a contract extension.

One scout’s take on the Sharks: “They’re not getting a lot of leadership from Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Might be time to change the mix.” Interesting.


The biggest potential deadline acquisition is likely off the market: Dallas C Brad Richards is not going anywhere now. The Stars are in the thick of the playoff race and don’t want to fool with their chemistry. It’s going to be up to the money-lenders running the team to decide if Richards will get an extension. If he doesn’t, Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk could simply try to deal Richards’ rights at the NHL draft in June for a second- or third-round pick.


The Devils officially started their rebuilding process when they sent C Jamie Langenbrunner packing. League sources say GM Lou Lamoriello has been busy working the phones with New Jersey poised to be a lottery team. Players being shopped: potential UFA C Jason Arnott, C Dainius Zubrus and D Colin White. The biggest issue facing the Devils is the future of LW Zach Parise. A restricted free agent, Parise is going to be the target of an offer sheet if the Devils don’t get him signed. The Caps may show some interest in Arnott because they want to bulk up for the playoffs.


Word is Columbus GM Scott Howson really wants a puck-moving blueliner and could turn to Edmonton D Sheldon Souray, who is still toiling away in the minors. He’d have to clear re-entry waivers and the word is he hasn’t been that great with AHL Hershey.


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  1. leafmeister says:

    I like what I have liked a lot of what I have seen from the Leafs so far this year, but a lot needs to change. Brian Burke is insistent on getting good right away; we will have to wait and see if it is possible. Here is a new idea for how to finish the season.

    To NSH: Grabovski, MacArthur
    To TOR: Colin Wilson, 2011 1st.

    I know people are resistant to trading Grabovski, as it would really spell the end of this season, as he is the only Leaf right now worth watching, but what we get here could make up for it. Colin Wilson is a big center with a solid frame, great playmaking ability and goal scoring potential. Could be a perfect fit with Kessel. For the Preds, this deal gives them guys who would be leading their scoring race by a long shot. They lack any punch in their offense, and I know, Grabo with the Kotstytsin might get ugly, but Nashville, scoring wise, is in no position to turn their nose up at one of the hottest players in the league. Their pick would be in the 15-20 range most likley, and in this draft, it can be spared. I stress that this is the only time thus far in Grabo and Mac's careers that their net value could be a former top 10 pick, and a 1st. Mac can be resigned (if the price is right), and Grabo can continue to light it up in Nashville. That does not improve the roster for the end of this year, but it gives them assets to work with.


    TBL: Kaberle, Fred Sjostrom,
    TOR: Carter Ashton, 2011 1st.

    Tampa adds some veteran stability, and a proven partner with Kubina, as well as a solid utility forward, for a solid, big prospect and a mid-pick in a weak draft.

    At the draft:

    We will say that the Leafs own the 19th overall pick from Nashville, and the 21st overall pick from Tampa.

    Trade the 21st overall pick, the 35th overall pick, 65th overall pick to the Minnesota Wild for the 11th overall pick.

    Select Dougie Hamilton with 11, and Victor Rask with 19. Those picks are based on where the players and teams are currently ranked on http://www.mynhldraft.com/NHL-Mock-Draft/

    Then trade Mike Komisarek to Columbus for Mike Commodore.
    Bury Commodore.

    Then suddenly the prospects are looking very good going forward.

    The Leafs then have a ton of money, and prospects to work with in building the team for next year.

    Resign: Luke Schenn, 5 years, 3.5 per.
    Fabien Brunnstrom, 2 years, .8 per.
    Carl Gunnarsson, 2 years, 1 per.
    Keith Aulie, 3 years, .95 per.
    Tyler Bozak, 2 years, 1.5 per.
    Tim Brent, 1 year, .75 per.

    July 1st
    Sign: Christian Erhoff, 4 years, 5 per.
    Sign: Tomas Vokoun, 3 years, 5.5 per. – Yes, I know, is this giving Gustovsson/Reimer/Rynass a fair shot? Probably not, as Vokoun would win any goaltending battle, but I think we should take the Detroit philosophy with the goalie prospects. They stay in the minors until they are absolutely ready, with Gustovsson as a 30-35 game backup. When Vokoun's
    contract runs out, hopefully one of them will be ready to take the reigns. (My money is on Rynnas)
    Sign Brooks Laich, 3 years, 3 per. – band-aid solution until one of Kadri/Wilson/Rask is ready.
    Sign Clarke MacArthur, 3 years, 3.2 per.

    Next year:
    Colin Wilson (1.7) – Brooks Laich (3) – Phil Kessel (5.4)
    Nazem Kadri (1.9) – Tyler Bozak (1.5) – Nikolai Kulemin (2.3)
    Ashton (.85) – Kris Versteeg (3) – Colby Armstrong (3)
    Colton Orr (1) -Brent (.75)  -Brunnstrom (.8)

    Luke Schenn (3.8) – Dion Phaneuf (6.5)
    Christian Erhoff (5) – Francois Beauchemin(3.8)
    Keith Aulie(.95) – Carl Gunnarsson (1)

    Vokoun (5.5)
    Gustovsson (1.3)

    No Richards, no Parise, I know. This roster may not even make the playoffs next year, but it has a very solid forward foundation of Kessel, Wilson, Kulemin, Kadri, Ashton, Versteeg and possibly Bozak, with Victor Rask, Jerry D'amigo, and Luca Caputi coming along. Solid complimentary forwards like Laich and Armstrong help out as well. Defensively, it is more offensively oriented. With Schenn being the lone defensive specialist in the top 4. His play should allow Phaneuf to join the rush, and throw his weight around again. Erhoff gives another bomb from the point, which is always helpful. Vokoun would give the Leafs the goaltending they have lacked since Belfour in 04, and we would watch a fierece goaltending battle in the minors with Rynnas, Scrivins and Reimer all fighting for time.


  2. jeaner12 says:

    why does every one want to trade our good young players as soon as they get good… grabos only 26 years old so why not rebuild around him and kessel,versteeg,kadri,caputi,brunnstrom,armstrong,mitchell,kulimin,schenn,bozak, hanson,D'amigo and get rid of some of the old d man like komi and beauch lebda and kabs.   Kabs could possible bring in the most (prospect depth).  Lets build upon the youth we have instead of getting younger and starting our rebuild again.  Get rid of beauch,komi,kabs,giggy.lebda and bring in richards or parise to be a true number 1 center.

  3. leafmeister says:

    I dont see Grabo as a potential 1st line center. A good 2nd liner maybe, but not a 1st. Too inconsistent. I would prefer to deal them for a potential 1st liner who fits the mold of the team better. You guys are all getting enamored over a 2 month stretch. Are you forgetting the 1st 10 games of the season? Last season? The year before when he disappeared for a long stretch? This is called buying low and selling high. Same goes for MacArthur.

  4. MystifoLeafs says:

    I Have heard on other sites that the Pitsburgh Penguins are looking for a scoring winger for crosby's wing, Also that we expect a auction on Iginla, also Pitsburgh sees Malkin as the odd man out in Pitsburgh. Think they would be willing to do a swap around….

    Even though Iginla is not young he is still not overly old and could put up some amazing numbers with Crosby setting him up, plus Malkin is one of those players who I think could succeed playing 1st line minutes and lets face it he can do it all.
    I would love to have him as Toronto's first line center its just I don't see what we could trade in order to get him. Only thing I could see that could get talks going would be….
    1st 2012
    I will make this statement though, IF we had the likes of Malkin, Eric Staal, Brad Richards, Steven Stamkos or any legit first line center I think this team would be in the playoffs. 
  5. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    No need to click the "See the rest" button. I'm sure you lost everyone when you typed the words:

    TO TOR: Malkin
    TO PITTS: _________

    It would likely take NO LESS then Schenn, Kessel, Kadri and a 1st. Before you say overpayment, its a 1 dementional d-man (Zero offensive upside with Schenn) a 60-70pt winger, a top prospect that could go either way (tore it up in jr, but hasn't exactly tore up the AHL or had any impact in his NHL stint) and a 1st.

  6. 93killer93 says:

    Beauchemin, Mitchell
    Setoguchi, Doherty

    MacArthur, Bozak, Kadri, Setoguchi, Kaberle
    Malkin, Kennedy



  7. MystifoLeafs says:

    I understand leafs its just that i want to try to avoid trading schenn and kessel others I dont care about as much if it means Malkin

  8. leafmeister says:

    Doughty gets hit of the year so far. How awesome is Doughty?

  9. Boston_Bruins says:

    I hate when a team jumps a guy for a clean hit. What a beauty hit by Doughty.

  10. reinjosh says:

    I don't really understand the point of trading for Wilson. Its a backwards move trading two thirds of our young second line away for one player who may reach his first line potential. Despite the fact that you already pointed out that the the Kostityn issue exists (and Nashville is a little smarter than to put two players like that togetehr), it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense for either team. Wilson is the only player they have that has top line potential. They can exactly trade him away right now. I'm not sure we could a first with that either.

    I don't see what trading for Wilson does. We could just as easily sign Laich and place Kadri up with him and Kessel (he already displayed some nice playmaking skills on his short stint with us). That way we keep a line that has chemistry and has been deadly.

    I get the desire for prospects but we aren't exactly weak at that position right now. Trading Kaberle is only going to improve that, as will a high 2nd rounder. I do like the idea of trading Komisarek for Commodore and then burying Commodore. It would be an effective way of getting rid of that salary. I also like the idea of getting Rask and Ehrhoff.

    The issue I have with the Grabo trade is it compromises the future. At some point you have to start working with the players you have and developing the chemistry between them. If we keep trading players when they do well we are going to go nowhere (not to mention show other FA's that if they do well, all we will do is trade them).

    I also disagree hugely with the Vokoun deal. Your talking about prospects staying in the minors till they are ready and that is exactly what Reimer did. He is ready or very close to it. Let him and Gustavsson fight it out and let Scrivens/Rynnas develop in the AHL. No need to waste the cap space on a goaltender.

    I don't think our second or third line is all that bad. We just need Kessel to find linemates that make him at the very least second line worthy (although you could argue he does himself). Adding Laich does that in my opinion. Move Bozak to the third line and we have three decently balanced lines that can score.

  11. reinjosh says:

    Grabo is a third year player. Its inevitable that he is going to struggle once in a while. He is still developing his game. But he scored 50 as a rookie and didn't really drop off PPG wise last season. He only got better this season. Its not a one time thing.

    I might agree with you on MacArthur but the chemistry speaks for itself. Grabo is a keeper.

  12. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    So a soon-to-be RFA having a career season with no track record of any sort of consistancy (McArthur), a center who is in a terrible sophmore slump (Bozak), a prospect who has potential, or who could potentially suck (Kadri), a winger who has been getting worse over the past couple of seasons despite playing with Pavelski, Marleau and Thornton (Setoguchi) and a soon-to-be UFA (Kaberle) all for Evgeni Malkin and Kennedy?

    Where does Pittsburgh sign up for an AMAZING deal like this? Like i said above, the deal WILL have to include Kadri, Kessel, Schenn and a 1st in order for any communication to start to take place.

  13. leafstime says:

    The Leafs have to trade Giguere now that he's playing good.

    Trade Giggy and a fourth pick for Van Riemsdyk.

    Flyers get a goalie, Leafs get decent young player. Burke make this trade today.

  14. hockey_lover says:

    I know the Pens are looking for another winger but they need to clear some cap space first. How they do that, Im not sure. My idea would be Goligoski. His offensive upside is pretty decent but tends to be somewhat shakey in his own zone from time to time. His cap hit is $1.8million which is reasonable. Even with that though, getting another winger will be difficult.

    Having said that, no, Iginla isnt an option. One of the reasons that Pittsburgh is so successful is having that double edged sword in Crosby and Malkin. Adding Iginla to Crosby's line, while awesome, would take away that sword. While I think Staal is amazing, he obviously isnt the same threat at Malkin is on the 2nd line.  I think the Pens should get someone like Blake Comeau. Good for 23g/50pts, low cap hit. The Isles need some help on the blue line and Gogo could be that help (and still has a relatively low cap hit). I think thats a trade that works well for both teams.

    As for Malkin going to the Leafs, it wont happen. What the Pens would want, the Leafs wouldnt give up. Gotta be: Schenn and Kessel to start … and likely Kulemin. Kessel will be REQUIRED to make up for the lost production from Malkin (even at Malkin's worst possible, is still going to put up more points than Kessel). Why would the Leafs make this trade? Answer: they shouldnt.

  15. LeafsCaines says:

    Holy F**K, this deal would be amazing, although i think we'd have to throw in somebody like D'amigo to get Van Riemsdyk, just so Philly could have a winger that could one day replace Van Riemsdyk.

  16. reinjosh says:

    I have figured out the sole reason reason the Leafs are losing. That reason is none other than Brett Lebda. I won't claim that I did this puck a guy on PuckDaddy put these numbers up.

    The Leafs have played 22 games with Lebda in the lineup and 22 without him. The Leafs have won only 5 with him in the lineup, scored 51 goals, and allowed 73 goals against. Without him, the Leafs have won 13 games, scored 63 goals for (12 more than with him in games) and allowed an astounding 15 less goals for a total of 58 goals. Without Lebda in the lineup, the Leafs play a pace that if it was prorated over ever game in the season, would have them on pace for 100 points.

    Give it a look. The numbers are sort of astounding.


    Worst signing yet.

  17. reinjosh says:

    Beauty hit. A little ridiculous that the team had to rush in and create a ruckus but thats what happens with star or rising players these days. Really it all started with Gretzky. Someone hit him, his team started shit. It was bound to continue.

    I loved how Hall couldn't even take it like a man. Throws a minor sucker punch as one of his teammates is holding Doughty. He couldn't even do that right though, falling after Doughty barely touched him.

  18. leafy says:

    And the plus-minus stats are consistent with that analysis, so yea, it's a fairly compelling argument.  With 22 games with and without Lebda, the sample size is large enough now to rule out fluke.

  19. reinjosh says:

    Yeah Malkin to Toronto isn't happening. In fact I would go so far to say Malkin to anywhere isn't happening. Shero is smart enough to know that Malkin's value is at an all time low (relative here folks, its still high compared to most players). He isn't going to get suckered into a deal. Besides, like you said, Malkin/Crosby/Staal is your greatest strength.

    Goligoski is your best asset though. I know a lot of Pittsburgh fans think he is untouchable but he shouldn't be. He could get you a pretty penny right now. He is cheap, talented and young and brings what a ton of teams are craving right now. The NYI idea is a good one. Fits both teams needs. Personally if I were the Penguins though, I would give Columbus a call. They desperately need a player like Goligoski and might be willing to part with some nice assets for him. See if Voracek is available and try and see if you can add Filatov. Getting a linemate like Malkin might be the thing Filatov needs and Voracek is something every team would love.

    Something like Goligoski and either a first or a 2nd and a prospect  for Voracek and Filatov. Use Kulemin as a baseline for Voracek's new contract and your laughing ..

  20. broc says:


    Why would Nashville want to trade Colin Wilson?
    A: They wouldn't.

    You just toss offers like everyone out there is available for an NHL 2k11 type offer. They're not.

    Also, considering Tampa Bay traded up in order to select Carter Ashton, I doubt they are going to trade him and a 1st for an UFA.

  21. reinjosh says:

    Those were actually my exact thoughts. I'm honestly stunned by this. I knew Lebda was bad (and the Atlanta game was a huge indicator of that) but not this bad. Just horrendous. I sort of feel bad for the guy but with a 1.45 million dollar salary, I'm not exactly broken up about it.

  22. hockey_lover says:

    Yeah, I agree. A team thats "rebuilding" cant afford to throw away good parts of its roster, even if it is for a Malkin type player. Why? Cause they wont have much left.

    I totally agree that Goligoski is our best asset, mostly because he is having a career year at a good rate .. his value will never be higher. Im not saying the Pens SHOULD trade him but if they want something good, gotta give something good. Losing Gogo wouldnt hurt the blue line THAT much and he would net a good return. Columbus is also a good trade partner. If we were to go there, Id take a look at Umberger. Big guy with hands and speed.

    Funny, the first topic on the main page has a trade with Columbus for Malkin going and Nash coming back. I like the idea of Nash but not sure its "worth it."  Nash hasnt sniffed 80pts yet. Malkin has hit 100 twice. Granted, Nash and Crosby together would be pretty ridiculous. Even still, not sure its a good idea.

  23. reinjosh says:

    I would love that trade simply because it would be an epic trade. The NHL needs more of them. Nash with Crosby would have so much potential in it, it wouldn't be funny. Plus we would get to see what Malkin can do as the number one guy (you just know he wants that badly). That said, I agree with you. Nash does not equal Malkin. Nash is sort of overrated. One of the premier power forwards in the game but not an elite player. I think he can get there, just needs to work on it. Very much like Iggy he needs to put it all together.

    Would you do Benn for Goligoski? The Fourth Period says he is available. It fits both teams needs (or rather desires). Maybe adding Larsen going to the Pens and Bennet going to the Stars . Logic being that the Stars get their PMD in Goligoski, Penguins get their winger in Benn and they both replace the traded away asset with a younger developing player for future needs with Larsen being a potential PMD and Bennett being a potential scoring winger . Bennett is probably worth more than Larsen but I'm not sure of equal value there.

  24. dumbassdoorman says:

    LMAO….best part of this is that guys were saying before the season started because of him we could trade Kaberle……lol

  25. DannyLeafs says:

    Yeah, I actually liked the signing when it happened, but it has been a horrible failure. I still don't think it was a terrible signing in the sense of being detrimental, truth is when a 1.5 million player on a 2 year deal doesn't work out you can just send him down and nobody would mind. However, I can't for the life of me figure out why he gets in the line up, or why he gets so much playing time when he is in the line up.

    My thoughts went from thinking "well, if he's good enough to be Detroits depth defensemen, then he's good enough for the Leafs" to "How good must Detroit have been able to win a cup while this guy was playing regular minutes and in the majority of games?". Really, he has been god awful. Even for the money. Komisarek might not be worth what he gets, but at least most people would agree you could change his cap number to make him have some value. With Lebda, anything short of a cap refund would be a terrible price to pay.


  26. dumbassdoorman says:


  27. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I hated him when we signed him and knew he would be bad, but I never knew he would be the reason for not making the playoffs again.. even though I think we still can get to the playoffs this year. but probably not

  28. Leafs_RegimeofBurke_ says:

    next road trip, maybe to Minnesota or somewhere vast, Leafs should bring the whole team out to a remote pond and play a game. On the way back, by the time they reach NY or so, they can realize they 'accidentally' lost brett lebda in the wilderness…

  29. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Playing him at forward was interesting?

  30. hockey_lover says:

    Oh yeah, Malkin definitely wants to be the #1 guy. And if thats the case, he should ask for it privately to Shero. Going half-assed on the ice isnt helping anyone. His value lowers, less people will want him, etc, etc. Imagine if he got back to 100+ seasons? How many teams wouldnt at LEAST take a shot? Id say at least 23 teams. Now? I bet only 3 or 4 teams even try cause they likely dont want a player who seems unmotivated.     Yeah Malkin for Nash straight up wouldnt work. It would have to come with another player/prospect and a 1st.

    Goligoski for Benn looks pretty decent. Id rather James Neal but I highly doubt that would happen 😛   Id like to hold on to Bennett for a little while longer. He looks like a gamer. Plus, with Simon Despres coming along really nicely, I dont think another PMD prospect is *really* needed right now. Although, I guess they are always needed at some point.

  31. mojo19 says:

    I actually liked it when we signed him but i will admit that I was wrong about that. He's just been terrible.

    But I did say that Gunnarsson was a much better player than Lebda. HTR member Tactus, known Red Wings fan told me I was a moron for suggesting that and said that by the end of the year i would feel differently.

    Well here we are mid season, and here's the numbers

    Carl Gunnarsson: 33 gp – 2 g, 4 a, 6 pts. -1, 2 pims, 1 GWG, 14:56 ice time
    Brett Lebda: 22 gp – 0 g, 1 a, 1 pt. -19, 8 pims, 0 GWG, 14:01 ice time

    Lebda will need to do a complete 180 to turn this season around. Its more likely that he'll be in the minors next season.

  32. dumbassdoorman says:

    LOL…..why wait let him go there this year

  33. mojo19 says:

    Cap reasons. Its my understanding that Jeff Finger's contract will count agains the cap next year regardless of where he's playing, unless we can loan him to a European team like Huet, Vrbata briefly, etc.

    Expect the same shit to happen with Wade Redden next year too.

  34. dumbassdoorman says:

    seriously? hmmm, i did not know that

  35. mojo19 says:

    Another way to get around it is to put a guy on LTIR. Alex Mogilny would have counted against the cap his 2nd season with Albany but Lou put him on LTIR and he sat out the year.

    Philly did that with Mike Rathje and Darian Hatcher as well. Cheaters.

  36. MystifoLeafs says:

    Is it just me or would you too rather Jeff Finger over Lebda?

  37. dumbassdoorman says:

    tough call only because of the cap hit, i would take finger at lebdas cap hit.

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