A Disgrace

Did anybody watch the Edmonton/St.Louis game tonight? Suprise, suprise, TC is talking about the Oilers! But seriously this was disgusting! It happend in the third period, score was 2-1 St.Louis, and how the officials let this happen was just appalling. The Oilers were on a power play, again it was going terrible, although they did get their goal on the PP tonight. Racing back for the puck was Janne Niinimaa and Martin Rucinsky. Niinmaa sticks out his stick to slow up Rucinsky who has not caught up to Janne yet. Seeing the stick out, Rucinsky decides that as soon as it touches him, he is to fall to the ice as if a bullet has hit him in the chest. Niinmaa gets the only penalty, and this erases the PP.

To make matters worst, I can’t remember if it was while 4 on 4, or St.Louis was just starting there PP, anyways, Ethan Moreau is chasing Rucinsky for the puck. Rucinsky turns and goes in front of his own net, feels another stick, and immediatly falls as soon as possible, not even enough time for Moreau to tug him. After he falls, Moreau takes a back hand shot on goal and scores! Wait, penalty for Ethan, 2 min for hooking. I’m thinking to myself “you are ****ing kidding me!!!” St. Louis dosen’t score on the 5 on 3, but the point is that the game was tied had that not been called.

I can’t wait until Saturday when the fines start comming out for diving. It’s funny that Marc Crawford’s teams have been noted for diving. It’s funny because I can’t remember who Joel Quinnville used to coach under in Colorado. What a coincidence! What a joke! It has to be so frustating for the Oilers when SOME (not all, Dallas I know doesn’t!) dive all over the ice, and the refs hardly ever call it. I’m not saying that no Oiler has ever taken a dive, I remember Ryan Smyth got caught doing it once this year that was a good call. But some of these teams are doing it every game! Hopefully these fines for diving will get it out of the game completly. I think Todd Bertuzzi may get a fine or two out of this, recalling his actions from the first time the Oilers and Canucks played this season. It’s strange how easliy a 240 pound man can be brought down by the Oilers POWER HOUSE centre….Todd Marchant. It gave the Canucks a 5 on 3, Vancouver scored, Edmonton unravled after that and it cost them the game.

It sounds like whinning, maybe it is, but when you keep losing, and play a good game, and a call like that costs you the game, something has to be said.