Allison Bonuses Determined

According to the Globe and Mail, the Jason Allison Bonus Structure is now known.


This article should make things completely clear as to the status of the new Leaf’s centre.

if he plays 75 games he will earn $2 million in bonuses. at the 35 game mark he will start earning 222K of his bonus and will continue to earn that amount every 5 games up to 75 games for a grand total of $2 million.

if he scores 70 points he will earn $1 million in bonuses. That may be difficult considering only 2 leafs in the last 7 years have reached that total.

the other key part of the article is how this counts towards the leaf’s cap.

it truth, it doesnt…..for this year. here is what the article says about this point:

“There has been confusion about how much of Allison’s bonus-laden deal counts toward the Leafs’ league-imposed $39-million salary cap.

The Leafs are absorbing the entire value of Allison’s potential $4.5-million deal this season because any amount that exceeds the cap limit would reduce “an amount equal to such excess” next season, according to the NHL’s new collective agreement with the National Hockey League Players’ Association.

The Leafs are allowed to exceed the salary cap without penalty under the new labour agreement because of Allison’s injury-filled past. As a player with at least 400 NHL games who spent more than 100 days on the injury reserve list in 2003-04, Allison’s bonuses can take the Leafs 7.5 per cent over the cap without a penalty.

But all that means is there will be no penalty this coming season. Next season, there would be a penalty because the Leafs would start in the hole, something they want to avoid, considering the likelihood that the salary cap will be reduced for the 2006-07 season because of lower revenue expectations.

What if Allison doesn’t meet his target numbers? If that becomes apparent later in the season, the Leafs will have more salary cap room with which to work at the trade deadline.

With Allison’s full $4.5-million contract, the Leafs have committed about $36-million to 19 players with training camp less than a month away.”

I sure hope this finally clears this up for all those who seem to not know how to use their CAPS LOCK.

as the article states, Allison’s bonuses is not against the cap, but the Leafs are including it in their totals in order to not face the hit next season.

this is a clear smart business decision and why the Leafs are at the 36 million mark for 19 players. So no the Leafs DO NOT have 6 million in cap room left. They MUST include the Allison bonus this year because if the cap goes down next year the Leafs will end up with less cap space than other teams.

And another smart business decision is to leave a couple mil for mid season moves. so yes the Leafs have just 1 million to spend and 4 roster spots open.

This should end the arguments among leaf fans about what the Leafs have to work with and should end the chastising of JFJ for not spending more. He simply cant and that is the reality.

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  1. DTucker_16 says:

    Fair enough…However, the Leafs still have the worst collection of wingers that I have seen in a long time. There is a rumour that JFJ is currently searching for another defenceman. If he does acquire another defenceman, he HAS to trade one of them away either for a winger, or for a draft pick in order to free up cap space to sign a winger.

  2. -Swizz- says:

    good article, clears everything up

    lets hope he gets 69 points!

    im not quite sure how you got 36million over 19 players though..

  3. nordiques100 says:

    just quoting the globe.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Lindros’s bonuses are counted there.

  5. 93213 says:

    I have to agree with your winger comment. What the F is fergie thinking?

    As far as I’m concerned, Sundin is the top center, it doesn’t make any sense to move him.

    Allison is also a great face off center so you want him in the middle too.

    Quinn says he’s going to roll 3 lines with Eric in the middle and I don’t see that he has a choice. You can’t put the guy on the wing because he’ll break if he goes into the corners too often.

    So yeah, that puts Steen on the top left? Are you kidding me?

    I like Tucker on number 2, but I like him with Lindros and Domi as a third line.

    But yeah, they need to make a trade. It’s the only way. Why they didn’t pick up Carter to play along Oneil and Mats blows my mind.

    People are talking about how they need defence. They have the numbers they just don’t have quality. And at this point unless he moves someone it ain’t getting any better.

    You have Marchment, as a number 4 or 5 he’s fine.

    I think they should move Kaberlay up to the wing and slide Belak back as a number 6 D and rotate him with Carlo.

    So yo’d have:

    McCabe – Kavanah

    Klee – Berg

    Pilar – Belak/Colaiacovo

    Not to good, but there has been worse.

    So I’d like to know if other Leaf fans are desperately tying to figure out what the hell the lines are:

    O’Neil – Sundin – Steen

    Atropov – Alison – Kilger

    Domi – Lindros – Tucker

    Poni – Stajan – Kaberlay

    I don’t know, I really don’t know what Quinn will do. I really can’t see Steen on the top line, but then a lot of things my Leafs do I’d rather not see….

  6. mikster says:

    I still think he should have bought out Belfour and McCabe.

    I think the Aubin addition is questionable. Why not let Tellqvist take back up? Belfour is injury prone anyway and he is not a 55-60 game goalie anymore.

    It just stops his development in the NHL level.

    McCabe could have been re-signed next season.

    They can make a trade, but they have to trade a player with at least $2.5M in salary in order to make any significant imporvement.

  7. -Swizz- says:

    Why buy out McCabe? At the rate defenseman are going, he’s not overpaid. He’s making like under $3.5M. Same as what Hatcher and Rathje signed for.

    Aubin will most likely be starting for the Marlies, not backing up Belfour. Aubin backed up Tellqvist for the Marlies last year.

  8. LeafsLegacy says:

    I agree about Belfour but not McCabe he’s one of the best defenceman in the league. Belfour is way overpaid and JFJ should oftook his time and thought about this instead of over paying him.

  9. shawn_habs says:

    It’s pretty obvious what the club should have tried to do. Buy out Belfour and sign Curtis Joseph. Big fan favourite, and close to as good of a goaltender. And hell, at 900k he’s a freakin steal.

  10. vanstan says:

    I know it would be to much to expect a collective “man we’re stupid, sorry that we just assumed it didn’t count against the cap because that’s what we wanted” from most of the leaf fans on this site since it appears EVERYONE else already knew it did (after all sportsnet did describe the contract, though not in as much detail, when Allison SIGNED!). Ohh well, Leaf fans, I forgive you.

  11. mikster says:

    I think Aubin is not an AHL player, but ok.

    McCabe gets paid a fair share when looking at the market, BUT he is a problem to the Leafs team now.

    They could have bought him out and added two defensemen that are still solid.

    Also, Hatcher is at a higher level than McCabe, and i think Rathje got badly overpaid, but fits in the Flyers payroll well enough.

    Because of McCabe and Belfour, the Leafs are very weak on the wings.

  12. mikster says:

    McCabe is a very good defenseman, although i hated his comments during the lockout, but he is a negative on the Leafs team in regards to the payroll.

    There has to be some sort of balance, and McCabe is part of the problem where the Leafs cannot make any improvements on the wings.

  13. -Swizz- says:

    i think it would have been sufficient to buy out just Belfour and sign a goalie for cheaper (cujo, dafoe, trade for thibault)

    and use the money saved for a winger or 2

  14. Scoot says:

    Lindros didn’t miss enough games during the last season played to be eligible for bonuses. I believe he makes 1.55 million, that’s it.

  15. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Not 2…3….Roberts, Sundin, and Mogilny

  16. Aetherial says:

    Lindros 1.55

    Sundin 6.3

    O’Neill 1.5

    Tucker 1.596

    Allison 4.5 (assuming 3 in bonuses)

    Ponikarovsky .45

    Antropov 1.0

    Kilger .45

    Stajan .805

    Domi 1.25

    Belak .798

    Wilm .450

    McCabe 3.458

    Kaberle 2.28

    Klee 1.9

    Berg 1.064

    Khavanov 1.25

    TelQvist/Aubin .5

    Belfour 4.6

    There ya go, 19 players 35.701 million.

    4 more guys at .45 each is all they can afford.

    The team *may* compete for a playoff spot with solid goaltending, underrated Defense and solid up the middle (staying away from injury) but that is about all they will compete for.

    There may also be some more money at the trade deadline.

    They are smart to include Allison’s bonus amount THIS year… just in case.

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No, they just can’t make the bonuses count for next years cap like they can with Allison.

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    They should do it for next year cuz Lindros’s count this year.

  19. bermudashorts12 says:

    So what they have is flexibility. 19 players at 35.7 million leaves 3.3 mil on a maximum of 4 roster spots or a minimum of 1 roster spot. (Team can carry 20-23 guys on their active roster). If the Leafs are having a good season and decide to take shot at the Cup by adding talent, they can carry Allisons bonuse to next year and open there available cash to 6.3 million for the last roster spot. This would make things tight next year, but Eddie’s contract is done.

    The Leafs have TONS of flexibility this year.

  20. nordiques100 says:

    sure they may have 3.3 million of room left now. but why fill that up right now? they need to keep some room as in an 82 game seaosn anything can happen. and i dont think you could have a roster without spares. leafs are lucky belak can play forward and defence so they are flexible but injuries hit so quickly so they will need to keep some extra bodies.

    and they will ahve to wait up to the trade deadline to see what to do about allison. i dont mind them paying part of the bonus next year but not the full 3 million. that is just too much, especially since the cap number may take a hit next season as not even be as high as 39 million. next year only tucker, oneill, sundin and domi are signed. that is already 10 million bucks. it adds up quickly. they will need the money to fill their entire defence, get a goalie and 4 top 6 forwards. throwing that 3 million of allison bonus next year is going to cost them a decent blueliner or a top 6 forward. or it might cost them a decent goalie.

    JFJ states he has a plan. it would be a stupid plan to not think about long term effects of contracts and such.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    simply put, quinn is still running the show. he dislikes cujo and the damage from the olympics has never healed. quinn and MLSE are tight and that is why belfour got the long term deal and was NOT bought out. quinn wanted him around. there was simply no way cujo would have been brought back under pat quinn.

    quinn and ley are why berg was kept too. and why roberts was not brought back. i thought about it and i thought it was a fine move to not give into their demands. but when they did give into domi, i thought why not waste the money and the term on a guy like roberts instead? b/c quinn didnt like him off the ice and in the room. so good bye gary it was.

    quinn is a great coach. but when he starts to meddle into the other stuff and wear too many hats the team gets in trouble. (eg. sign khristich, waive sullivan)

  22. BeerPhil86 says:

    This season could go eigther way, could win big, could loose big, im scared were gonna loose big, the injury bug is gonna BITE HARD…Belfour, Lindros(will get injured cose Quinn wont let him play like a wuss), Allison maybe, and i hope Berg gets injured, i hate him…useless haha i cant believe my cousin got his autograph wow i made fun of her forever

  23. CaptainInsano says:

    “I sure hope this finally clears this up for all those who seem to not know how to use their CAPS LOCK.”



    Does anyone know what happens with the cap when players get hurt?


    Like what happens if a team is at 38 million dollars, then a whole bunch of their players get hurt?

    Say with the Leafs, what if Allison, Lindros, Domi, Kilger, Pilar, Klee, and Khavanov are all out for a couple of weeks? I’d have to think that the team would be allowed to bring up minor league replacements, but how do these replacements affect the cap?

    Would there be any loopholes to keep veteran “insurance” players on the roster … like could they stash someone like a Karl Dykhuis, Landon Wilson, PJ Stock (just throwing out random UFAs, not that these guys are better than anything in the Leaf system) in the minors with the Marlies and then get to use them in case of emergenices?

    And just for argument’s sake, say in the first game of the regular season, Belfour suffers a season ending groin tear, and Sundin, Tucker, O’Neill and Allison … hmmm … tear their MCL/ACLs/(whatever those things in your knees are called) and are also done for the year? What happens with the Leafs’ cap and would they then be able to add a hefty 1 year contract without affecting their cap?

    Just wondering, haven’t heard anything about how that works.

  24. shakrmakr says:

    Sure injuries happen in games, but i’m not worried. Belfour played 59 games last year which wasn’t bad when a guy like Brodeur played 16 more games than Belfour and had only 4 more wins than him. Lindros didn’t suffer a concussion with NY and was still putting up good stats there. Plus anybody in the league could have got the same shoulder injury that he recieved. Also Allison isn’t injury proned nor does he have a concussion problem. His injury was whiplash and coming from a guy that suffered a similar injury in a bad car accident it is not career ending and is curable. So Allison will be back to full potential this year. Also O’Neill didn’t have the likes of Sundin or Allison or lindros to play with in Carolina so expect a big year from him too.

  25. LeafsLegacy says:

    O’Neill i think will be a 40 goal scorer this season.

  26. LeafsLegacy says:

    Some of you guys probably don’t understand why JFJ signed that deal with Allison, because Belfour’s contract expires and alot of cheap goalies for sale like CuJo. This deal i thought was somewhat smart, but then i realized a manager couldn’t be that stupid. He did this signing for a reason and it wasn’t to show he was stupid

  27. nordiques100 says:

    a team can replace an injured player with a player who makes less and it will not count against the cap.

    so for example. sundin gets hurt. so the leafs bring up brad leeb who makes the minimum. that will not count against the cap.

    but if say pilar gets hurt and he makes the minimum, they call up coliacovo who makes 800K. that WILL count against the cap

  28. rockythefinalchapter says:

    If a payer is placed on the DL then a team can call up players to replace them without it affecting the cap as long as the player remains on the DL.

    As for the Leafs roster, does the author think that JFJ can sign 4 players for 1 million when the absolute league minimum is $450,000? Also does the athor think that T.O. will be forced to leave Colaiacovo in the minors because they cannot afford his $800,000 NHL salary? Ridiculoius. Wellwood will make the big club ala Matt Stajan in 2003-04. A trade is coming at some point before the season begins. Klee will have to be moved and possibly Berg too and either another inexpensive rookie such as White or Bell or an older vet can be signed at the league minmum to play defence. This will free up enough money for JFJ to pay who ever he aquires for Klee and company. Of course it is remotely possible that a desperate UFA could come begging to play for T.O. for the minimum who is not over 40 or useless but that is unlikely.

    Who are all these “young” free agents goaltenders who will be available next season? Probably they will all be resigned. T.O. needs to lock up some of its 2006 UFAs before they leave and go elsewhere leaving T.O. in the same state as NYR with nobody.

  29. bj1234 says:

    Pretty sure they’re still including Nolan’s salary in that

  30. Aetherial says:

    The differce in salaries is what they are responsible for in terms of the cap if they replace some guy with a more expensive guy.

    Also, if the injured players comes back they are responsible for both if the replacement stays on the team.

  31. shawn_habs says:

    Yeah, you’ve got that right. Christ, waiving Sullivan was one of the dumbest things they’ve done in a while. I’m sure they’d give anything to do that one over again.

  32. shawn_habs says:

    Correct. They can callup players, but they cannot trade/sign new ones and have that not count against the cap.

    The Leafs will callup Colaiacovo and Wellwood if they are ready for the bigs. Key word is if. As for Klee, there wouldn’t be much of a market for him, especially since Witt is available and is a much better defenseman.

  33. Scoot says:

    where are you getting this “information”? His base salary is 1.55 Million…what do his bonuses look like? I’d really like to know.

  34. WeStSiDe says:

    Here’s a thought, what is the need of even having reserve players on a roster now? If someone does get injured, call someone up.

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