Anatomy of a Trade prososal – An Introspective Parody.

Here is the recipe for a trade proposal according to the average proposal we can find about everywhere.

Note: Step 1 and (2&3) can be inverted.

1 – Look to acquire one or some of:

A – A player that could really help your team. Preferably a star player or a younger player under 23yo able to contribute in the league.
B – A 1st round draft pick from a teams that have chance to get a lottery pic. If not, a top 10 is still good.
C – A top 25 prospects in the league, according to Hockey future. If they are struggling you can of course have them for cheap.

2 – Now look into your team for future UFA, struggling players, bad contract or stalling young players (or prospect), 4th line player or 6th-7th defensemen.

3 – Package a mix of them together, add draft pick (later is draft pick, better it is ) if necessary.

4 – You can as well optionally add some role players or draft pick coming back to make you feel better.

5 – Make sure that:

A: You send more salary than you are getting back, so you can make a good use of the precious cap space.
B: You get the younger players, or at least the same age.
C: You get the Quality over the Quantity.

Now you are ready to post your proposal!

Don’t worry: fans of your team will probably praise it or sometime say you would got raped, that you should offer less.
Don’t listen to the one who say your proposal isn’t fair for the other team: they don’t know your players as well as you do and they don’t realize how wonderful would it be for your team if the trade would be real.


So, did you ever use this recipe for one of your past proposal?
The problem with it is that the other gms are not there to please your need out of goodwill, but to improve their own team.

So next time try this:

– Ask yourself if your offer would be the best that the other GM could get in the entire league for the players of draft pick you are asking.
– Did you trade a Future UFA to a non playoff team? that is a frequent proposal mistake, it almost never happen in reality for obvious reason.
– Did you check for NTC ? Did you check for the caps ? Did you know that every team have a 50 contract limits (NHL + AHL + prospect) So its hard to make a package of players for one player kind of deal.

And at last the ultimate test…

Try for fun to ask fans of the other team if they would accept your proposal!! There is a chance that you realize its more easy when you trade alone!

45 Responses to Anatomy of a Trade prososal – An Introspective Parody.

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    I know this comment is pointed at most Leaf fans and granted we are easy targets, by sheer numbers alone. However, EVERY fan overrates the players on there own teams, period. Your point is well taken and it was a good read.

  2. palindrom says:

    To be honest it was pointed at canucks fan first as i posted this in a Canucks forum before posting it here.

    This just prove your point: i agree that every fan tend to overate the players of their favorite team:)

  3. MystifoLeafs says:

    I agree I over rate players on Toronto ALOT But I do tend to look at cap when I am posting an idea not too much the contract limit but cap. I also sometimes forget about NTC and NMC as well. 

    I enjoyed reading it though it was good for a change to read something that was not about "Sources tell me…." "is on the move…" 
    I would also like to point out not only do some people overrate their players then tend to under rate other teams players.
  4. reinjosh says:

    I think its a mixture of things. Most fans tend to know more about their own team and players than a fan of another team so logically they can explain why a certain player might be more valuable than said other fan thinks they are. Because of this, fans tend to to just take it a little farther and overrate those players naturally. Its just inevitable.

  5. Leafs_the_word says:

    This article suggests that all fan are just homers, a point which I'd take issue with.

    Let's try to see him the trade I just came here to propose fits….

    Mike Fisher for Tyler Bozak

    My rationale: Ottawa is stripping down and wanting to get younger and the Leafs need a utility guy that say jump into the top six.  In fact, he'd likely be our number one center on many nights.

    So does this fit
    1A) Fisher is longer in the tooth and cost significantly more, but we could use him
    B) N/A
    C) N/A

    2. Neither player is play great so its a wash


    4. N/A

    5. A) We're taking more salary
        B) We get older, they get younger
        C) Quality here is a matter of persecptive

    Ultimate test, don't care for the opinion of a fan biased against the Leafs, would be interested in fans that are critical thinkers despite which team they like or don't like.  A face value this test gives bashers a free pass.

    I think the way Burke is going about building this team would frustrate this blueprint, for instance his potential interest breaks all the 'rules' or the Kessel deal would buck this pattern as well.  They're no rules outside of the CBA, their are only patterns.

  6. hockey_lover says:

    It might take a prospect or a 2nd / 3rd rounder along with Bozak. He’s a free agent at the end of the season so getting rid of Fisher and getting a player for 25 games, doesnt make sense. I understand Ottawa is rebuilding but they arent going to give players away for nothing.

    Fisher is a decent 2nd liner with decent ability. Good for 20g/47pts a year at a slightly higher return on investment cap hit of $4.5 (I think) and is signed for another 2 years. Thats fairly decent. Not great, but not horrible.

    Besides that, TO doesnt have a 1nd line center anyway. Fisher could slide into that role, just as he is on the Sens, and be an upgrade. TO needs centerman so its not as if they have a huge upperhand in negotiating.

  7. hockey_lover says:

    I try as much as possible to not over value any Pens players but Im sure I do.

    Question .. what are your thoughts on Fleury?

    For most people, it goes back and forth between he sucks and he is amazing. I've always maintained that he is a one small step below the elite in the league. If he could eliminate the penchant for allowing stupid goals from time to time, then he would be elite. 

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

     I think it depends what people want to base this on. Is Fisher just having an off year on a bad team or is he in the decline? Personally I think it is number one. The trade is not bad, however, being that one is proven and one is not, I think it would need a slight tweeking. Mid range prospect or mid rd. pick. 

     To a point all fans are homers, but that is what is great about fans. It is the undying loyalty that is giving to thier respective teams.

  9. hockey_lover says:

    Great minds dude.

    Yeah, loyalty is a good thing but sometimes, it gets to a point where its stupid. I love the Pens, but in 2004, I was under no thought that they would win the cup. I was loyal but realistic.

    If an Islanders fan said, at the beginning of the year "oh yeah, this is our year" .. to me, thats stupid and unrealistic.

  10. Leafs_the_word says:

    Nope, Bozak is an RFA, Ottawa would control his future and would be compensated if he signed an offer sheet. 

    Leafs are taking more salary and the risk of Fisher regressing is equal to Bozak breaking out.  Fisher is overpaid even when he's playing well.

    The Leafs are desperate for a centerman but not desperate for it to be Fisher, would another team really offer anything better than Bozak? That's the question.

  11. hockey_lover says:

    This may make me sound like a moron but honestly, I have very little concept of RFA. I just dont care enough. I really should get a handle on it.

    Your point of Fisher regressing vs. Bozak breaking out is actually pretty good. Nice on. But, I disagree that Fisher is overpaid when he is on his game.

    Who knows. Rumours have it that the Kings have been interested in Fisher since last season. Rumours had it that they were offering Simmonds, who I think has pretty equal value as Bozak right now.

  12. Leafs_the_word says:

    Fleury is elite, all goaltenders run hot and cold these days.  Luongo, Brodeur, Kipper, Thomas (people aren't even taking him seriously this year because we've him regress in a heartbeat on more than one occasion), Ward… who is an elite goaltender?

  13. hockey_lover says:

    Thomas is freaking ridiculous right now. Its unreal and actually pretty sickening lol  I wasnt buying it when bruins fans were saying it was because he was injured but clearly .. that WAS the case.

    Ya know … ive had trouble figuring out who IS and is NOT an elite goalie. Its such a hard position to rate.

    Look at Vokun. Are his numbers elite? No. Are they pretty good? For sure. But look at the team he is on. Imagine Vokun playing in Detroit? You would HAVE to think that he would be lights out.

    I also think that these "lists" of elite change pretty often. Brodeur, an elite for many years, obviously isnt on that list right now.

    Currently:  Luongo, Thomas, Rinne are the top 3. Fleury, who is top 5 in all the major categories, outside of wins (due to his 1-6 start), is on that list as well .. but he sure as hell wasnt on that list last year. Ugh.

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think with bigger minutes and a bigger role(playing with kessel) his numbers would increase in Toronto. However that being said while not a true number one, he is an excellent two way centre and tough as they come for none heavyweights. I think Fisher is an upgrade for the next three years, but I could be wrong. I would think fisher for Bozak and a little pending what Ott. preferred, if said deal were to take place is acceptable.

  15. Leafs_the_word says:

    Basically means a team can match any offer an RFA gets to keep or if he walks they get draft pick back from the team that signs him.

    Compensation as follows…

    under 1 million nothing
    1 -1.5  million   3rd round pick
    1.5 -3  2nd round pick
    3-4.61st and 3rd
    4.6 – 6.1 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    6.1 -7.7 two 1sts, 2nd, 3rd
    7.7+  4  1sts
    Now start thinking about scenarios of how the Pens can land Stamkos this summer.

  16. Leafs_the_word says:

    Halak, Bryzgalov, Price… just gimme the one that plays well in the playoffs, Fleury is good enough.

  17. HABSSTAR says:

    I think you missed the point.  I don't think he was saying all fans are homers but was just poking fun at some of the junk trades that fans from every team post on here that are completely one sided for their team of choice.  Those trade proposals are almost always exactly what he posted. 

  18. Boston_Bruins says:

    This. It's only natural. It goes the other way as well. I'm sure Wheeler isn't quite as bad as I think he is but because I watch him so much I develop a bias.

  19. dumbassdoorman says:

    Nope he is as bad as you think……lol…..kidding, maybe not, who knows. I think "homerism" also affects to how people view other teams players. Thus not all trades proposed are as bad as some make them out to be either.

  20. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think Vokoun is definitely elite. Lundvist as well. Those two are probably the most consistent goalies in the league.

    As for Fleury, he's been lights out this year. I remember him having an absolutely brutal start this year too, and then all of a sudden he's right up there with the top goalies. From a year to year (or even game-to-game) standpoint I find him to be pretty inconsistent though. He'll steal you some games but then he'll have some terrible games as well, seemingly more frequently than others.

  21. Boston_Bruins says:

    LOL yeah, he actually probably is. God, I hate that guy. And yeah, definitely. No one watches every game for every team so there's definitely going to be alot of underrating/overrating of players.

  22. palindrom says:

    The point of this article was to bring some light tone and fun on this site!

    But at the same time its good if it can bring a deeper thinking about the process we use to make a proposal.

    Ultimately what is the goal we all have to make proposal but having fun making these? As hard as think about the perfect trade, it wont help our team!

    In reality, most of the time we are missing too much information to make a valable real trade: Do any fan here know for fact if kaberle want to resign for toronto and how much he is looking for? Burke probably know about it, or have a better idea than the average fan. This kind of information is vital for the future of plan of the leafs.

    A real GM can speak with player agents and other GM,  have scout report for Actual NHL player and future draft, have the input of the coach, they have the doctor report on an injury, They have inside information about a player's life and intend.

    This is in many case capital information that we dont have!

    And what if a GM come with a perfect trade that make sense, but the other gm is just stubborn and dont show any interest? It become a negotiating art, some GM are probably more skilled than other at it.

  23. dumbassdoorman says:

    I for one liked the article and enjoyed the lack of leaf bashing. Which i think happens from the fact that we unfotuneately dominate every article and other fans get cranky, which I can see. But it is always fun to chat with most of the people on here. so Thanks

  24. reinjosh says:

    I understand people's reasoning behind flipflopping but personally I think Fleury is the goalie you want on a winning team. As much as he gets a bad rep for being a choker (I'm not entirely sure how that one WJC goal morphed into that), I view as a goalie who can win games when it matters. Sort of similar to Grant Fuhr back in the day (Ward is a very similar type of goalie).

    I agree he is a step below elite.

  25. hockey_lover says:

    Leafs such bi*tch   … hehheh.   I kid, I kid.

    It does get annoying that every leafs article gets 100 posts but any others average around 20 but it is what it is 🙂      Such is life.

    If I want Pens talk, I go to the Pens board (although, its not much better there either).

  26. reinjosh says:

    Lundqvist is probably the leagues most consistent goalie. Vokoun is always good no matter the team. I would have put Kiprusoff on that list before this year but he has been a little inconsistent this year. This year excluded, he is right up their with them.

  27. reinjosh says:

    I'm pretty sure word got the point. He flipped it on plaindrom if you didn't get that.

  28. Leafs_the_word says:

    I think this article was veiled Leafs bashing and if I'm right in that interpretation then I applaud the subtly.  If I'm wrong it was still ok.

  29. palindrom says:

    it wasnt veiled leafs bashing: at first i wrote it on a canuck forum.

    It was just a parody of general proposal!

  30. lafleur10 says:

    fleury is a good goalie but i personally think price is better

  31. canucks4thecup says:

    In my opinion their are 12 elite goalies in the game:

  32. Leafs_the_word says:

    But a general fan in these parts are Leafs fan 🙂

  33. canucks4thecup says:

    Not a bad trade proposal, I could possibly see this go down.  Pretty equal for both teams, definitely don't think the leafs would have to give away any more then this.  4.5million for a heavily underachieving fisher is alot of money, not sure Burkey would like that cap hi, but he's not giving up much in Bozak….

  34. canucks4thecup says:

    And if I were Ottawa I would definitely do this deal, the need to dump salary and clear up cap space for a proper rebuild…

  35. canucks4thecup says:

    No it won't, Bozak is plenty….Fisher is on pace for less then 40 points and at 4.5 million OUCH!!  

    Think about Vancouver who has Kesler at 5 million…He's on pace for more goals alone!  Not trying to be biased with his break out year an all but he signed this deal last season while on pace for 25 goals and 75 points.
    Mike Fisher is a third line center and so is bozak.
  36. canucks4thecup says:

    Theres no way LA would be offering Simmonds this season for Bozak.

    I'll take Simmonds ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over Bozak, allthough similar in points Simmonds is 2 years younger and has loads more potential…
  37. mapleleafsfan says:

    He never said they were offering him for bozak.

    Thanks though
  38. HABSSTAR says:

    Ok, I'll just disregard: "This article suggests that all fan are just homers, a point which I'd take issue with."

  39. coyotes_bettman says:

    Not necessarily…

    Anyone remember a few years back the Habs had a guy named Pavel Valentenko as a prospect? This guy ended up in EVERY proposal a Habs fan would make because he was a big russian player who played in he KHL and had a very unlikely shot of ever playing on a North American ice surface.
    Some of the proposals were ludicrous.
    To Montreal: Brad Richards
    To Tampa Bay: Valentenko, Higgins, 1st in (fill in the year) Kyle Chipchura
    Out of those guys there isn't ONE player coming from Montreal I'd even have any remote interest in – but anytime a player came up these names would pop up in every rumor.
    My point is – Bozak is the new Higgins in all these deals, he has some value but he's not getting you Mike Fisher, nor is he going to be packaged with Kadri and bringing in the "big center" Kessel needs.
    Same as in Montreal – Danny Kristo is a nice prospect, he's not going to be the guy who lands Iginla in Montreal.
    On a whole – hockey fans are morons, unless you're an Islanders fan and then you realize your team kind of stinks and the only guy who has any value is the only guy you're not trading.
  40. Leafs_the_word says:

    Homerism ran ramped when the Habs where in first place, hell Komisarek got voted into the allstar game.

    Yeah, Chipchura was the next great shutdown/utility center, Higgins was a blossoming goal scoring center…

    Unlike Higgins Bozak still has time to prove himself, Fisher isn't exactly Brad Richards.  But whatever.

  41. hockey_lover says:

    Thats hardly a surprise

  42. hockey_lover says:

    Indeed.  Evidently some people need "RIF" – Reading is Fundamental.

  43. canucks4thecup says:

    Two Posts above mine suggests bozak for simmonds you IDIOT!!!

  44. canucks4thecup says:

    lol nevermind, I'M THE IDIOT!!!!  but my point stays the same, I wouldn't offer Simmonds for Fisher If I were LA either

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