Andreychuk on Waivers

As reported here last week Tampa Bay Lightning Captain Dave Andreychuk has now officially been put on waivers.

Although this is clearly a cost cutting move this is a huge slap in the face to one of the class acts in the game. Look for teams such the Canucks and Canadiens to have interest because if his leadership abilities and his 400,000 price tag for the remainder of the season.

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  1. skidragoon says:

    The guy who all year claimed that the oilers would beat the leafs wants proof? lmao i hope you enjoyed ur team losing to Toronto and its back up.

  2. skidragoon says:

    leafy where is the source on this… i dont believe you for one sec

  3. Neely4Life says:

    except telly is playing like the number one. only reason the leafs won that one.

  4. Gretzkin says:

    He’s right in the sense that they attended training camp.

    The fact that it was just a publicity stunt is just his own personal fabrication.

    Do you honestly think that the Leafs need any more publicity than they already get?

    Give the world a break.

    They had 3 hours of coverage on Mojo every day during the Lockout. For the love of God…

  5. Enigma says:

    Imagine if the wings did this with Yzerman…..damn

  6. Tomato_84 says:

    “Then Brad Richards stepped up, but forgot the tomato.”

    Nobody forgot the tomato….im still here…and besides, what would i be doing with Tampa…I’m a Leaf fan 😀

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Cake walk???? pff… we lost to LA (hey if we were the better team we could’ve won game 7) and then Montreal swept the Kings. Cake walk my ass.

  8. Gretzkin says:


    What planet are you from Jimmy?

    Yeah, the Leafs lost game 7, but the momentum swung from the time that penalty occured. Toronto should have been able to close the door in Game 6, and yes, failed to do so in Game 7. A little magic from Wayne Gretzky.

    But that Leaf Team would’ve beat Montreal hands down.

    You were probably too young to have seen it, but while you were suckling at your Mom’s generous teet, the Leafs had the best run they’ve had since they last won the cup.

    What the Hell is wrong with you. I give a Leaf fan something to run with, and he shits the bed.

    Eat Me Numbnuts.

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Yes, I was too young to have seen it, but I did watch the Habs-Kings series on ESPN classic, and really, how can you say the Leafs, who lost to the Kings would have beaten the Habs, who slaughtered the Kings.

    Face it, the right team won.

  10. Gretzkin says:

    That’s a totally different story

  11. Gretzkin says:

    I knew that you couldn’t have seen it.

    The Habs (obviously) handed it to the Kings.

    But for Leaf fans out there, this was their big chance, and as luck would have it, the Team blew it against LA (Gretzky).

    Had they faced the Habs, people in Toronto would be singing a different tune to this day.

    But, you didn’t see it, so you’ll never really know.

    Perhaps you could dial it up on ESPN Classic. If you are such a big Leaf fan, it would give you a better reason to be one.

    That playoff year added a lot of fuel to the fire, and finally snuffed out the embarassment of the Ballard years.

    It’s that series that makes the Leaf fans who they are to this day. It gave them hope. And the controversy is still talked about to this day.

    I’m not knocking you, but as a Leaf fan, you should have seen it. It was incredible. You would have been proud.

  12. Gretzkin says:

    My friend used to work with him on Kung Fu, The Legend Continues.

    I guess he was quite wierd on set, and always reeked of Whiskey.

  13. Scruffy05 says:

    Like I said… absolute freaking wingnut…

  14. Trickst says:

    he’s garbage. should’ve retired 22 years ago

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