A few things I expect from whoever is the next Maple Leafs GM

Leaf fans must face the truth, that this team will fail, and they will be firing their General Manager John Ferguson Jr pretty soon. With the available GMs including Pat Quinn, Mike Keenan, Colin Campbell, Niel Smith, Dave Taylor, and many others, it would be stupid not to fire him unless this team surprises earlier. Whoever turns out being the next Maple Leafs GM, there are a few things I’d ask of him.The first one is give Peter Forsberg whatever he wants this summer. The Anaheim Ducks will get home ice in the playoffs this year, because the last two summers, they went out and signed the best player available, I don’t care if he wants a ten year 90 million dollar deal, if that’s what it takes, give it to him. He’s by far the best player available next summer, and other then probably Joe Thornton, and Alex Ovechkin, the best player in the National Hockey League. I have critisized Forsberg before, but the Leafs can’t do what they have done before, and got by with lovable players like Chad Kilger, Darcy Tucker, and Tie Domi. We need to get the best players we can, and win the God damned cup. To combat the Ottawa Senators top line of Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson, we need three stars up front, Sundin, and Forsberg make two, I guess Tucker will be good enough seeing as Sundin and Forsberg are far and away better then any two of the Sens top line members.

I would love to see whoever the new GM is fire Paul Maurice, the minute he put out Wade Belak against Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson, I knew there was no chance he’d ever get my approval. I’d probably rather see Pat Quinn, or Mike Keenan out there coaching… too bad Don Cherry would refuse the job…

There needs to be some way of demanding excellence. Make the second round of the playoffs, or you’re fired. This team needs to DEMAND excellence, and scaring the living shit out of the coach and GM should probably work.

Next, we need to find a way to dump Bryan McCabe’s mamoth contract. The guy’s worthless, he’s nothing more then an over rated 5th or 6th defenseman, who was nothing before Tomas Kaberle, and I’m sure he’d waive his no trade clause to go back to the Atlantic division. Hell, I’d even except a buyout, the Leaf management can afford it.

The final thing is, send scouts EVERYWHERE, scouting little shit-town leagues is how the Red Wings got Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Fedorov, and Zetterberg, and it works. The Leafs need to get to these guys, becuase the leagues quality doesn’t always dictate the players quality.

If I owned the Leafs, I would basically say, make the final 8 or you’re fired, because this is a team that SHOULD be dominant with its history, and what not. The Yankees lost in the last 8, and Joe Torre is on his way out, god bless him. This is why the Yankees have 26 World Series.