Andre Roy, Rob Ray, Adam Foote suspended, Patrick Roy fined

Yesterday, Andre Roy, Adam Foote and Rob Ray were all handed suspensions and Patrick Roy was fined by the National Hockey League for actions earlier in the week.

(Source: Bay Lightning Andre Roy, 27, was suspended 13 games after fighting New York Ranger Sandy McCarthy on Monday, meaning he will miss the last seven games of this season and the first six games of next season. Roy’s suspension comes from a pair of automatic penalties, one for ten games for leaving the bench to join a fight and the other for three games for abusing an official. Roy drew the suspensions after leaving the penalty box to egg McCarthy on to continue the fight. He also resisted all attempts by the officials to force him to leave the ice.

“We were kind of laughing ourselves from our side,” said Ranger Matthew Barnaby. “We were more amused than anything.”

Foote and Patrick Roy drew their penalties after their game against the Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday. Foote received two games for a cross check to Phoenix’s Daymond Langkow, while Roy was ejected after throwing his stick at Krystofer Kolanos, who earlier beat him on a penalty shot. Roy was fined $1000 by the league.

Ray, 33, received five games for his hit, March 28, on St. Louis Blue Bryce Salvador. He’s already served one game and will miss the next four of his Buffalo Sabres’ games. The incident came at 13:02 of the second, when Ray elbowed Salvador in the head and made him sustain a concussion. Ray received a minor for elbowing and a match penalty for “attempting to injure”, and was suspended, pending a hearing, after the game. It was decided today that he’d miss five games.

I decide to bring this up because this is clearly one of the NHL’s busiest suspension days and, due to the brevity of big names, it does send a clear message that the NHL doesn’t pick favourites, even though that message is pretty flawed. I don’t agree with what Andre Roy did, but there’s no reason why he should get 13 games while Ray’s actions, which were much more dangerous, only gets five. Attempting to injure a player is one of the cheapest moves in hockey and should be punished more than just a match penalty and a five game suspension. It probably should at least be ten because Salvador did get hurt on the play. Also, the suspensions have been rather uneven and should be more stringent, so deterence is more effective. Here’s what I’d do:

1. Leave the bench to join a fight- five games.

…if the player in (1) intentionally harms his opponent in the fight, he shall get another five games.

…the player who started the whole fight, if deemed the instigator, will serve double the amount of time the other player will serve- in other words, if the suspension is five he’ll serve ten and if ten, twenty.

2. Attempt to injure- MINIMUM ten games.

…the player will miss the same amount of games (up to the whole year) that the injured player misses, with a minimum of ten games.

Any other infractions would also have spelled out punishments determined by the officials, players and the teams (and maybe even the fans), and the suspension list would serve almost like the Criminal Code, which has set out penalties for certain crimes. I think if this was done the NHL wouldn’t worry so much about rough play, because the players know the defined punishments ahead of time. If this system was enforced correctly too, with officiating being generally fair and impartial (remember: not every referee is as good as others), then this system would work to perfection.

First though, the NHL needs to fix their increasing problem of blown officiating…without that deterence is useless.


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