All-Star Teams To Date

If the All-Star votes were done as of today (November 29th) The Eastern And Western All-Star teasm would look like this (Assuming you have 13 forwards, 6 defensman, and 2 goalies)

Eastern All-Stars
Sidney Crosby (Pittsburg Penguins)
Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Daniel Briere (Buffalo Sabres)
Maxim Afinogenov (Buffalo Sabres)
Erik Cole (Carolina Hurricanes)
Chris Drury(Buffalo Sabres)
Jaromir Jagr (New York Rangers)
Marian Hossa (Atlanta Thrashers)
Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers)
Brendan Shanahan(New York Rangers)
Mats Sundin (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Tomas Vanek (Buffalo Sabres)
Rod Brind’Amour (Carolina Hurricanes)

Bryan McCabe (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Jay Bouwmeester (Florida Panthers)
Brian Campbell (Buffalo Sabres)
Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins)
Tomas Kaberle (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Henrik Tallinder (Buffalo Sabres)

Marc-Andre Fleury(Pittsburgh Penguins)
Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres)

Wester All-Stars
Joe Thornton (San Jose Sharks)
Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames)
Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche)
Jonathan Cheechoo (San Jose Sharks)
Mike Madano (Dallas Stars)
Ryan Smyth (Edmonton Oilers)
Teemu Selane (Anaheim Ducks)
Paul Kariya (Nashville Predators)
Martin Havlat (Chicago Blackhawks)
Markus Naslund (Vancouver Canucks)
Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings)
Petr Sykora (Edmonton Oilers)
Patrick Marleau (San Jose Sharks)

Scott Niedermayer (Anaheim Ducks)
Chris Pronger (Anaheim Ducks)
Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit Red Wings)
Dion Phaneuf (Calgary Flames)
Sergei Zubov (Dallas Stars)
Rob Blake (Los Angeles Kings)

Mikka Kiprusoff (Calgary Flames)
Marty Turco (Dallas Stars)

So far the voting has shown Sidney Crosby as the top forward vote getter at 247,854 votes. Bryan McCabe has the most votes for defensman at 174,205, and Marc-Andre Fleury as the top Goaltender at 131,151 votes. You’ll also notice that all of these players are in the East, as data shows that there are almost triple the amount of people voting for Eastern players as they are for Western ones. Which doesnt make sense because that would mean voters are simply skipping voting for Western Conference players.

Also it seems that no one out of Ottawas big Three of Alfredson, Spezza, and Heatly have yet to make line up. Buffalo has the most players in the All-Star game with 7, including write-in vote getter Tomas Vanek.

Another surprise is Marc-Andre Fluery, who is at the top of all Goaltender votes. Either he has a large family, or the Pittsburgh faithful are voting in record numbers, because as of right now hes holding Martin Brodeur out of a spot at the All-Star game.

Also for all you Rory Fitzpatrick fans, I’m sorry to tell you he hasnt even shown up among the top vote getters which means he has less than Lubomir Visnovskys 13,842 votes

If you don’t like what you see here, i suggest you head over to and cast your votes.

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  1. HabsRUs says:

    Well maybe I took it the wrong way, but still, it wasnt a very nice way of wording your comment. At least it sounded bad.

    As for Crosby, Im not oversimplifying the issue at all. The Penguins are not the same team without Crosby and everybody knows that. The Fleury situation isnt the same as the Thibault situation. Thibault is a back-up goalie in my opinion and doesnt compare to the quality of Fleury. However, Im just saying that I dont agree with him being in the All-Star game. Fleury is a major help to this team along with the growth and development of the Pens' young guns. This team is below average without Crosby and would still manage to scrape up a few wins for sure. But with Crosby, the Pens are an average, and perhaps, Playoff bound team.

  2. OldGoalie says:

    Fair enough.

    And I would agree with pretty much all of the Fleury thoughts.  Oversimplification was perhaps a bad word choice…a better way of saying it might have been "if Fleury goes down to long term injury, the team is all kinds of screwed…maybe even worse than if Crosby or Malkin were to get hurt for any length of time, because they have nobody else in the organization who even approaches Fleury's skill level, whereas they have at least some center depth." 

    Now, all of that having been said, I should note that I was one of those people at the beginning of the season who was saying "whoa, Fleury hasn't proven anything, let's not go treating him like the second coming of Georges Vezina just yet."  But, to his credit, the kid has been beyond tough at times this season for a team that doesn't always give him a ton of defensive support.  His rebound control, footwork, balance, choice of angle, and decisionmaking in general all have improved noticebly since last season (although he does still make it more interesting than it needs to be sometimes).  Last year, someone suggesting that he should make the All Star team should have gotten a laugh from just about anyone.  This year, you may not agree, but I don't think the idea gets treated as comedy anymore.  That he's managing that when he just turned 22 on Tuesday night is downright incredible. 

    Does that mean he deserves to be an All Star starter this year?  I personally do not believe that he does…but not by much…in terms of pure ability – and ignoring statistcs for the moment –  I don't think he's all that far behind the first tier guys in the East.  But he has all the tools to be a fixture in the All Star game beginning in the not too distant future…so I don't think there's any reason for Pittsburgh or Fleury fans to feel cheated if he doesn't make it this year.  There's a lot of time for him.

  3. enigmagnum says:

    "Another surprise is Marc-Andre Fluery, who is at the top of all Goaltender votes. Either he has a large family, or the Pittsburgh faithful are voting in record numbers, because as of right now hes holding Martin Brodeur out of a spot at the All-Star game."

    Not a total surprise to me since he has been pretty amazing thus far. Keep in mind, Pittsburgh faithful such as myself voted almost constantly to make sure Freddy Sanchez and Jason Bay not only got into the MLB All-Star game but that they were starters. 😀 Of course, Fleury may indeed have a large family as you said … who knows? 😛

    ~ M ~

  4. gg_idiot says:

    The votes only decide the starting line up. The rest of the team is selected based on their performance.

  5. habs_punk says:

    Vanek's having a hell of a year. But you're right, Ovechkin and Vinny should be there ahead of him. Marty is borderline, and Tucker is a *****.

  6. habs_punk says:

    Ovechkin's in the East, Marleau's in the West. And One person being added to the list doesn't make the person at the bottom of the list get knocked off the team. Only the starters are voted in. The top three forwards are the only ones that matter in terms of votes. Not the top 12 or 13.

  7. habs_punk says:

    Thank you. Isn't it funny how we post this, and no one seems to notice it. They all keep going on about how missing Ovechkin means that the player at the bottom of the list isn't on the all-star team anymore?

  8. nonhl2005 says:

    How has he paid for taking another life? He gets to go out and make millions of dollars playing a game. Is that what you consider paying the price for MURDER? His actions took another persons life, forget the fact he survived and was only in the hospital for a while. What does Danny Snyder get?
    He did the crime but never did the time, because of who he is, plain and simple. It's a joke that high profile people get off for murder with a slap on the wrist. He deserves all the criticism we want to lay on him. If you don't feel he deserves any that is your right, but don't tell us to lay off him.

  9. OldGoalie says:

    If I had to bet on it, I would say that Muckies' reaction to my original comment had nothing to do with the justice system or fairness or the concerns for the Snyder family or anything else.  My guess is that it had everything to do with me having the temerity to rip on a player that he likes.  It was clearly almost entirely motivated by emotion…when you look at it, the closest things to an actual argument contained within any of his posts are profanity, name calling, and the use of the caps lock.  The only real point (at least so far) is something that I had to drag kicking and screaming out of his last rant about the Snyder family…and, as I said, if someone wants to say it was poor judgment on my part to type something that may cause a friend or family member some discomfort in the unlikely event that they read it, I can at least see that point. 

    Now…back to the whole tirade thing.  If he wants to spout off in that fashion, he's certainly free to do so…but at the end of the day, there are insects that have more influence over my actions than Muckies does, so the effect is more or less nonexistent at least as far as I'm concerned.  But I have to wonder…would he be as vehement about it if I had made a joke about O.J. Simpson or Ray Lewis or Ted Bundy? 

    And finally…on the only semi-related topic of public discourse…why is it that so many people react to hearing or seeing or reading something they don't agree with by instantaneously and reflexively saying the functional equivalent of "censor this?"  To me, saying anything along those lines has always been a flat admission that the speaker is not comfortable with the topic and that he or she has no way of making a valid counterargument, so they just don't want to have to confront it. 

    Both politically and otherwise, it seems that more and more people are taking the "I don't like it, make it go away" approach, and I personally find that to be utterly reprehensible.  If you want a website where only people who agree with you can post, knock yourself out…go bury your head in the sand, create one and administer it to your heart's content.  But otherwise…suck it up and realize that not everyone holds the same views that you do, and that everyone has the same freedom to express their views that you do.  Regardless of where those views fall in relation to your own personal views of appropriateness. 

  10. OldGoalie says:

    Or perhaps…just perhaps…the people who are voting don't like him for the reasons that we're talking about.

  11. chimoty says:

    Truthfully…I would give the overall rookie race to Malkin at this point.  Sure Kopitar started great, but as of late has only racked up about 10 points in the time Malkin has scored all 22 of his points. 

  12. chimoty says:

    Crosby-Malkin-Ovechkin may well be the greatest line ever created

  13. chimoty says:

    Just like stated before, Fleury does have a large family voting for him.  The whole city of Pittsburgh.  Though I have cheered for the Penguins every year that I remember being alive, Pittsburgh overall is a fair-weathered sport fan city.  We are all die-hard sport fans but only show full support when teams do well.  The only exception being the Steelers who recieve support everynight as well as boo-ing at some costs.  Anywho back to my point, with all of these voters cheering for Pittsburgh Penguins to start the NHL All-Star game, there should be enough evidence that Pittsburgh deserves to stay a hockey city.  I've been through the rough times, but theres clear-sky ahead.  This year's voting and hopefully the December 20th decision by the city will hopefully bring a well-deserved new arena in Pittsburgh

  14. Connolly4mvp says:

    What better way to boycott than to VOTE FOR RORY!

  15. hattrick44 says:

    The league started this voting system way to early. Players can quickly turn there season around and that is the reason huet is left off of the list. Just look at cheechoo last year. He was nobody at the start of november last year but by the end of december he was probally one of the scores i the league.

    And why the hell is every one going against the sens? Wow they had a bad start this happens all the time to teams. instead of looking at what a player or team has done 25 games into the season look what they have done i the past three years. There is no way that a team in the nhl can go from the no.1 record in a conference to missing the playoffs the next year.

    It is very unlikly that teams like pittsburgh islanders can keep there winning ways. Sure its nice to think that they will make the playoffs but it is unlikly. Im not saying that this will not happen it is just unlikly

  16. hattrick44 says:

    Shut up. Dany heatley is a great player. Sure he made a mistake when he was young. Most people do stupid things when they are around the age of 20. Do you not remeber when dany heatley last played in the all-star game. He scored 4 goals and won MVP. I beleive that he deserves to play in the all-satr game. he is having a good season

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I just did!

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