Alexander Semin won't report to training camp

According to, left winger Alexander Semin has not reported to Washington’s training camp despite being under contract. What is strange though, is that the Russian media is reporting that Semin would likely remain in Russia for all year.Everybody knows Alexander Ovechkin, the talented left winger that will start his career with the Washington Capitals this year. Skilled and camera-friendly, Ovechkin has everything looking like a future all-star in the NHL. In the same team, there’s another young and talented Russian left winger named Alexander Semin.

In 03′-04′, while he was only 19 years old, did very well by scoring 10 goals in 52 games. He is described has an explosive skater with great hands and electrifying one-on-one moves. Washington, while being in total re-building process, has 2 Russian jewels playing at the same position: left wing.

George McPhee is currently very frustrated by Semin and his agent’s attitude, and it’s not the first time. Last year, Semin didn’t want to report to Portland (baby Caps), and preferred opting for a richer contract in Lada, Russia. Result: suspended by the Capitals. He also missed the 2004 season’s last game by missing his plane. Now, alleging “visa problems”, his agent re-assured McPhee by saying his player would come at the minute his papers are fixed… and it’s been 2 weeks now, no word, nothing. He even replaced his agent lately. He’s under contract for 1 million in 2006, so why would he act like that?

Is he jealous of Ovechkin? Does he want to play outside of Washington? You can be sure he’s losing points in everybody’s notebook, so why should he risk another suspension by acting like… well.. a Russian?