Anson Carter to the Hurricanes???

ESPN was speculating the rumor that Anson Carter would be headed to Carolina. I didn’t think much of it, but every time his goal from tonight is shown, they mention trade speculation. I guess it’s curiosity that drives me to post this. I’ll give my speculation, but I’d like to hear from you.

To Carolina: Carter, 3rd rounder

To Edmonton: O’Neill, Wallin, late pick…

What do you think???

48 Responses to Anson Carter to the Hurricanes???

  1. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    I thought the deal that ESPN was talking about or speculating about was Carter for Sami Kapanen?

  2. bit82 says:

    the canes certainly do need scoring so carter would help but i don’t think the offer you proposed would make much of a difference.

  3. platinumx15 says:

    i think that oneill is a way better player then carter…….its not even close……oneill has the mental and physical toughness that anson carter still lacks….remember the playoffs last year?

  4. edmontonrules says:

    Why the hell would Edmonton give up Carter? He’s one of the best offensive players on the team. After Comrie and Smyth.

  5. MossRocks says:

    O’Neill’s style might fit the Oilers’ a little bit better but neither team makes much of an improvement here. One benefit for Edmonton is that I think O’Neill is about the same price as Carter, but has a couple more years on his deal, making him cheaper over the long term.

    It’s an OK deal but kind of a sideways move. Swap Wallin for Tanabe and the Oilers might take the plunge.

  6. bruinfan37 says:

    I think Carter is too valuable to the oilers. He makes up one hell of a first line, and all three seem to enjoy playing with each other. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  7. STPMCPHEE says:

    The Oilers and Canes are trying to make their teams better, and these trades don’t work. Whether it’s financally or what not. Perhaps a smaller trade for role players each team is in dire need for would be a better idea.

    Perhaps Georges Laraque (and a pick) for Erik Cole is a better trade as Carolina needs toughness after the Vancouver trade and Edmonton needs another second liner badly.

  8. Seattleaf says:

    I think that’s probably more beneficial for the Oilers, and I’m sure anything that doesn’t disrupt the BBC line would be plausable.

  9. oil_drop says:

    The Oilers couldn’t take on O’Neil’s salary and even if they could, he would be gone when his contract is up due to the increase of $$ he would get(I know Jeff hasn’t done that good this yr but he’ll come out of it). As for taking out Wallin and putting in Tanabe. He is a very good prospect and I don’t think the Canes would trade him. If the Canes want Laraque and a pick for Cole, sounds good. Laraque sucks, he was good when he use to hit and fight. I know almost nobody will fight him but he could still hit ppl, but he doesn’t. Laraque shines at times when he powers out of the cornors or scores a critical goal, but otherwise he is just a hazard on the roads of Edmonton

  10. wendel_17 says:

    Anson Carter is a skilled forward. He definitely has a nose for the net, but he isn’t nearly the player that Jeff O’Niel is. Carter isn’t a warrior like O’Niel. I do think that O’Niel would be a nice fit in Edmonton. Three energy guys up front in Smyth, Comrie and O’Niel would be a great spark for the Oilers and their fans. Wallin would be a good young prospect for the Oilers’ defensive core. Wallin ala Brewer???

    Anson Carter needs to become more intense in order to make it to the next level in the NHL. He is a big enough guy, but doesn’t use his size nearly enough.

  11. wayne2 says:

    I totaly agree,i dont understand the obsession with trading a great offensively skilled forward like Carter unless like us in Ottawa,they have major money problems.

  12. Stogie7 says:

    The only reason they have to trade Carter is the same reason they traded Bill Gurein for him. Money!! Carters contract is up at the end of the year and like any good NHLPA member you have to cordinate your best year with your big contract year. Carter wil ask for over 4 million in the off season. Anybody think Lowe will give it to him? Not a chance. I hate to see Carter go just when he is getting good but that the way the game is played these days.

  13. Tradedude says:

    Would Jeff O’Neil really be compared to the Anson Carter who I seen traded for Bill Guerin?

    I think the Hurricanes could get more then O’Neil, Wallin, and a worthless pick. I was thinking they can add a Vasicek is their. He’s young, can hit, I don’t know about his speed, but he can also get timely goals.

    I am thinking:

    Carolina Gets: Carter, Edm 1st pick, Pisa

    Edmonton Gets: Vasicek, O’Neil,

    The price wouldn’t really matter because their all around a good 1-3 million in which most teams can afford. Alot of depth for sure for Edmonton. Carolina is getting a PURE scorer in Anson Carter, a great pick (should be atleast 13th pick or bit higher) plus a prospect which should break out either next season or the year after. Edmonton would be finally adding players that have made it to the stanley cup final, so they kow how to do it in the play-offs, also adding a bit more of age seeing Pisa gone, but hey! that’s not a whole lot of age difference. Vasicek could be a scorer if put on the 2nd, or 3rd line center. What do you think of the line Kapanen – Francis – Carter, or Edmonton’s line of Smyth – Comrie – O’Neil. Gunna be one kick-ass line to tell you in my own opinion.

    I don’t know if the Carolina will pull Carter out of Edmonton, but I’m just saying that they should attempt.

  14. Tradedude says:

    So you ARE saying Brewer should be compared to Wallin? Look Brewer not only had a great year last year, he also made it to Team Canada and won Gold… not junior, men. Brewer will be hold in Edmonton, regardless of a Wallin, 2 first picks, and a Hedican.

    He could very well win the Norris Trophy by 2-3 years. That’s how great this guy is.

  15. Wigdog says:

    First of all the ‘Canes are looking to ship Kapenen or Battaglia for Carter. They have no desire to trade O’Neill believe me. Kapenen has been in bad favor since last years playoffs, his goal production is way down and he might need a change of scenery. I think Kapenen would be a great fit in Edmonton giving them more speed and offensive firepower. He hasn’t lost his touch, I think it’s more mental than anything. Giving up Kapenen and Battaglia would be a bit much for Carter, but Kapenen and Wallin would work because the ‘Canes have depth at defense. And as far as Laroque for Cole, Eric Cole isn’t going anywhere he’s one of the few that are bringing it every night for the’Canes.

  16. bjtew says:

    The trade rumors circulating (ESPN, Raleigh News and Observer) involve Carter for Bates Battaglia and Sami Kapanen in some form. Occasionally, I here mention of a possible Hurricane defender being included, either Adams or Tanabe. So someone please discuss the actual rumor and not someone’s fantasy trade. O’neil is the heart of the team IMO and will not be traded unless something very unfortunate happens, like a holdout.

    Personally, I’d love for the Canes to pick up Carter but I’m not sure if Edmonton are too interested in Kapanen since he is kinda expensive at 3 mil/per and isnt producing SQUAT. Bates Battaglia has alot of potential and could be a promising power forward for alot of teams and is cheap at 750k and I’m sure will get interest. Personally, I doubt Kapanen survives the year as a Cane.

    Note: Edmonton was scouting Canes vs Buffaloe and Jim Rutherford was in attendance. In that game Kapanen had a goal and an assist and Kapanen had a post.

    Also of note is that Kevin Weekes and Carter were best friends growing up and since both are free agents I imagine it’ll be easier for the Canes to sign them both than Edmonton.

  17. bjtew says:

    I meant Battaglia had a goal and an assist and Kap had a post. Is there an edit button anywhere?

  18. bjtew says:

    Someone knows the Canes. Right on!

  19. bjtew says:

    Cole stays untill he wants out. Trust me.

  20. Wigdog says:

    Actually Bates had a goal and two assists, and it’s about time. I would hate for the Canes to give up on Bates so soon. He’s always been a streaky player, but when he’s not scoring he’s still playing physical. I would hate to break up the BBC line because they play so well together.

  21. bjtew says:

    Youre right 2 assists. I was too lazy to look up the box score. Yeah, I’d hate to lose Bates as he does play physical and is a fan favorite but we have to sweeten the deal somehow. Id rather lose him than Cole or Vasicek like some are suggesting. How about someone from the minors like Tselios or Hereema? Rutherford is usually pretty patient with these deals and I’m sure he will make a good trade.

    Also I believe Wesley will be a UFA but I figure only a playoff bound team would be interested. I say that if worse comes to worse and the Canes dont make the playoffs.

  22. mikster says:

    Tanabe has been a disappointment, take Wallin instead. I don’t thikn you guys want another Poti-like player, but weho sucks more offensively.

  23. TrojanMan says:

    The rumor that was TRUE was Sami Kapanen and BAtes Battaglia for Carter, not O’Neil, once again another stupid Leaf fan shows his colors.

  24. wendel_17 says:

    i meant that wallin could develop into another great d-man like brewer.

  25. edmontonrules says:

    I understand the vicious cycle of good players on Canadian teams leaving. But not again. Not yet. Smyth, Comrie, Carter, York. They are all pretty young and if Edmonton would just hold onto them for another few years they could quite possibly make the Cup finals. Look at Vancouver. They are holding on for now. Please someone kill Bettman.

  26. acebailey says:

    I am sure the Oilers would like to get Oneill and he would make there team better. Any team would want him and he would improve any team in the league.

    I can see Carter for Kapanen. Both players are not living up to their potential, and this shake up could work for both teams.

    If Battaglia is involved, there has to be somthing else coming from Edmonton. Carolinas scoring is down from last year, and the Hlavic (sp?) trade isn’t going to fix it alone.

    Don’t forget that Cole is rumored to on the block, and Tanabe is not in good graces with managment from what I have heard.

    Does Edmonton have a 2nd 3rd line forward to get in on the deal?

  27. slipnaughtyboy says:

    He didnt know, he was only speculating what he thought it COULD be. He even said something to that affect.

    Jesus, who cares hes a leaf fan. Well I guess ur being an asshole like this cuz ur an american arent u?

  28. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Carter not living up to potential, lol

    Good one buddy, u tried at least.

  29. bjtew says:

    Cole aint going anywhere unless its in a package for Federov. Seriously..

  30. Tradedude says:

    I agree O’Neil isn’t going anywhere, but I never mentioned any Eric Cole for Georges Laraques? That’s totally lopsided in favor for the Edmonton Oilers. There’s no way Lraques should be compared to a Eric Cole.

  31. Wigdog says:

    There are only a few untouchables right now with the ‘Canes and Cole and O’Neill are two of them. You’re right that I can see Kapenen for Carter straight up but if the ‘Canes throw in Battaglia too, Edmonton has to come up with somebody else. Any suggestions?

  32. gasman says:

    How about Zednick and Dykhuis for Kapanen, Battaglia and Tanabe or Wallin.

  33. Wigdog says:

    Zednick and Dykhuis? Are you kidding? Neither one of them are worth a crap.

  34. gasman says:

    Zednick has more goals than Kapanen and Battaglia put TOGETHER!

  35. bjtew says:

    I’m not sure. Its my opinion the Canes need more top line scoring. The Cane’s 4th line seems to be defense first and they see limited action due to the Cane’s inablity to score so I dont think a role player or prospect is needed (see Druken as an example). I also dont think they will split the newly formed Czech line of Svoboda,Hlavac, Vasicek as they are doing well. So unless the Canes could get another 1st or 2nd liner out of the deal I would say it would have to be picks or someone in the minors. I think a D-man would be nice since currently Hedican is having concussion probs and Wesley is bound to leave after this year but I dont see Edmonton losing a d-man.

  36. Wigdog says:

    Zednick may have more goals but he’s soft and is a defensive liability.

  37. cjuer13 says:

    I live in Durham, and the sentiment in the local media (News and Observer, 850 The Buzz, etc.) seems to be that the deal would swap Carter for Battaglia and Kapanen, as mentioned by bjtew. O’Neill recently erased doubts about his passion for the game, and his toughness and ability under pressure in the playoffs last year. I can’t see him being traded. It’s true that Edmonton scouts were spotted at the recent Sabers/Canes game, and that the Hurricanes do not play the Oilers again this season. The Hurricanes have expressed interest in Carter before, when he was a holdout with the Bruins. Also, while Kapanen has not been scoring in a while, he is a rare physical specimen who provides tools that could be maximized in another system. He’s not finishing well right now, but don’t forget he’s the league’s reigning fastest skater. Battaglia is a young, relatively cheap player that provides grit and is a bulldozer in front of the crease. Carter is a pure scorer, so this trade would definitely help the Hurricanes as well. Keep in mind, though, that the Hurricanes are considering moving Arturs Irbe as well, and if they can find a better deal involving him (the Oilers aren’t in the market for a goalie) they might take it. With the current glut of quality goaltenders available (Hackett, Barrasso, Hnilincka), however, they can’t expect to find a better deal than this one (if it really is available) just by dangling Irbe.

  38. TrojanMan says:

    I just like leaf fan bashing

  39. Wigdog says:

    It’s going to be extremely difficult for the ‘Canes to ship Irbe because of his age (36?) and he’s getting $3 mil +. Some team around deadline time will have to be pretty desperate to make the move to get him. And after Irbe’s performance last night against Boston (and Weekes problems lately) I am not sure that he isn’t #1 again. The bottom line is the ‘Canes need Carter and if Rutherford can get him he should do it. Kapenen will flourish in Edmontons system…..his speed on that awesome sheet of ice.

  40. Rico71 says:

    Quality goaltenders?

    Certainly not Barasso or Hnilincka…Tom is too old and onjury proned while Hnil just sucks. Why ain’t he in net while Dafoe is hurt? They are playing Pasanen. He’s much better.

    I’d love to see the trade of Carter for Battaglia and Kapanen. Those 2 players would fir well on the 1-2 lines for Edmonton. Kapanen with Comrie and Smyth would be awesome…and it would bring Sami back to life. Bates would be nice with York and maybe Moreau.

    Two good lines for Edmonton.

  41. PlayballK says:

    The Oilers won’t trade Anson Carter, their leading scorer, during the season. GM Kevin Lowe won’t mortage the season so he can free up money, especially since Carter is a restricted free agent at the end of the year. GM Lowe will trade Carter then if Carter does get traded.

  42. TrojanMan says:

    This is exactly the sentiment ive been trying to get across to people about Kovalev, too bad people are too opinionated to think straight, oh for the record, leaf fans are still stupid and whiny 🙂

  43. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    The Canes are looking to move Kapenen and Battaglia for Anson Carter. Makes sense for both team as the Oilers always welcome speed(Kapenen) and low price players(Battaglia). The Canes get some offensive punch in Carter and the Oilers don’t have to worry about the FA Status.

    The crap about O’Neill going is ludacris. He is one of the most underrated ALL-Around players in the league, but he is not underrated in Carolina!!!

    Cole for Laraque!!! Quit smoking the crack guy. The Canes loast toughness in trading Langdon to Vancouver b/c he had been replaced by Boulerice. And Malik was ‘big’ but not tough by any means. Cole has as much if not more potential than any young power forward in the league and he has proven that he can play in the playoffs in a big way.

    Put the O’Neill and Cole rumors to sleep. It’s not going to happen.

  44. acebailey says:

    When he came over to Boston, everyone talked about him like he was the next Cam friggin Neely. I don’t think he has pulled that one off.

  45. acebailey says:

    Thats what they said about Drury.

  46. fijianbrownguy says:

    money problems…he had to let grier go ….

  47. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    How can a Rumour be true when it is only a rumour. Is a rumour not only a rumour until it actually comes true. Then is it not fact instead of a rumour.

    Tongue twister huh?

    But honestly. To me a rumour can not be considered true.

  48. oil_drop says:

    Oilers can’t give up Pisa. The reason is they have no more d-man that are ready for the NHL or that could play at the NHL level. Plus Pisa is becoming a well liked player in Edmonton.

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