A Franchise Rebuilt

That’s right. After seven years of waiting, the Pens will be back on top. Maybe not right away, but they WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS when hockey comes back.The reasons are simple, but here they are.

Mario Lemieux: Mario could be the best player in the world at fifty, he is second on the all-time points per game, and lets not forget half his games he had cancer or horrid back problems. Mario is simply THE BEST. And with a year off with no distractions, he will be healthy for 2005-06. Lemieux is the only player in the world that can be a team on his own, and he does it by bringing up the skill level of his team mates.

Mark Recchi: 29 goals last year at thirty six, and is signed through 2007. He can easily put up at least twenty five goals a year, and his a great teacher for the younger guys.

Alexsey Morozov: Can’t forget him. He can put in twenty goals a year. Maybe even as many as Recchi. (When playing with Mario of course.)

That’s 100 goals for the three of them. Aside from those three players, the Pens scored 177 goals. Add it up, that’s more goals then any team in the NHL last year.

Kovalev/Zhamnov: The Pens still have a bit of moeny for one of them. Add thirty goals to that total.

Malone: Malone had a great season last year playing on a team of total shit. Imagine playing with big stars like Lemieux, Recchi, and Kovalev/Zhamnov.

Marc Andre Fleury: Fleury has had time to learn from his mistakes, and make himself a better goalie, he’ll do great next year.

Then there are all the great young guys like Malkin who are developing. This season will be great for the Pens, they’ll be a hugely offensive team.