Another Coach Canned!

According to Dave King has been fired by Columbus. Apparently GM Doug MacLean will take over in the interim.

Could this finally be the iopportunity for Ted Nolan to step in and coach…I’d like to say yes but somehow I doubt it!


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  1. nskerr says:

    I am a little surprised by this considering they are an expansion team, but I guess the fact that Minnesota has done so well in the same time frame forced Columbus to do something.

    Now you really have to wonder about Brian Trottier. He has the highest payroll and about the same amount of points as Columbus. I don’t think he will last much longer.

  2. mikster says:

    I think possible chance of Trots getting fired if the Rangers lose to the Canes, or most properly lose the next two games.

    Either Schoenfeld will get the job or Slats might choose to go with Hartley.

    In a way, i prefer Schoenfeld since he knows this team better than Hartley does, however, Hartley is a winner and a tough coach. I dunno….we’ll see.

    I think it’s a sing to all the other teams that coaches take a bigger part than they think. That’s why i think giving a contract extension is stupid (i.e Tortorella).

    Amazing though… Gilbert, Fraser, Hartley, King, Sutter, hmmm who is next?

  3. mikster says:

    Kind of an unfair decision, but Doug McLean knows what he is doing and heck…he can definitely coach too.

    Blue Jackets are in good hands though, no doubt about it.

  4. Habfan1234 says:

    Hopefully Therri-idiot.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    He won’t be fired until the Habs miss the playoffs. Hopefully, a highly skilled French speaking coach will become available so the Habs can upgrade. If only Carbonneau wanted the job and wanted to live in Quebec.

  6. wrightstuff77 says:

    Being a leaf fan I have to say I’m a little dissappointed that articles that aren’t about the Rangers, Flyers, or Leafs immediately become about them. Maybe next time someone posts something about Vancouver somebody will pipe in and say Messier played for Vancouver and he is bald which reminds me Dave babych played for both Philly and Vancouver and was also Bald etc.

    Just some thoughts

  7. aaron says:

    I’ve thought Therrien should be fired since that playoffs blowup last year that cost the Habs their playoff series against the Canes.

  8. Sands says:

    I always liked Ted Nolan. He is a very good coach and he is dieing for a chance to prove himself. He is Hungry and would be a great coach on any team.

  9. Habfan1234 says:

    A person who speaks French fluently and can speak English too…………Bob Hartley.

  10. Habfan1234 says:

    He also put out Lindsay (30 winning %) on an important defensive zone faceoff against the Canes best faceoff man, Ron Francis (60 winning %) instead of Yanic Perrault. That is why I call him Therr-idiot. Needless to say that the faceoff was won by the Canes and Wallin scored the game winner. I hope they (Montreal front office) have enough sense to fire Therrien and bring in Bob Hartly ASAP. This will probably only happen if my team misses the playoffs (highly likely).

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    Nolan would be a good fit whereever he could go….

    Except Atlanta…I’m too lazy to explain.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    Why is it that the fans hate him but the media and players refuse to question his decisions, no matter how poor they may be? I think everyone realizes it’s hard to make the playoffs when you get out shot in 17 straight games.

  13. MantaRay says:

    Everyone in NY new that Trottier was just a puppet hire, so Sather could pull the strings behind the scenes.

    When Trott’s was hired immediately several hockey writters in the area started a pool that Trot’s wouldn’t last beyond X-Mas.

    The Ranger$ are the best team in the AHL.

    Dave King I thought should have done better, the Jackets seemed to play hard everynight.

  14. mikster says:

    But they are not in the AHL. If so…then every team that does not make the playoffs should be in AHL.

    If the Canadiens don’t make it, they are an AHL team too right?

    Every team goes through years of horrendous times, in every sport.

  15. cwhockey says:

    Seems as if Atlanta inspires that behavior in a lot of people. I could take some educated guesses as to why, but those guesses might stir up some angry responses. Best to let it go, I think.

  16. Goldenscud says:

    Please contract these expansion teams!!! Please! Doesn’t everyone remember about 15 years ago when the league was much better to watch and teams had more compete lines? All these unnecessary teams are killing the league and watering down the product. Contract these imposters and toss a couple north of the border (Winnepeg, Quebec)!

  17. tsaler says:

    Alright, and you can take care of the payroll for those teams that you’re moving back to Canada which apparently moved away for a reason.

    When the best team in hockey can’t pay its players, I get the idea maybe, just maybe, Canada isn’t proving itself a viable market for the business side of hockey.


  18. CaptainCanuck says:

    Dave King is a great coach. But even Scotty Bowman couldn’t get this team to this playoffs. I don’t think firing the coach will make any difference.

  19. canucklehead_1 says:

    Yeah, Apparently Muckler has ruined Nolan’s career because in Buffalo Nolan wanted a bigger contract, Muckler wouldn’t give it to him even though Nolan was coach of the year and was making next to nothing. It might be a while before Nolan is in the NHL again people just seem iffy about him.

  20. canucklehead_1 says:

    don’t forget Quebec C, maybe Hamilton, London possibly, Halifax, hell, even Yellowkinfe

  21. Goldenscud says:

    Well, this wasn’t a problem when hockey players were making realitic salaries. You can thank teams like the Rangers, Redwings, etc. who have inflated the salaries of overated players, thus enhancing the economic impact on Canadian teams. And, by the way, I think I will save my payroll contribution so that I can go out and get myself a Blue Jackets sweater!

  22. Goldenscud says:

    Yellowknife! Now you’re talking!!

  23. Leaf_Expert says:

    He juss would fit what they need or their style of system….

  24. cwhockey says:

    I’m an American, and I too believe that Canada deserves another team or two. I’m not trying to start a war with these comments, but the harsh reality is another team wouldn’t work in Canada right now. The economy, inflated salaries, etc would be too much of a burden. Maybe in time the landscape will change where having another team up north is feasible, but right now it can’t work, deserving or not.

  25. Goldenscud says:

    Hey! I am an American too! I agree with you completely. I just miss the old teams. I guess I am a traditionalist.

  26. BabyLeaf says:

    how many coaches is that?




    atlanta’s coach…i don’t know his name?

    now this King guy

    Am I missing anyone?

    So who’s next? Probably the Rangers coach…

    So 5 coaches gone and its just the half way part of the season…is this a record or something?

  27. SabresFanB says:

    It was Regeir who wouldn’t give Nolan the bigger contract. Muckler was fired and Regeir was hired and he offered Nolan a 1 year extension at the same salary.

  28. MantaRay says:

    Not every team tries to buy talent and spend $75 million dollars a season to fix managerial problems.

    Which is why everyone else thinks the Ranger$ are a joke.

  29. Tradedude says:

    hey the hell ain’t i suprised?

    I say, quit firing coaches, and start making some bloody trades.

    Atlanta, Columbus, Colorado, Calgary, San Jose all did. Next, probably Therien or Trotz in Nashville, even though nashville made it all the way to 28TH ON MANtA-RAY’s P-R’S!!!!!!!

    Columbus was doing really good in the season, but lately, they have been doing just PLAIN OFFEL, no reason to fire him. 2 bad weeks and your gone, who ever the newcomes dude is.

  30. Ansky1213 says:

    Why don’t the Jackets stick with MacLean, provided he wants to coach? He had a couple of great years with the young Florida Panthers. I’ve also met him a few times, and he is the nicest person in pro sports I have ever met, except maybe Joe Torre. I say, hoo-ray for Doug!

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