All Jerseys Revealed

rbk code was leaked and now using nhl 08 you can play with the new jerseys. The code is h3oyxpwksf8ibcgt for nhl 08 gamers.

For others you can see all the jerseys here

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  1. tancred says:

    Huge sigh of relief from me that the Devils jersey didn't really change in design!  So far, I'm not a fan at all of these new Reebok jerseys.  Just don't care for them.

  2. eron says:

    That Home Sharks jersey is so sleek.

  3. Gretzkin says:

    Sweet, Thanks!

    It worked too!!!!
  4. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    All of the Jersey’s have a modern look to them.. not sure if i like it yet though

  5. antmonkey says:

    there are some that look a lot nicer than their old ones (columbus, nashville, edmonton, etc) and some that look a lot worse/more boring (toronto, dallas, washington, tampa, etc) and then there are some that are different, but given some time I will get use to them (colorado, ottawa, florida, calgary, etc)

    I can see a few of the new designs changing next year after the teams get some fan feedback, but they should be minor changes. Overall, they are decent jerseys I just don't like the fact that there are no more alternate jerseys. I love seeing the throw-backs or the 3rd colour jerseys (as long as they're not orange).

  6. eron says:

    I'm sure the alternates will return at some point.  They seemed to be a success, at least.  Most Hab fans I know either own the Home Jersey or the Third Jersey, never the Visitor jersey.

  7. monley89 says:

    Gretzkin what system do you have it for?? And also riseagainst and everyone else, with that code, where do i enter it for XBOX360 for NHL 08?? once i get the NHL 08 menu

  8. bleedingblu says:

    where do you enter the code for xbox360

  9. riseagainst says:

    I'm pretty sure its in the my nhl tab.  There will be a tab that says rbk code or something like that. 

  10. riseagainst says:

    I'm not at my xbox right now but I believe you should be able to locate it by going to the my nhl tab.  You should be able to find a tab that says rbk code or something like that.

  11. bleedingblu says:

    ok cool,
    I'll try it when I get home.

  12. riseagainst says:

    My personal thoughts on the jerseys:

    Ducks- I liked last years jersey and these are pretty much the same, only its kinda wierd that they have the collar in orange and thats the only orange on the jersey. 
    Overall I give'em a B+

    Atlanta- there jersey weren't that great last year and these ones aren't much better.  I'm not sure if its a error in the image but theres a wierd strip on the home jersey on the one selvee.  The away jersey is just okay.  Overall C.

    Boston- pretty much the same as last year but unless they changed the logo what could they do.  I'm glad they kept it simple can kept the strips.  Overall B.

    Buffalo- there last years jerseys which I hated at first and then loved'em.  Still look good probably look the most modern of any jersey. 
    Overall A.

    Calgary- they look really good.  The logo is still awesome but the vertical lines sort of bug me but they still look good.
    Overall A-

    Carolina- I think there old jerseys were better.  The bottom strips and shoulder area kind of ruin the jersey for me, just doesn't go well together.  The logo is still cool.
    Overall C+ 

    Chicago- the same old jerseys which is alright.  I kind of preferred the black jersey over the red.  Keeping the vintage look is good, would have been interesting and probably a mess if they tried to make it look more modern.
    Overall B-

    Colorado- I really like them, I think there better than last years.  I like the colours of the home jersey, the away isn't as good.  They are simple but still interesting on par with Calgary.
    Overall A- 

    Columbus- there new jerseys have been out for awhile and most people like'em, I'm most people.  There simple, the logo looks good, all a round good jerseys.  Don't think there perfect.  I still prefer Colorado, Calgary and Buffalo's jersey but there still good.
    Overall B+

    Dallas- what a train wreck.  I use to love Dallas' jerseys, so much so that I bought a morrow jersey even though I'm not much of a Dallas fan (just loved the jersey and morrow).  The away jersey is kind of the same but still looks wierd but the home jersey is just a mess.  What do Dallas fans need a reminder that they're in Dallas?  Whats the point of having a jersey that just says Dallas?  At least Vancouver kept there logo.  Dallas is probably the biggest disappointment.
    Overall C-

    Detroit- like last years.  Not a fan of the strips but there still okay.
    Overall B

    Edmonton- I like them.  The only thing I could do without would be those vertical strips going up the jersey and replacing them with a bottom horiztonal strip.  The colours look good as does the logo.
    Overall B+

    Panthers- another mess.  Too much going on, too many strips, neither jersey looks good.  The logo is unchanged and I think the logo kind of sucks.  Would have been nice if they reworked the logo maybe more like nashville or minny.
    Overall C

    LA- same as last year pretty much.  The bottom horizontal strip says Lost Angeles, thought that was kind of cool, doesn't stick out on neither home or away jersey so it works.  Missing the purple a little bit.
    Overall B

    Minnesota- home jerseys are now the red alternative from last year.  Thats about the only change which is good. 
    Overall B+

    Montreal- another vintage style jersey which is great, again what else could they do without changing the logo.  I like how they kept the bottom horiztonal strip unlike some teams.  Still kind of boring compared to some other teams.
    Overall B+

    Predators- I like them, similar to the oilers or colorade jersey.  The home and away logos are different with the away jerseys having Nashville above the logo and a triangle shape but both look good.  Personally I think the colours work and I'm glad my eyes will never be blinded by that awful yellow jerseys from last year.
    Overall B+ 

    New Jersey- the same as last year.  Still good.
    Overall B

    New York Islanders- never have been known for having the best jerseys and this year they'll keep that trend.  The only real problem I have with the jersey is the selvees, why make them a different colour than the body of the jersey?
    Overall C

    New York Rangers- same vintage style which is good, always liked the Rangers jersey.  Never liked the statue of liberty jersey so I'm glad there gone.
    Overall A-

    Ottawa- I prefer last years jersey, these ones have that practice jersey look.  They're still alright, the shoulder patches are wierd but the logo and colours are still good.
    Overall B-

    Philadelphia- the home jersey is kinda strange having the white at the top of the jersey selvees.  Still like last years which is a pro.
    Overall B

    Phoniex- they team might suck but the jerseys are alright.  The colours are still that crap brown which sucks but the logo is alright and the strips look good.
    Overall C+

    Pittsburgh- I prefer last years jersey but the difference is minimal.  Still cool logo and colours and the patches, not shown in the game, look good.
    Overall B+

     Sharks- don't like'em, prefer last years.  The home jersey is alright but that orange on the strips kind of sucks.  THe away jersey doesn't do anything for me.  I think if the strips looked a little different I'd like them more.
    Overall B-

    St. Louis- look really good.  Kept it simple, strips look really good and colours and logos all work well together. 
    Overall A-

    Tampa Bay- looks good also.  Logo is a little changed, I think for the better.  I like the colours although I wish there might have been more going on near shoulders maybe a patch or something.
    Overall B+

    Toronto- a step back although they look similar to last season.  They should have gone for a more vintage look, had the tie up, bottom horizontal strip.  They should have kept the TML patch to, while a lot of people didn't like them I think the jersey looks better with them.
    Overall B-

    Vancouver- ummmm. 
    Overall B (the colours and logo look so good its a shame they put the vancouver thing on the jersey)

    Washington- really the only team to completely redo there jerseys.  Last years jerseys were really good, the white eagle jersey in particular.  This year I think the jerseys are just as good.  Love the colours and the new logo which are similar to the old cap jerseys with just a more modern look.
    Overall A-

    Overall I like Buffalo's jersey the most but I think that has to do more with the fact that I've grown more use to the jersey and my opinion will likely change during the season. 

  13. Gretzkin says:

    that's right, it's in my nhl

  14. Gretzkin says:

    Yep, it's in the "My NHL" tab. Reebok Jerseys.

  15. Gretzkin says:

    Oh yeah, I have a 360, but I imagine it works for all systems.

  16. gambit101 says:

    blame the teams for being stupid and changing designs cause of new material on jersey…. no one had to change anything but they decided to…. but some smart teams kept there jerseys the way they are……

    but the material is amazing i been wearing it for just over year now and its so much more comfortable then the old style….

  17. gambit101 says:

    i just wanted to say one thing…. why is everyone blaming these new desgins of jerseys on bettman and rbk…. im sorry they didnt force desgin change just material change…. im happy a dozen teams kept to there regular design….

    and for anyone saying that these jerseys are awful and to tight etc…. i just wanted to know who has worn one in a game…. and knows from experience….

    the material is amazing i been wearing it for just over a year now and its so much more comfortable then the old style….

  18. Sharkattack01 says:

    Yeah, but the away one sucks.

  19. morrissey says:

    I've seen every jersey live, even the unlaunched ones, all I can say is wait until you see them in person before passing judgement as I found many of them much better looking than the photos and design images I'd seen previously. The pscans from the game definitely do not do them justice at all.

  20. eron says:

    Agreed, i don't see how Gary Bettman or RBK forced Vancouver and Dallas to write their cities on their jerseys.  That was the teams marketing and design groups.

  21. kamullia says:

    It would be very useful if some hackers came up with a code to be able to keep the logos and change the team’s name. That way everyone could have the Buffalo ToupĂ©es in their games.

    That logo kills me…

  22. Williams1505 says:

    wether this is a hack or not…..yeah it works…but wouldn't that be kind of illegal….cause from what i heard….that the NHL couldn't put the jersey's in the game because of something like about a license…and if they revealed all the jerseys they would of lost thier license and then they woudln't of been able to make a game next year…thats why they came out with that code…that way after all the jerseys are revealed they could give the code to be used in the game….

  23. neilios says:

    The only reason they put Vancouver on there jerseys is cause when they where the millionairs thats all they had on there Jersey was Vancouver,and to sell shit loads cause the 2010 olympics cause everyone is gonna buy anything with Vancouver on it so way to go Canucks and it looks pretty decent.Plus NHL08 is pretty sweet I just wanna know how to go to your farm team when your in Dynasty mode does anyone know????I also picked up Crosby in the game to I traded Naslund,Cooke,and 1st rounder for Crosby and Cairns not a bad deal eh.

  24. eron says:

    Thats why I can't stand NHL08 in terms of realistic quality.  Always preferred something like Eastside Hockey Manager.

  25. flamingsenator says:

    to get to ur farm team…u press the left or right button on the top of the controller(for 360)

    ps….thats an amazing deal…i love that game….its on a whole diff level than 07

  26. CaptainAvery says:

    My post hasn't anything to do with the new jerseys but NHL '08 itself. I own a copy of it for PS2 and all I can say is what a disappointment. Don't get me wrong the gameplay is realistic and fun, but the flaws of the game I find is the announcers(Bob Cole and Harry Neil would be exciting even for a change) and that they repeat the same phrases as '07. Then there's the goal horns, why is it such a hassle to put the right updated goal horns for each team after each home goal celebration in the game, not a big deal, but still something fans of the NHL series would appreciate, I know XBOX and PS3 have it on the right track with each home teams goal hore, so why couldn't they do the same for the PS2 as well. Also for certain teams and the lack of players for example Montreal. No Lapierre, Kostitsyn, the whole damn groupd of forwards are nowhere to be seen on Dynasty mode or anywhere else on the game options for that matter, so you have 8 defencemen dressed. Very disappointed in spending $50 on a game that is no different then one I have owned for a year already, hopefully next years game will make some changes like I was hoping for this years game, time will tell I guess.

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