A Statement From Chris Simon


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After watching the tape the morning after Thursday’s game, I was disgusted. There is absolutely no place in hockey for what I did.

I want to apologize to Ryan Hollweg. I was grateful to learn that Ryan is okay and that he returned to the game. My hope is to reach out to him in the near future.

I want to apologize to my team and Islanders fans everywhere. My actions Thursday night played a major part in our team losing a crucial game. I also want to apologize to the National Hockey League for the damage I have caused this great game of ours.

What you saw Thursday is not the person, player and competitor that I am. I know my teammates and opponents over my 14 years in the NHL understand that.

I do not remember much about Thursday’s incident. When I saw the tape on Friday morning, it explained a lot to me when I saw the look on my face after being hit into the boards. I was completely out of it. When I met with the media about 30 minutes later, I still was not feeling well.

I met with our medical staff briefly Thursday night and underwent a series of tests on Friday afternoon. They have told me that I suffered a concussion when I hit the boards. Because I was not cleared by our doctors to travel, I would like to thank Colin Campbell for traveling to New York for today’s hearing.

I need to make clear that this is not justification for the danger I put Ryan Hollweg in and the damage I have caused the game. I understand disciplinary action will be taken.

Since Ryan is thankfully okay, what hurts the most is knowing my actions will result in me losing the privilege of being in the Islanders lineup.

Finally, I want to thank my Islanders teammates for their support throughout this process. It means everything to me.

March 10, 2007

Please fellow hockey fans dont judge this man from this one incident. his whole career he did nothing but stand up for his teamates and play honest hockey. watching him this year with the isles i realized what a true leader he is and how his teamates and other players around the league truly respect him. he deserves to be punished for what he did but he shouldnt be looked at as a dirty player or a goon. he has put up some respectable numbers his career while protecting his teamates.

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  1. Dynamo710 says:

    Yeah, he's an honest, stand up guy and a great teammate BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

    This isn't the first time Simon has tried to take another player's head off.  He's been suspended multiple times for incidents similar to this, just never this blatant.  He was even suspended for a racial slur against Mike Grier.

    THIS GUY IS A GOON and doesn't belong in this league, plain and simple

  2. Lint07 says:

    As weird as it can sound, Chris Simon is a good guy, everybody in the league would agree.

    He had a brain cramp and what he did was VERY dangerous.

    The punishment he's been handed by the NHL fits the crime in my opinion and I don't think he should be considered a dirty player from now on because of this incident alone.

    my two cents.

  3. wheresthesoda says:

    so if there are criminal charges brought up on Simon, I'm guessing he is going to plead insanity

  4. Libbs says:

    there should be NO criminal charges brought up.


    The courts should mind their own business. This happened in the heat of the game.

    There is no reason for any criminal charges, IMO.

  5. 92-93 says:

    he is a repeat offender. period.

    he's a good guy, had a brain cramp? hey, we've all lost it at some point in certain games or jobs or whatever. so i'm not going to be another talking head on some pedistal.

    but this good guy is repeat brain-cramper. i'm glad he got what he got.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    I agree that he is probably a stand up guy, otherwise teams wouldn't keep bringing him back.  Simon is not a guy you want to cross.  His teammates have to respect and appreciate that.

    But Simon is a repeat offender as well.  He does have a big streak of goon in him.  I'm sure that having suspensions in the paset factored into the decision about how long his current suspension would be.  The suspension is deserving, and I hope he doesn't fight it. 

  7. puckhead94 says:

    Yahoo! Sports is now reporting that Chris Simon, after looking in the mirror this morning, despite recurring symptoms from an alleged concussion at the hands of Ryan Hollweg, was able to discern from the reflection that he was still indeed a douchebag. Stay tuned for more from this developing story.

  8. markjohnston says:

    good guys don't swing their sticks at other players heads.


    the guy is a goon, and I don't buy the "sleepwalking after a hit" thing for a second. repeat offender. goon.

  9. BieksaForMVP says:

    He also had a concussion when he did… People make mistake's, and if he's a goon then is Todd Bertuzzi a goon? He's the only player in NHL history who's been suspended for 10+ twice (unless this is Simon's 2nd time).

  10. leaferdude2 says:

    Don't judge this man by this incident? What the hell is that? Todd Bertuzzi got is still ansering questions about his incident. he was a complete and total criminal,apparantly. What people did not realize is that steve moore probably received more damage from about 6 hockey players lying on him than being knocked out by Bert. So really, Simon is going to be judged by that. Nobody can control it.

  11. markjohnston says:

    yes, bertuzzi is obviously a goon as well.

    I fully admit to not being a medical doctor or a lawyer, but I am pretty sure that having a concussion does not legally, medically or morally relieve you from your responsibilities as a human being.

  12. gg_idiot says:

    You get your info from Yahoo!? You're a bigger douchebag than any person who makes 500 000+ a year could ever be. Stay tuned for when I insult you again after your shitty comeback.

  13. gg_idiot says:

    The difference is that Bertuzzi planned that shit out before the game.

  14. the_hockey_bandit says:

    So, you are saying that Bertuzzi planned to break Moore's neck? I think it is more that he wanted to fight him and Moore refused, so he sucker punched him in the back of the head and before he could get too far a bunch of players had piled on. Despicable yes, intent to injure maybe, want to break his neck doubtful. This guy is one of those that wears his heart on his sleeve and reacts at times without thinking and it got him in trouble many times. I just hope that Steve Moore can be a man and realize it is a tough sport and if you are not willing to deal with the fact you could get injured, granted his was serious, then he should not have been playing.

    Do I think Bert was wrong for doing what he did, of course. I just do not see the intent to end Moore's career as part of it. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. Remember, no one apologized for the hit that took out Naslund after this happened. They just focused on one half of the incident. The Naslund hit was an after thought.

  15. Nemix says:

    Its sad to see..He can be so much more of a hockey player if he could just keep his cool. He was one of the reasons calgary got far enoguh into the playoffs and the fact he can put up a regular shift and score is a testament to this. In washington, he proved he can put up 20 goals a season..   With fighting almst elimated and bodychecks still encouraged..unfortunately , you might see more incidents like this in the future. The Bertuzzi syndrome will continue .. players that can play will go down …  Next on the agenda will involve the return of the no players in the crease rule

  16. puckhead94 says:

    Apparently, the concept of sarcasm is not something you're aware of. I guess to you, any story that excludes the Toronto Maple Leafs isn't something that needs to be posted anywhere.

  17. Heinzee57 says:



  18. Jenkinstein says:

    So what should happen if (and the way things are going it might) a player gets killed on the ice.  Manslaughter or not, the courts have a place in all parts of society, and we've moved beyond Roman times where slaves and christians would be fed to the lions or sent into an arena to be slaughtered without legal protection.  Hockey rinks are not like international waters, the rules of the country apply in all events and hockey fans must accept this instead of going off on ignorant rants like this one.

  19. gg_idiot says:

    No, to me any story that has been posted 20 times already is just plain *****ing stupid. Someone that comes here and spouts random shit about the Leafs as if that would insult me, well they also fall into the *****ing stupid category.

  20. gg_idiot says:

    No, I'm saying Bertuzzi planned on injuring him. I'm sure it didn't have to be the neck, it could have been the knees, anything really. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=115408&hubname=

  21. laserman says:

    There is the possibility he was hit so hard by Hollweg that he was hallucinating, and Hollweg looked like a Pinata. Gotta give him the benefit of the doubt…(yeah right…)

  22. JerryL17 says:

    It is different when you play the game and are caught up in the heat of the moment.  But there was more to this incident.  A boarding call not made in a game where a lot of things went "unseen" by officials including a game tying goal.  Funny how they found their eyes to call penalities that probably should have been let go. Inconsistancy with the new rules or the personal choice of "Let'um Play"?

    I know it is politically correct to jump on the whipping boy band wagon but consider what put Simon in the position to make such a bad decision.  In my opinion, the atmosphere of a non call.  There were quite a few in that hard fought game.

    Consider also these events have two parts.  Intent and injury.  Simon  surely had the intent to injure Holwig, who many say was simply finishing a check.  That check from behind put Simons face into the boards.  A dangerous play that caused injury to Simon who collasped to the ice following the hit.  Look at Simon's face when he gets up.  It is red and a crease runs the length of a check (HD).  He suffered a mild concussion.  When Simon got up it was clear he was looking for Holwig and intentionally ramed the stick in Howig's face to injure him.  (He did not swing it.)  He intended to hurt Holwig and did injure him.

    What about the injury?  Holwig fortunately required only two stiches and did not have his neck broken.  The injury was really minor in comparrison to those commented on of Morris (Bertuzzi) and Brasher (McSorley).  While the intent to injure is common to all three acts the difference is the injury.  I do not think the league addresses the injury to the player enough.  Perhaps the offender should also be unable to play until the injured player returns?  If he does not, neither does the offender. I think this is only right. I did not see this issue discussed in the media and believe it should have been.  Well, I guess it is all about how you look (PC) reporting the game rather than discussing it.  Perhaps we'll get to that when we're all tired of whipping Simon.

  23. nonhl2005 says:

    We shouldn't judge a 5 time suspendee as being a goon? He is the defenition of goon, his problem is he never got away from the goon mentality. Take Rick Tocchet for example, here is a guy that came up through the ranks as a fighter with scoring ability. He got to the NHL and made name for himself as a fighter and after that reputation was secure he started to score. That is where Simon went wrong and never recovered. He had the ability to become a good player that could befend himself or a teamate at the drop of a hat. Now he will go down as a cheap ass goon, because he's been suspeneded 5 times, that's 5 TIMES people, not one or 2, but 5 times, for goonish activity. He deserved more then 25 games and should be sitting out next season. For anyone to defend him is just plain blind loyalty. What does he have to do, kill somone before he's put off the ice for good? Then what will his defenders say?

  24. nonhl2005 says:

    You point about the non-penalty is valid but to try to defend what Simon did by saying "He did not swing it."  is a crock, Swing: to move (the hand or something held) with an oscillating or rotary movement:.Look at the video again, he swung the stick.

    I even commentened on an earlier post that more emphasis should be put on the players like Hollweg, this is not the first time he has hit a player from behind and nothing happened to him, penalty or otherwise.

    As for the Injury to match the Suspension imagine the ramifications of that. Let's say Crosby get's a match penalty for boarding Sean Avery. Do you think the Rangers would let Avery step back on the ice if by his injury it keeps Crosby off the ice? Hell no. This is the same league that still insist on benefiting a pentalized team with a Penalty Shot. Not until they get their heads out of their asses ( or someone, god forbid, gets killed ) are these things going to be corrected.

  25. JerryL17 says:

    I did see the replay and I also it happen.  I again emphatically state, that Simon did not swing the stick.  He rammed it into Holwigs face as in a cross checking motion.  I never said I was defending Simon's action but rather was pointing out what the atmosphere was in explaination as to why it occurred.  

    I have considered the ramifications of just such an incident as your hypothetical.  But the situation of a player having his livelyhood or dream of playing in the NHL taken away like Morris, is intolerable.  In such a case as your example, if Avery is unable to return because of injury, too bad for Crosby.  That, I believe, will remove some of the the nonsense.

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