A few things I expect from whoever is the next Maple Leafs GM

Leaf fans must face the truth, that this team will fail, and they will be firing their General Manager John Ferguson Jr pretty soon. With the available GMs including Pat Quinn, Mike Keenan, Colin Campbell, Niel Smith, Dave Taylor, and many others, it would be stupid not to fire him unless this team surprises earlier. Whoever turns out being the next Maple Leafs GM, there are a few things I’d ask of him.The first one is give Peter Forsberg whatever he wants this summer. The Anaheim Ducks will get home ice in the playoffs this year, because the last two summers, they went out and signed the best player available, I don’t care if he wants a ten year 90 million dollar deal, if that’s what it takes, give it to him. He’s by far the best player available next summer, and other then probably Joe Thornton, and Alex Ovechkin, the best player in the National Hockey League. I have critisized Forsberg before, but the Leafs can’t do what they have done before, and got by with lovable players like Chad Kilger, Darcy Tucker, and Tie Domi. We need to get the best players we can, and win the God damned cup. To combat the Ottawa Senators top line of Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson, we need three stars up front, Sundin, and Forsberg make two, I guess Tucker will be good enough seeing as Sundin and Forsberg are far and away better then any two of the Sens top line members.

I would love to see whoever the new GM is fire Paul Maurice, the minute he put out Wade Belak against Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson, I knew there was no chance he’d ever get my approval. I’d probably rather see Pat Quinn, or Mike Keenan out there coaching… too bad Don Cherry would refuse the job…

There needs to be some way of demanding excellence. Make the second round of the playoffs, or you’re fired. This team needs to DEMAND excellence, and scaring the living shit out of the coach and GM should probably work.

Next, we need to find a way to dump Bryan McCabe’s mamoth contract. The guy’s worthless, he’s nothing more then an over rated 5th or 6th defenseman, who was nothing before Tomas Kaberle, and I’m sure he’d waive his no trade clause to go back to the Atlantic division. Hell, I’d even except a buyout, the Leaf management can afford it.

The final thing is, send scouts EVERYWHERE, scouting little shit-town leagues is how the Red Wings got Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Fedorov, and Zetterberg, and it works. The Leafs need to get to these guys, becuase the leagues quality doesn’t always dictate the players quality.

If I owned the Leafs, I would basically say, make the final 8 or you’re fired, because this is a team that SHOULD be dominant with its history, and what not. The Yankees lost in the last 8, and Joe Torre is on his way out, god bless him. This is why the Yankees have 26 World Series.

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  1. curtman96 says:

    Do us all a favour and jump off a cliff.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Why? Is JFJ at the bottom of the cliff?

  3. LuckyLuc98 says:


    NO BUT SERIOUSLY GOOD GAME, what a BAD CALL last night *ucker with his goaltender interference, whats a guy suppose to do, just stand there… anyways hope you sleep well tonight… because our 7 other dates will be nightmares for you leafs.

    Fall isnt your season guys, leafs are falling everywhere… hahaha

    check out the freak whos gonna post out .. oh my good you and your immature comments… ahhhh shut up, is all I got to say to that.

    Cya, happy thanksgiving

    I’m very thankful that the leafs will forever suck!

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Darcy Tucker was pushed onto Aebischer, and then Aebischer punched him, shit call, but it was matched with that last penalty the Habs had just got, I think it was Samsonov with a hook on McCabe, who didn’t even *****ing notice him. I can’t believe Samsonov got that penalty. What ass hole ref did that.

  5. edelio says:

    I totally understand Leafys attitude, as a leaf fan he is entitled to be upset. This team has had one of the best players to lace ’em up in recent history , for most of his career too, yet they have failed to build a true winner around him. Sundin was the future of the leafs after 93, given we had a couple of close years, we never hit the goal of a trip to the cup. As a fan, I am outraged as Leafy for the plight of our team. Your last paragraph is most poignant but lets not forget ,they cant all be Gretzkys . I know whoever puts on the blue and white becomes a special kind of player, different from the rest. They know and care about whats at stake and regardless if you like them or not, they are Leafs now, the milk has been spilt,,lets see what they can do.

  6. bustaheims says:

    Wow. Just plain wow. In your entire insane and rediculous rant, you made a total of 1 valid point. I’ll get to that later . . . after I point out the glaring holes in everything else you said.

    First, let’s go through your potential replacements for JFJ. I don’t know why you bothered mentionning Quinn. He had his chance, it didn’t work out. Give it a rest. He was a great coach, but he wore out his welcome, that’s just the nature of the business. Accept it and move on. As for Mike Keenan . . . has anyone else in the league destroyed more teams than he has? And you want him running the Leafs? Are you serious? Which brings us to Colin Campbell. I know his name is being thrown around my the media and such, but, seriously, he’s never had any GM experience and we’ve all seen how he’s bungled so many disciplinary decisions. Imagine how horrible he’d be with player contracts! Next you ahve Neil Smith . . . Yes, he turned the Rangers into a Cup winner, but he then proceeded to turn them into a laughing stock. No thanks. As for Dave Taylor, while he is the best of the candidates you mentionned, he didn’t exactly turn the Kings into a Cup contender, now did he? Only once did his team make it out of the 1st round.

    Now, as for Forsberg . . . the last thing this team needs is to go back to the buying injury prone veterans mind frame. Yeah, Forsberg is very talented and woudl look great with Sundin . . . for the 40 games he’ll play a season . . . The best thing for this team would actually be to struggle for a few years and rebuild from within. If you actually ever want to see the Leafs win the Cup, you’ll have to accept this. Every team that’s won the Cup recently has gone through a period of major struggles, some more recently than others. Even the Wings and the Devils had long periods of struggling before they started winning anything.

    As for your jab and Maurice . . . yeah, he put Belak out there against the Sens top line briefly, but, unlike Quinn, he learned his lesson and stopped doing it. this team is playing with more energy and working harder than it has in years, and that’s all because of Maurice. If you can’t understand how that helps a team to be successful, then you clearly don’t understand the sport of hockey.

    As for your demand for excellence . . . let’s create an aura of fear, that’s exactly what we want. Let’s make all the players and coaches so nervous that they’ll get destroyed for every mistake that they make . . . because, you know, that never leads to them making more mistakes than they did before. Why do you think Keenan keeps getting run out of every team he’s been involved with?!?

    Now, with McCabe. Yes, his contract is a bit of an albatross, but, he’s one of the top offensive D-men in the game. And, anyone who knows about this sport will tell you that you don’t succeed without offence from your defence. You’ve clearly expressed your hatred for him over and over. You don’t like him, we get it, but he’s here to stay. Again, get over it. And, as for your little buy-out suggestion . . . what would you rather have, a $5.75 million defencemen in the lineup, or $5.75 mill of cap space spent without a player to show for it?

    Now we finally come to your only valid point. Yes, the Leafs shoudl have scouts just about everywhere. The cap took away our financial edge when it comes to player contracts, this is where we can get it back. And, you know what, since JFJ has taken over, we’ve started to see the Leafs do just that . . . mine sources of untapped talent, like the NCAA. It’s a work in progress. You don’t just sign a scout and instantly get results. It takes years of working and waiting for that. Unfortunately, it seems that you don’t have anywhere close to the patience needed to build a winning team. I suggest you quit your moaning and complaining and accept the Leafs as they are . . . and, if you can’t do that, I suggest you find another team to cheer for, because you’re making the rest of us Leaf fans look bad.

  7. Leaf_Nation says:

    First, you’re an idiot. Second, you’re nothing short of the biggest looser on this site to have to come into the leaf’s forum to post a comment like this. Please get a life/girlfriend/job.

  8. curtman96 says:

    “Leaf fans must face the truth, that this team will fail, and they will be firing their General Manager John Ferguson Jr pretty soon”….Comments like that upset me coming from a leafs fan 3 games into the season. Just write something possitve. You cant say they have played bad so far and you cant judge the moves JFJ has made this summer yet , its way too early. And from what i watched so far the leafs are a much more exciting team to watch. They shoot more and work harder and that has a lot to do with Paul Maurice; so why would they fire him?? There is no doubt that the team is improving, but wheather it’s enough to get them in the playoffs is too early to tell.

  9. LuckyLuc98 says:

    i have all of them freak … toronto say what hahahaha

  10. mojo19 says:

    yes I would love to have Forsberg…..Belak played well, and the fact that Maurice will “never get (your) approval” for playing him is pretty stupid…..Agreed, McCabe is overpaid, although he’s more than a “5th or 6th defensman.”…….. And just so you know, buyouts cound against the cap. Good luck buying out McCabe and then signing Forsberg. …..And I like your attitude, but demanding to make the final 8 is unrealistic, you’ll never hire good people, because coach’s and GM’s would be weary of taking a job to work with you if they figure they only have a year to impress you and then they’re fired.

  11. lukeleim says:

    your brutal, shut up… 3 games in buddy; they haven’t played a bad game yet. They’re harder working than last year, and seem slightly quicker. JFJ probably will lose his job none the less. But really, only horrible pick up that I really disapprove of over the summer is the Hal Gill signing… other than that, I thought he did an alright job putting together this 06/07 team. Ok, Kubina hasn’t been terrific quiet yet…

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    This isn’t even based on the season so far. It’s based on the fact that they’ve been shit since the lockout ended. Look at the roster, this team will NOT make the playoffs.

    By the way, they played terribley, in the first game, and them playing well is not enough, they have 3 of a possible 6 points, that’s a pace of 82 points, they had 90 last year, and missed the playoffs.

  13. Pittsky says:

    First of all i don’t believe JF did a terrible job at all. The Raycroft deal is looking good now. Raycroft looks like he has regained his calder winning form. He is talented enough to keep the leafs in most games and should be able to steal a few. He’s not a stud like kipper of brodeur but those guys are very rare.

    Secondly he addressed the teams huge to upgrade on defence. Did he spend to much, probably but a trio of Kaberle, mcCabe, and kubina, is a good base to build on. D in the new nhl is expensive.

    This year the leafs are finally heading in the right direction with playing their young guys. Stajan, steen, wellwood are going to be good possibly great players but they need time to get there. Asside from that the farm system is lacking in depth and its normal. It takes upwards of 3 to 4 years to build a good farm system. THe habs had horible drafting in the 90’ies and it took 4 + years of good drafting to have good prospect depth.

    I much prefer to focus on the positives and be optimistic. I think its a little early to say weither this leafs team can make it into the playoff. They are a better team then last year but other teams have improved as well.

    I think they have a reasonable shot to make it in. THe season hinges on a few if’s but its the same with alot of teams. I Personaly hope they make it in. Id like to seem all the canadian teams make it in. Lets be positive and hope for the best.

    Cheers to all

  14. JuicemaN says:

    You are EXACTLY what gives Toronto Maple Leaf fans a bad name…..an EXACT TO A “T” VERSION of what we get slammed for every year, and every day.

    I’ve read some of your post in the past and more often than not I disagree with you or at least with the way you get your message across but this….this one has to be your dumbest most childishly idiotic post ever. Maurice put Belak out against Spezza as a message to the rest of the team, to say “hey Belak has been working his ass off and I’m going to put him in because he’s at least trying harder than the rest of you” get used to it. Pat Quinn would’ve put Allison (this is an example, I am aware that Allison is not on the roster) in even if he had lost all his faceoffs that day, missed a breakaway and had 16 penalty minutes. Maurice will continue to do it…..get used to it or go find another team.

    I’m thinking you’re like most Maple Leaf fans and that you’re not a hockey fan but more just a Leaf fan……..I may be wrong but man LeafyMcLeaf; you need a reality check.

  15. the_word says:

    Just because a team can’t win a fantasay draft doesn’t mean that they can’t make the playoffs or be successful. You don’t seem to be able to see the difference. Your supposed Leafs boycott is worse than your articles.

  16. leebrien21 says:

    This is also why the yankees have spent 1.2 BILLION in wages and luxury tax and won as many world series as the blue jays have in the past 6 years. throwing money arround doesn;t buy you a championship but it does get you lots of attention when you get beat by a team you should have anhialated.

  17. woodsco85 says:

    GIVE YOUR HEAD A F UCKIN SHAKE! Are you kidding me buddy, were only 4 games into the season and your writing this article? The Leafs are 2-1-1, and this is the crap you post? Not to mention they’ve had to play the Sens twice, the Habs, and the Panthers, all decent teams, all of which are expected to make the playoffs. They embarassed the Sens ( a legit Cup contender) 6-0! They went to a shootout with the Habs(loss) and Panthers (won). The only game they’ve lost in regulation was their home opener! Give Paul Maurice some cred, he hasnt coached an NHL team in 2 years, hes got some dust to brush off. And yet your writing him off because he put Belak on the ice? Maurice has done wonders for the Leafs so far this season, hes created a Toronto team that is faster, younger, and a hell of alot more conditioned! As for the whole Forsberg talk, why dont you wait to see if he even ends up a free agent next summer, whos to say Philly doesnt sign an extension with him in the next 6 months! And please dont ever refer to McCabe as a glorified 5th or 6th defensman, he was a Canadian Olympian for F UCKS sake! are you telling me that Gretzky put him on the team knowing he was a 5th or 6th D-Man, or are you claiming your smarter than the guys who run Hockey Canada? And buying him out isnt an option with the new CBA! And to say that every coach or GM should be fired if they dont make the playoffs is stupid, yopu think Coaches or GMs are gonna wanna work under that kinda pressure? And do u really think Pat Quinn would even be in contention for the job, hey been there done that, and guess what? It didnt work! Your not very smart. Why yes the leafs might struggle to make the playoffs, but as far as the season has gone so far, i wouldnt even use the word failure! The only thing that has failed is this post! change your F UCKIN handle, cause by no means are you a Leaf Fan! So in closing, I’ll say it again. GIVE YOUR HEAD A F UCKING SHAKE!

  18. Kraut182 says:

    Why should they fire JFJ before they see what he’s managed to come up with? How does that make any sense. I’d say they’ve looked pretty good so far.

    Going after a marquee star would be great, blowing all your money on a player who is probably heading to the downside of his career and has been injured on numberous occasions (Forsberg) could be stupid and franchise crippling.

    I love what Paul Maurice has been doing with the club so far. They actually shoot the puck on goal. They seem to be working on things like avoiding dumb penalties and defensive responsibilites.

    I’m not a huge Bryan McCabe fan, and think he’s overpaid, but he’s here. Buying him out would be stupid. He might be overpaid, but its a lot better to pay him and play him than to pay him and have nothing.

  19. wingedim says:

    Have you EVEN watched any of the games? They are shooting the puck more, carrying it deeper, forechecking the crap out of the opposing D. They’ve gotten 5 out of a possible 6 points for the games they’ve played this year? How is that considered shit??

  20. wingedim says:

    You’ll have to excuse McLeafy…he’s only like umm…I think 15 or 16 now…and prone to those hormonal shifts.

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