Allison Bonuses Determined

According to the Globe and Mail, the Jason Allison Bonus Structure is now known.


This article should make things completely clear as to the status of the new Leaf’s centre.

if he plays 75 games he will earn $2 million in bonuses. at the 35 game mark he will start earning 222K of his bonus and will continue to earn that amount every 5 games up to 75 games for a grand total of $2 million.

if he scores 70 points he will earn $1 million in bonuses. That may be difficult considering only 2 leafs in the last 7 years have reached that total.

the other key part of the article is how this counts towards the leaf’s cap.

it truth, it doesnt…..for this year. here is what the article says about this point:

“There has been confusion about how much of Allison’s bonus-laden deal counts toward the Leafs’ league-imposed $39-million salary cap.

The Leafs are absorbing the entire value of Allison’s potential $4.5-million deal this season because any amount that exceeds the cap limit would reduce “an amount equal to such excess” next season, according to the NHL’s new collective agreement with the National Hockey League Players’ Association.

The Leafs are allowed to exceed the salary cap without penalty under the new labour agreement because of Allison’s injury-filled past. As a player with at least 400 NHL games who spent more than 100 days on the injury reserve list in 2003-04, Allison’s bonuses can take the Leafs 7.5 per cent over the cap without a penalty.

But all that means is there will be no penalty this coming season. Next season, there would be a penalty because the Leafs would start in the hole, something they want to avoid, considering the likelihood that the salary cap will be reduced for the 2006-07 season because of lower revenue expectations.

What if Allison doesn’t meet his target numbers? If that becomes apparent later in the season, the Leafs will have more salary cap room with which to work at the trade deadline.

With Allison’s full $4.5-million contract, the Leafs have committed about $36-million to 19 players with training camp less than a month away.”

I sure hope this finally clears this up for all those who seem to not know how to use their CAPS LOCK.

as the article states, Allison’s bonuses is not against the cap, but the Leafs are including it in their totals in order to not face the hit next season.

this is a clear smart business decision and why the Leafs are at the 36 million mark for 19 players. So no the Leafs DO NOT have 6 million in cap room left. They MUST include the Allison bonus this year because if the cap goes down next year the Leafs will end up with less cap space than other teams.

And another smart business decision is to leave a couple mil for mid season moves. so yes the Leafs have just 1 million to spend and 4 roster spots open.

This should end the arguments among leaf fans about what the Leafs have to work with and should end the chastising of JFJ for not spending more. He simply cant and that is the reality.