A Disgrace

Did anybody watch the Edmonton/St.Louis game tonight? Suprise, suprise, TC is talking about the Oilers! But seriously this was disgusting! It happend in the third period, score was 2-1 St.Louis, and how the officials let this happen was just appalling. The Oilers were on a power play, again it was going terrible, although they did get their goal on the PP tonight. Racing back for the puck was Janne Niinimaa and Martin Rucinsky. Niinmaa sticks out his stick to slow up Rucinsky who has not caught up to Janne yet. Seeing the stick out, Rucinsky decides that as soon as it touches him, he is to fall to the ice as if a bullet has hit him in the chest. Niinmaa gets the only penalty, and this erases the PP.

To make matters worst, I can’t remember if it was while 4 on 4, or St.Louis was just starting there PP, anyways, Ethan Moreau is chasing Rucinsky for the puck. Rucinsky turns and goes in front of his own net, feels another stick, and immediatly falls as soon as possible, not even enough time for Moreau to tug him. After he falls, Moreau takes a back hand shot on goal and scores! Wait, penalty for Ethan, 2 min for hooking. I’m thinking to myself “you are ****ing kidding me!!!” St. Louis dosen’t score on the 5 on 3, but the point is that the game was tied had that not been called.

I can’t wait until Saturday when the fines start comming out for diving. It’s funny that Marc Crawford’s teams have been noted for diving. It’s funny because I can’t remember who Joel Quinnville used to coach under in Colorado. What a coincidence! What a joke! It has to be so frustating for the Oilers when SOME (not all, Dallas I know doesn’t!) dive all over the ice, and the refs hardly ever call it. I’m not saying that no Oiler has ever taken a dive, I remember Ryan Smyth got caught doing it once this year that was a good call. But some of these teams are doing it every game! Hopefully these fines for diving will get it out of the game completly. I think Todd Bertuzzi may get a fine or two out of this, recalling his actions from the first time the Oilers and Canucks played this season. It’s strange how easliy a 240 pound man can be brought down by the Oilers POWER HOUSE centre….Todd Marchant. It gave the Canucks a 5 on 3, Vancouver scored, Edmonton unravled after that and it cost them the game.

It sounds like whinning, maybe it is, but when you keep losing, and play a good game, and a call like that costs you the game, something has to be said.

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  1. keon says:

    I heard that Dave Tippett told his team (Dallas) that if he sees any of them dive, they will be benched.

    On another note….

    What is going on with HTR? Now this big ebay advertisement thing in the middle of the page. I don’t know, maybe I am the only one who is bothered by it, but it just seems like I am reading articles squeezed in between advertisements, instead of advertisements squeezed between articles. It really takes away from the site.

  2. mikster says:

    It’s for the good of the site and even better if you click on em!

  3. keon says:

    I realize that it’s good for the site, it just seems to be overtaking the site

  4. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Now I am a huge Blues fan, as I am sure you can tell, and I saw the game. I will agree with you 100% that Rucinsky was diving all over the place tonight, he was not his usual self. I was dissapointed with his play.

    But I do not agree with you saying my team is a bunch of guys who dive all the time. I will agree they definitely can be a cheap-shot team every now and then, with guys like Tkachuk and Mellanby. But there is usually only one maybe two guys who dive a lot. And those two are Tyson Nash and Dallas Drake.

    Quenneville, by the way, has always been against diving. He only likes to have maybe one player on his team who constantly. Word is that he did not want Pascal Rheaume, who is a decent player, back on his team a few years ago because he already has the diving spot of the team filled. That is also a part of the reason he no longer works under Marc Crawford. This is speculation, but it has been heard that he and Crawford had a little spat about diving.

    You can say what you want about the Blues, but I do not believe your thoughts on them being a team that is all about diving are 100% accurate.

    ~Jeff P.

  5. TheMinister says:

    Ok, ok. Listen, I’ve watched almost every Canucks game this year and I’m telling you Vancouver is NOT a team of divers. Crawford definitely doesn’t coach them to do that. One of the reasons that Ruutu has had a hard time getting into the line-up is that he dove and a goal was scored against us while he was on the ice. Forgive Daniel Sedin, he’s not diving, he’s a boy against men most nights.

    As far as Bertuzzi goes, I’m not exactly sure which play you’re refering to but if you were to watch him play he fights through so much crap that occasionally he embellishes something, but no more than anybody. And don’t compare him to a guy like Rucinsky. He’s been a floater forever.

    When you mention them in the same tirade then yes it sounds like whining, otherwise you have a good point.

  6. Jejunum says:

    Just another biased opinion of an Edmonton fan.

  7. BlackJackman5 says:

    what happened with rucinsky was truly a disgrace, but the blues are by NO means divers. tyson nash is the only one who dives regularly (i dont know where prongerblues44 got dallas drake???? he’s as hard nosed as you get…) and the sooner they get rid of him and his kind in the nhl (sean avery, dan hinote, etc) the better.

    ps it is mostly sour grapes b/c your team is currently in a freefall and you are pissed (rightfully so)

  8. burky says:

    You know I just posted a comment on another article defending Oiler Fans and then I have to read this crap. I hope your fellow Oiler fans chastise you for this, you just gave them all a bad name.

    I am so sick of fans who are JEALOUS of Todd Bertuzzi, they WISH they had him on their team so much that they make outrageous claims like he dives or takes steroids. It’s pathetic. I have yet to see any evidence even remotely concrete of any of these things, so shut up until that happens.

    As for Crawford, he did coach “Floppa” Forsberg in Colorado, but he can still coach circles around MacT, whose biggest rival is Harvey the Hound.

  9. Tradedude says:

    Refs these dayz man, I sware I don’t know that the **** their smoking.

    Bettman has to hire better Refs, or whoever hires them, cause this is getting straight out pathetic.

    Disgrace to the game :@

  10. Sands says:

    Yeah, The Ref’s all over the league have had a real bad year. Not only in the NHL but every sport. Look at the NFL. Last night’s BIIIIGGG Ranger Boston game look at that. Even though the Rangers won 4-1, Boston’s goal should not have counted. They were off Side by a mile. And the Ref’s were all looking at each other after the goal.

    Diving is something else….. It’s hard for the Ref’s but they have to do something…. Both Ref’s should do what the NFL does…. Talk to each other about what they saw … even the linesman…. If the Linesmen sees something….. He should have a say…. It’s nut’s, if someone loss’s an eye on the ice, to a high stick, and no one sees it but a linemen and nothing is called……. You have to be out of your mind….. so…. Something has to be done to make the right call.

  11. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Maybe Draker doesnt dive that much, but the top 2 in my mind have to be Drake and Nash

  12. gladiator says:

    Sounds like someones bitter over Vancouver’s season series win over the Oilers.

  13. TC_4 says:

    Just let me explain something to all the Canuck fans out there. I like your team, I’m happy your doing awsome this year. I don’t dislike Vancouver, there isn’t much to dislike about them. They play the way the game is meant to be played. I was just steamed after that game last night. An appology goes out to you Blues fans too. Not ALL St.Louis players dive, just the odd one. My point of the article though was that Rucinsky was just disgusting in that game, and yes, there are SOME Canuck players that dive lots, and Bertuzzi is one of them, Naslund is another, Matt Cooke is another. Maybe not all the time, but it’s happend when I’ve seen them play this year, and that’s not just the games against Edmonton. The point is that these fines better get diving out of the game, because it’s just embarrasing to the integrity of the game.

  14. bodiddley says:


  15. burky says:

    Naslund? yes, he did embellish a hook the last time these teams played but it doesn’t change the fact that staois’ or whoevers stick it was shouldn’t of been hooking Markus in the first place, thats exactly the type of clutch and grab hockey I dont expect from Edmonton.

    I also think Jovo went down easy against the Oilers that same game but it might have been another team.

    Matt Cooke and Todd Bertuzzi? No, despite what Greg Millen says they aren’t divers. Atleast I don’t remember them doing it.

  16. oilerfan9 says:

    Obviously you do not know your asshole from a hole in the ground. Any one who watches hockey (and understands it) can see that diving is on the rise in the NHL. It is not just with the oilers either you know, all around the league diving is increasing. The oilers however seem to be getting the majority of the diving plays during the games. Grow a brain!!!!

  17. Captain27 says:

    got an issue…here’s a tissue.

    I swear…what is a post about one Oilers’ fan complaint with diving doing on a hockey TRADE RUMOR site.

    The officiating this year has been terrible for all 30 NHL teams, but hey, your team lost, so why don’t you vent on a completely un-trade-rumor topic for thousands of uninterested viewers to read?

    Go to wowhockey.com or something like that if you really have a problem…or else spare us the excuses as to why your team lost.

  18. gladiator says:

    Just watched the Vancouver vs Montreal game. There were no dives by the Vancouver Canucks, however, there was a dive by Saku Koivu in OT to give Montreal the PP advantage. Even CBC pointed out this possible dive and one dive against Antropov in the Leafs-Carolina game. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  19. TC_4 says:

    The problem is that it wasn’t an excuse why we lost, it was FACT!!! Why are you commenting on this if you didn’t see the game. I don’t talk about how the Islanders lost to the SABRES of all teams tonight. You got an issue here’s a tissue??? Where???? That’s the worst line I’ve ever heard buddy!!! My point was that diving is a disgrace and example A was what Rucinsky did in that game. But since you didn’t see that game, you think “oh, here’s something that I can talk about without having any knowledge of hockey at all, so I better say something to make myself look like more of a fool”! By the way, nice 3rd uniforms your team has buddy, those are “hot”!!!

    P.S. worst start to a comment, ever!!!

  20. TC_4 says:

    Good for you buddy, you watched your first hockey game! How the hell did you turn me mouthing about Todd Bertuzzi, and citing ONE example, into I’m bitter over Vancouver winning the season series???? That comment made NO SENSE IN ANY WAY AT ALL. That was just terrible, oh wait, I know what your going to say, “so is Edmonton, hahahaha, I don’t have a girlfriend or a life, or a good job” SHUT THE F*CK UP!!! You ruin it for the good Canuck fans out there. I could tell you that this is only the, what, third time that Vancouver has ever won a season series against Edmonton. I could say that, you guys have NEVER won a cup. I could say that the Oilers got HOSED the second time they played Vancouver this year(when Naslund won it in OT, and the Oilers got two VERY CHEAP penalties in OT to cause it). I could say that Edmonton got HOSED the third time they played the Canucks this year when they tied it up, but then the video goal judges disallowed a goal when it was CLEARLY in the net, and that would have tied the game. I could say that Vancouver got LUCKY the last time these two played, when Edmonton skated them into the ice, and just before Morrison trickled the winner past Salo, the Oilers were ALL OVER THEM, and Comrie was inches away from ending the game. But…I didn’t say all that because your an expert, and know everything about the game. I don’t know if you’ve noticed buddy, but I have very good knoweledge about the game, and even though the Oil is my favorite team, I do know when there good, and when there bad, and when they simply get beat, and when they get hosed. It’s not my fault all that happend against Vancouver. It’s about time your team gets the bounces after SO MANY YEARS OF LOSING TO US! If you don’t know the game, don’t talk about it!

  21. gladiator says:

    Oh you’re just mad because you know i’m right…ha ha.

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