A Franchise Rebuilt

That’s right. After seven years of waiting, the Pens will be back on top. Maybe not right away, but they WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS when hockey comes back.The reasons are simple, but here they are.

Mario Lemieux: Mario could be the best player in the world at fifty, he is second on the all-time points per game, and lets not forget half his games he had cancer or horrid back problems. Mario is simply THE BEST. And with a year off with no distractions, he will be healthy for 2005-06. Lemieux is the only player in the world that can be a team on his own, and he does it by bringing up the skill level of his team mates.

Mark Recchi: 29 goals last year at thirty six, and is signed through 2007. He can easily put up at least twenty five goals a year, and his a great teacher for the younger guys.

Alexsey Morozov: Can’t forget him. He can put in twenty goals a year. Maybe even as many as Recchi. (When playing with Mario of course.)

That’s 100 goals for the three of them. Aside from those three players, the Pens scored 177 goals. Add it up, that’s more goals then any team in the NHL last year.

Kovalev/Zhamnov: The Pens still have a bit of moeny for one of them. Add thirty goals to that total.

Malone: Malone had a great season last year playing on a team of total shit. Imagine playing with big stars like Lemieux, Recchi, and Kovalev/Zhamnov.

Marc Andre Fleury: Fleury has had time to learn from his mistakes, and make himself a better goalie, he’ll do great next year.

Then there are all the great young guys like Malkin who are developing. This season will be great for the Pens, they’ll be a hugely offensive team.


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  1. briseboisfan43 says:

    Year off is not always good. A lot of star players are not going to the WHC because they have not played and find themselves to be rusty like Niklas Lidstrom.

  2. Bishop7979 says:

    Seven years? Your thinking of the Rangers. How long do you think the league is going to be shut down for? If the league starts back up again it will be five years without making the playoffs since the penguins lost to the devils in the 2000-01 eastern finals.

    A couple players you forgot,

    Milan Kraft, 40 points in 66 games playing on the 4th line (any line with matt bradly and kelly buchberger has to be a 4th line no matter how weak the team is)

    Michel Ouellet, second year AHL player leads the minor league team with 30 goals and 30 assists so far this season.

  3. Eddie_The_Eagle says:

    Ryan Whitney and Brooks Orpik may form a top defence pair for years to come. they are legitimate prospects.

    As for Malkin. He has potential to be a franchise player.

  4. habsoverserver says:

    By extension of your reasoning, the Rangers should have made the playoffs for the past seven seasons.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    It’s seven years since the Leafs beat the Pens in the playoffs. In Leafy’s universe, the playoffs only revolve around his team.

  6. CechmanekForVezina says:

    They still have zero legitimate defensemen.

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    Lidstrom Rusty? Yea right!! those pipes are Teflon coated on the inside so have no idea what would make you think that. The reason you have not seen him play in any league while waiting for the new CBA is that he would be grossly over skilled anywhere. Have you ever had the luxury of taking a whole year off and spending your time however you please?

  8. Malurous says:

    And if you have the luxury of taking a whole year off, you wouldn’t be rusty? Even Lemieux said he’s too rusty to go.

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I like the youth the Pens have. They DO need to move. Ed Rendell (PA Gov) doesn’t seem to want to help build an arena for the team and the Igloo is a joke by NHL standards.

    The Pens in many ways could be the model for the new NHL franchise. Young guns like Malkin and Malone. Tarnstrom isn’t bad at all. Stribak is good too. If Fluerry ends up living up to the hype, they have basis of a great team.

    They paid too much for Recchi. A great flyer and a perfect guy to teach the kids GOOD work ethic with Mario but too much money but today’s standards when Fleurry needs D to back him up.

    Zhamnov REALLY blew it when he turned down 4 mill for 4 years from the Flyers. If ends up being a Pen, it will be for MUCH less and a shorter term deal. Alexi – fire your agent and hire Premieu’s.

    I would find some D that can play to round this team out. Win games the old fasioned way. Look to Malikov (we are raiding my flyers here but….) who is old but STILL can play.

  10. Oilerz says:

    The Penguins have some promising youth for sure, but there is NO way those three you speak of are combining for 100 goals, sorry.

  11. NYRules says:

    Good point…. and for about 5 years straight they were supposed to make it. And 2 years straight they were supposed to be a top contender.

    It’s a shame… other than the defense the rangers really had a strong team with the line of fleury lindros and york and the czech line and richter.

  12. NYRules says:

    Lemieux + Recchi + Morozov=100 goals

    recchi= 25 goals

    morozov= 20 goals


    Lemieux is getting 55 goals?

    this is 2005 not 1995

  13. RangerSteve says:

    If anything, Rico Fata should have been mentioned aside from the ‘possibility’ of signing a Kovalev/Zhamnov. Rico added 16g, 18a last season(all career highs) adn has shown great progress as far as reaching the ‘potential’ that he drew from when he was a Calgary Flame.

    I noticed that you didn’t mention ONE DEFENSEMAN that the Pens have that is ready to bust out. Obviously Whitney and Orpik will be great for years to come, but the majority of young defensemen need time to adapt to this game.

    As someone else noted already, this is the clutching/grabbing era of the NHL. This is not the early 90’s where Jagr and Lemieux were dominating the league on their own.

  14. Aetherial says:

    I somehow doubt that Lemieux will play.

    As far as Malkin… IMHO, he was the best player at the world juniors that I saw. Yes, better than Crosby and better than Carter or Ovechkin.

    Potential and 2.50 will get you a latte of course … but he looked awesome at the juniors.

  15. 19Yzerman says:

    Yes a year off from any activity will result in one becoming a little out of practice at what ever the unpracticed activity may be. However I would take a RUSTY Lemieux or Lidstrom over a lot of the players who have gone to player in order to stay in practice simply because these players are that much better then their peers.

  16. raine_kalisz says:

    wow, I watched the WJC and Malkin was nearly invisible in that last game against Canada. He couldn’t play on a level close to Canada’s best juniors, so how’s he going to make it against NHL calibre players?

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