Amonte Choice Soon?

The Team 1050 in Toronto is reporting that Tony Amonte Will make a decision on which team to join by Saturday. According to the report, Amonte has two offers and is expecting two more today. No word on which teams are involved, but the Rangers, Leafs and Islanders are all rumoured suitors for the Winger’s services.

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  1. titans says:

    What??? You mean he’s not a Ranger??? Peroni was wrong??? What?? Nooooooooo!!!! hehehehehe

  2. nskerr says:

    What the hell is he waiting for? Sign with the Isles and help the team move forward.

  3. amok says:

    He’s waiting for a few more greenbacks. Or, if he signs with the Islanders, fish sticks.

  4. Sands says:

    These are the team I think are strongly involved. Rangers, Islanders, Toronto, and the Devils.

    Rangers, because they are still looking for a strong power wing man to play on Holik’s side.

    Islanders, because they lost Miller (or let him go to save money), They traded away Czerkawski…. and they need a Winger for Yashin.

    Toronto, because they missed out, Losing a few player’s, which might have ment saving money, But with not signing anyone (Only Belfour) they should have some extra money laying around.

    Devil’s, because they lost Holik, Lost Mogilny last year (which showed this year how much that hurt). They should pull something off to make the fan’s not as pissed.

    I have a bad feeling, as much as I would love to see Amonte playing with Holik, I have a bad feeling he will be playing with Yashin next year. (What a waste)

  5. bcuffari says:

    It sickens me that the Flyers are in terrible need for a scoring winger and they’re not even in the f’n race for him.

    That I will be the first to admit is a terrible choice for Clarke. He has to have something up his sleeve, if he doesn’t, he is the worst GM in history.

    You know what I just realized, Clarke is a terrible GM. With the capability he has with this team, he has turned it into nothin but shit. He really doesn’t know what he’s doin.

    I think I hate him now.

    Maybe I will eat my words and Amonte signs with the Flyers, very small chance of that happening, but it would be awesome.


  6. munkeyman70 says:

    Now I have heard this, several times over the last couple days. Dallas might be in the hunt for Amonte…2 things make me think this. The first is a article that was published online. The second is that in a chat on, Billy Guerin was asked what he thought about Amonte. He replied that he thinks he is great player, and a great teammate. He also said that he hopes and prays everyday that Dallas can get him signed….Maybe he knows something we dont. Anyway here is the article that mentions Dallas as a possibble suitor…

    Tuesday, July 9, 2002

    Bruins taking shot at Amonte

    By Russ Conway

    Eagle-Tribune Associate Editor

    The Boston Bruins are an unexpected late entry in the hunt to sign unrestricted free-agent right-winger Tony Amonte.

    With free agent Billy Guerin history after signing a five-year, $45 million contract with Dallas and free agent Teemu Selanne remaining in San Jose with a new two-year, $14 million deal, the move to replace Boston’s scoring void at right-wing is logical. Particularly at a time when Bruins season-ticket holders are considering whether they should go for an average $10 increase per seat a game next season.

    Amonte hopes to make his final decision by the end of the week. His choice, The Eagle-Tribune has learned, is between the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Dallas Stars and the Bruins.

    In a phone call last night, Bruins general manager Mike O’Connell confirmed that he spoke yesterday to Amonte’s agent, former Bruins player and O’Connell’s former Boston teammate Mike Gillis, about Amonte. O’Connell plans to talk with Gillis again today.

    It’s expected that Amonte would be willing to accept the Bruins’ terms of a two-year contract, but he would want a premium for doing so — estimated at $15 million over two seasons.

    For more than a week, Amonte has been a target of both Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks and New York Rangers general manager Glen Sather, who have been upping bids to sign the 12-year NHL veteran.

    Born in Hingham and raised a Bruins fan, Amonte scored 27 goals and 66 points with Chicago last season and took 232 shots on net, playing all 82 regular season games for the Blackhawks. He has 352 NHL career goals and 724 points.

    What makes the late Bruins entry into the Amonte picture so surprising is that he already has turned down a three-year, $21 million offer from Chicago. Insiders insist that Dallas, the Rangers and New York Islanders have been dangling three and four-year possibilities in his direction, jockeying salary figures between $24 million and $34 million.

    Until now, the Bruins have remained hesitant to sign any of this summer’s big-name free agents to more than a two-year contract. Their reason so far is that such a move would be risky business because of uncertainty, that a salary cap will be inserted into the next collective bargaining agreement.

    The current CBA expires in September of 2004. The thinking is that teams could get stuck in the future by topping such a cap in making high-priced, long-term contract commitments..

    Amonte has been in contact with Guerin, the ex-Bruin who signed with Dallas last Thursday who hopes to have Amonte as a teammate. Dallas also signed right-winger Scott Young last week after he turned down a Bruins’ offer.

    Should the Rangers sign Amonte, to make room for him on a payroll now exceeding $70 million, the possibility exists that they unload center Petr Nedved and the remaining three years on his contract, valued at nearly $13 million, in a trade. Word in Calgary last night is that it would be for Flames defenseman Derek Morris.

    Whatever the outcome is, Amonte will land quite a pay raise. He made $3.4 million last season.

    The Bruins also have shown some interest in 31-year-old free-agent enforcer Tie Domi, the long-time Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy who had 9 goals, 19 points and 157 penalty minutes last season. Domi has 3,027 career NHL penalty minutes.

    “We’ve talked. We made an offer to him a while ago,” said O’Connell of his bid for Domi.

    The Bruins also are looking at the possibility of landing veteran Buffalo free-agent defenseman Richard Smehlik.

    Meanwhile, unrestricted free agent goalie Byron Dafoe remains unsigned. The Philadelphia Flyers are frontrunners, but the Atlanta Thrashers also have upgraded their interest in Dafoe.

    On another front, former Bruin and current free-agent Andre Savage, who had a 30-plus goal, 70-plus point season with the Manitoba Moose in the American Hockey League, has agreed to a two-year, $1 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.

  7. bcuffari says:

    He aint gettin any younger, he aint tryin to help a team move forward, he’s lookin for two things:

    1. Money

    2. A team in which is capable of winning the Stanley Cup now, without him.

    He needs assurance of winning that Cup, that is all he wants. He wants nothing to do with helping a team with it’s growth, that’s what we use franchise players for. He is not a franchise player, but a very good iron man at that.

    I would love to see him on my team just for the fact we have no stable stars (Roenick, I guess, but he plays a little wild).

    Alright got off track, sorry.


  8. mikster says:

    I wasn’t wrong at all, some informers that told TFP could be wrong, but all TFP knows is that Amonte did verbally agree on a Rangers contract offer…..

    Two, three, four, five teams could be involed right now

  9. mikster says:

    Listen, Calrke’s best move was not making any moves this off-season. I think the Flyers are the team to be in the finals, and Hitch will get them there.

    However, i think Clarke should do something about replacing both Leclair and/or Fedotenko. Leclair will never be the same and his scoring touch is fading away. Not only is he getting old, but this back injury is making him older.

    I said to titans that there could be 2,3,4,or 5 teams right now making offers to Amonte. Flyers….LA…could all surprise fans.

    Don’t give your hopes up on the Flyers, Clarke will either pick up Amonte or make a good trade.

    Micki Peroni

  10. mikster says:

    Lamoriello will build his team via trade, though anything is possible.

    I think the hidden teams could be the Devs, Kings, and Flyers. Right now, Sather is concentrating on how to get rid of salary. Nedved is not it, it is more than Nedved. If Sather trades both Lefebvre and Nedved, he freed up a little more than $7 million.

  11. bcuffari says:

    They don’t have the right players for Hitch*****. They won’t be able to score under his system with the players they have right now. It is also going to do bad things for Gagne’s incredibly fast pace offensive developing.

    They need more speed and skill in order to flourish under Hitch*****.

    I know Hitch***** can take any team to the Cup if he is given a decent amount of skill, he can work some magic.

    Just listening to him in interviews he sounded 110% smarter than Barber. Also a little more calm and more authentic sounding. Barber never sounded authentic.


  12. mikster says:

    He only wants money.

  13. bcuffari says:

    They don’t have the right players for Hitch*****. They won’t be able to score under his system with the players they have right now. It is also going to do bad things for Gagne’s incredibly fast pace offensive developing.

    They need more speed and skill in order to flourish under Hitch*****.

    I know Hitch***** can take any team to the Cup if he is given a decent amount of skill, he can work some magic.

    Just listening to him in interviews he sounded 110% smarter than Barber. Also a little more calm and more authentic sounding. Barber never sounded authentic.


  14. canadian_hockey_rules says:

    I think if this was last weeks saturday he would be a ranger. However under the circumstances I don’t think that they will get Amonte. Clearly the league is headed for a strike in 2 years. A cap or tax will be put into effect. The Rangers are leading in salary by as much as Sosa and Giambi use roids (don’t tell me they don’t)

    The rangers are already trying to alter deals to make room for him and are having a hard time finding someone to take ned’dead’ and his high price. Unless they make a big trade for youth for one of their top players between now and saturday they will not get this be able to afford him. And another thing. When are all these talents going to play. This is like the wrestling situation. WWF sorry WWE kills off all the other competition and now they have to break company into two just to have all the talents get a match. Well what are they going to do make a third new york team. Players won’t be happy getting 8 minutes a game on the second – third – fourth line the first line gets most of the time and 7 players can’t be on the first line.

    The Isles. Well who knows, they got Peca and Yashin last year, why not Amonte this year. NY and TO seem to be the places he wants to play in most and the Isles seem more likely than the NYR. The Isles have already gotten rid of salary so I’m sure they can afford him but, the Isles have also been the most cautious team in the Amonte race. They have pulled out at least twice already and this may have made a bad impression on him. He may want to be in NY but that does not give the player a feeling like he is wanted. The fans sent him email and letter saying come to Long Island but again, this doesn’t mean he won’t be appreciated like this elsewhere. I like the Islanders chances of signing this big winger and if they do all the right moves over the next few days he could very easily be drinking long island ice teas on a nice smoggy day.

    The leafs. Quinn has been lambasted in the media. Maybe this was the plan all along. A deal was almost signed but the offer was receded latter that same day. Maybe Amonte just wanted to see what else he could get and where. Clearly all the offers he has seen have been under his wanted 8mil a year or he would have signed elsewhere. He said he would like to play in TO and it wouldn’t be that different from playing in Chicago. The Hawks have taken all the leafs former players and Smith was a former employee of the Leaf organization. If Quinn add a few thousand more Amonte very well could start bleeding the Blue and White.

    Amonte in Jersey! Well that certainly is a new rumor to me. Someone wrote a comment about Jersey making an attempt. I don’t see this happening. When Mogilney left it was because of money and wanting to get away from the organization. He didn’t like it even though they were successful. Holik left because he felt underapreciated and wanted more money too. NJ has never gone out and spent big money on free agents and I don’t think it will happen now. They lost 50 someodd points from Holik but they still have a good core group of talent. They finished 6th this year because of poor defense and a subpar start. They turned it on in the second half but were beaten by the hot Irbe and Weekes. They lost in a low scoring series to a very big trap playing team. It’s hard to beat the trap especially in the playoffs. Carolina got to the finals not out in the second round. The Devils should be more worried about defense than offense and this is why they will not get Amonte.

    What actually is surprising me is that teams like Atlanta and Columbus are not going after Amonte. Atlanta is about to break the potential bubble and become an actual NHL team and Columbus is heading in the right direction. Why these teams don’t go after a big scorer like Amonte confuses me because he would get to play on a line with players like Kovalchuk, Heatley and Amonte. That would be a great line, three goal scorers who have good playmaking skills. What a line. I’m not familiar with Columbus’ players but I know they have made a good number of defensive acquisitions this year and that was their problem last year. Good goalie, decent offense, now pretty good d, they just might be able to be in the playoff race as a low pick or at least in a position to be there in the next two seasons.

    Don’t look for any surprising moves, Dallas, Colorado, Detroit, San Jose will not try to get him. The teams are either happy with their team or Amonte just won’t fit in.

    In probability of signing I think it clearly has to go

    1. New York Islanders – a good team close to becoming a cup contender

    2. Toronto – surprisingly I think Amonte would really like to play for the TO faithful and may put past contract talks aside and sign

    a distant 3. New York Rangers – money and happiness, Amonte wants to play, Amonte won’t be the next Broadway hit.

  15. bcuffari says:

    What??? Come on Mick it’s not like that. Ya don’t think he wants to win the trophy for being on the best team in the world?!?! He definitely cares about that, lots of players do, it’s only a little less important to them than money.

    For example, if there are two teams on is great and is offering them 3 mil and then there’s a team that is almost as great offering him 5 mil he’ll go to the five mil team, but he’s not gonna sign on a team that has NO chance of competing for the Cup just for money.

    Use Cujo as an example. He left a city he loved just for a GREAT chance of winnin the Cup.


  16. mikster says:

    With Htch, i’d only worry about his relationship with his players. So, it could turn out either bad or good.

    Hitch will use Gagne wisely. Gagne will back check more and go up and down the ice very often… maybe his numbers could decrease but his defensive game will improve which will make him more valuable.

  17. canadian_hockey_rules says:

    Exactly, Amonte has been lauded for being one of the just players but if money wansn’t his reason he would have signed with the leafs. They had a contract with length and terms all worked out but he wasn’t happy with the 7.3mil he wanted 8mil so the leafs withdrew. The Rangers gave him a contract worth about 8mil but they would have overgone their budget. They signed Donato since and can’t unload Nedved so the offer wouldn’t work. That’s why he is not in a NYR uniform right now. The Isles either can’t or won’t give him 8 that is why he is not there. The leafs, rangers and isles are still the big name teams after him and I think he will go to one of them for less than 8 but it will be the team that gets as close as possible.

  18. bcuffari says:

    Nah, Gagne is needed for offense, he needs to be pur offense.

    He could help a team out a lot more being able to carry the offense with the amazing numbers he could get in the future.


  19. mikster says:

    Like everyone said Holik will never sign with the Rangers because he said he wants a winning team and a team that could win a Cup…..was that true in the end?

    Amonte wants the money. Holik is a money player, and so is Amonte.

    I mean, i am not saying Atlanta will sign him, but if the Isle’s offer more than the Kings or Flyers, he will sign with the Isle’s. Free agency is all about the money.

    Say, send me a private message so i can reply and give you some news now. Somehow i can’t send any private messages, the site won’t let me.

  20. DARTHJIM says:

    I can say with almost complete certainty that Milbury will blow this. The East is for the taking and no move will help the Islanders more than a consistant winger to play with Yashin. Getting rid of Czerkowski was supposed to be a move designed to open space for Amonte, or so we thought. I bet some team not even mentioned comes flyin’ out of no where to scoop him up. Like the Wild or some team like that…

  21. mikster says:

    yeah but hitch will use him to go up and down the ice, unfortunately.

  22. mikster says:

    I don’t think Rangers offered him 8. Leafs offered him 6.5 a season, and he thinks he can get more than that. I think Amonte will surprise us all by signing with an unknown team….maybe the Kings.

  23. mxianieri says:

    I doubt the Flyers will sign Amonte. Snider told reporters that they are going with what they got, mainly to put the onus on the players. The players said all that was needed was a better coach and the organization went out and got the best one available. Signing any impact free agent would let the players off the hook.

    I am not a big Clarke fan, he has made a number of bad decisions that would get a GM in any other town/sport fired long ago, but the reality is that the Flyers, once they fired Barber, were not going to make any major changes this year.

    The Flyers can’t trade high priced older players coming off of lousy years and they couldn’t sell a top name coach like Hitchc%ck that they were going to be rebuilding for a couple of years off the bat.

    This team was built for a two year window to make a legitimate Cup run. They botched last year. The organization is sticking with their plan and giving the core players one last shot at it. If (when) they do not win the Cup or get really close to it there will be wholesale changes and it will be the players this time.

    Mike Ianieri

  24. UltimateB says:

    Amonte to the Devils… I can see it. He’d replace Mogilny’s scoring and, theoretically, bring Scott Gomez back to life. Money is the only issue… Could the Devils shell out the bucks for Amonte? The snap answer is “No, of course not, they’re the Devils!” But, look at what they offered Holik. Grit is replaced easier than scoring.

    I could also see Colorado coming out ahead in this in yet another Hartley-from-nowhere move. It isn’t a trade, so I don’t think it likely, but if Colorado’s offense had done anything last year they would won the President’s Trophy.

    The team that I would most like to see Amonte sign with is the Islanders. I have a soft spot for former Wings goalie Chris Osgood, and I also think that they are a superstar short of representing the East for the cup in the near future. Since the east is weaker than the west, it’s no stretch to imagine that the islanders could come out of the scramble, especially if Osgood gets hot at the right time.

    But then again, everybody knows that Amonte is going to be signed by the LA Kings, who so desperately seek a scoring punch from line 2. It’d be really pretty to see Amonte on a line with Brian Smolinski, who went to high school about three blocks from my house…

    So, essentially, my opinion is SIGN WITH A TEAM ALREADY. Amonte’s not likely to HURT a team, so get on with it!

  25. canadian_hockey_rules says:

    Amonte wants money not a shot to the head. Notice how Bob Clarke said we are not going after any free agents this year. It’s because noone wants to sign with the Flyers. What better opportunity then to play for a guy who still believes a concussion is just a fairy tale. Bob Clarke has one of the worst raps going and it is hurting the organization this is why Amonte won’t be in Philly.

  26. leafs123212000 says:

    Free Agency isn’t always about the money. Players like Cujo, Hull, and Roberts took less money to go to a contending team, or their home team. It usually is but the more respectable players don’t do it for the money.

  27. devilfan says:

    Tony Amonte is a 31 year old winger looking for $7.5 million a year and most teams are dangling 3 or 4 yrs his way. Teams like the Rangers, Isles, Leafs, Bruins, Flyers, and Stars are all front runners for his services. However, I would not be surprised if a team like the Devils or Canadiens would wind up getting him. These are two teams that need that big scoring punch and the addition of Amonte would do that. Montreal saw in the conference finals this year how hard it is to score in the playoffs, and the devils need to replace the loss of alexander mogilny two years ago. They suffered all year because of the lack of a sniper on the second line. Amonte would be a perfect fit for both teams. However they will have to open up the wallets to get him.

  28. mikster says:

    Free agency is about money for the most par. yeah i see what you’re saying because even with richter it’s the same story. But, usually it’s for the money.

  29. r_milley says:

    Amonte is not going to Toronto. The Leafs offered him 5yr/32mil last week and he turned it down. Watters said he felt that Amonte did not want to play in Canada and that they were no longer interested. I’d be SHOCKED if he signed with the Leafs.

  30. Rushing says:

    Geeeeeesh, Amonte to Dallas? What a difference in last year’s team this would be. Move over Detroit and Avs.

  31. FlyersRuleClarkSucks says:


  32. RobbieNumbers- says:

    Not NJ—-Lou won’t spend the $$$. He might got to either NYR or Toronto…I’m betting Toronto cause both the “mess “problem and nedved problem aren’t solved yet.

  33. sabotage says:

    If the Isle go by their word of last week, which was Amonte was become too high a price, then this could work well for the Oilers. Should Amonte become an Islander, one of Aucoin, Hamrlik, Jonsson will have to go. However, if the Oilers dangle Anson Carter, the Isle could keep their top 3 and acquire a solid RW in place of Amonte. Isbister would probably be sought in a situation like this along with Martinek (although Lowe would likely hold out for Cairns)…

    Look out for the expanded version of this notion on a new Oiler Only website…soon…

  34. aaron says:

    What are you talking about? A two way player is far more useful than a one way player. Look at Fedorov, Yzerman, and Hull. Their numbers may drop slightly from playing defense, but they’re far better players for it. One way players are useless.

  35. NYR88Express says:

    a buddy of mine, who works with the nyr p.r told me this morning that the rangers and the NHL all-stars have reached a deal….please man, dont spread bull

  36. aaron says:

    You live in NY, your perspective is skewed. 😛 Detroit’s free agents sign for the Cup.

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