Antropov on the block, again!!!!

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Nik Antropov for Brendan Witt rumor is heating up again and a deal could be done as soon as Nik’s healthy.

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  1. Resmo112 says:

    Well he’s injury prone, umm ummm his hands are apparently made of stone, ummm ummm i guess an upside is he’s like what 9’2 180lbs? fans on shots a lot? these are all positives right?

  2. Resmo112 says:

    To the guy who said “he sucked when his father was alive” NOT COOL. generally i’m the first, or atleast somewhere in the middle, to make fun of Ant. But i do wish him the best right now.

  3. habs79 says:

    Really, I know he has had injury problems, he has played 5 seasons, never reaching 20 goals, or 50 points. He his also 25 years old, and has “had potential” since he started. So when do Leaf fans just say he is at best a 20 goal man. Which isn’t bad to have, but Washington could get one or two good young prospects for Witt, or one good one and a draft pick. So why should Washington settle for a “maybe 20 goal guy” and a defenseman that they wouldn’t put in their lineup. Washington is going young this year, and they are going to let them make their mistakes and not take their ice time away. I still don’t understand why Washington is the one that has to drop in the draft in this trade, and don’t say it’s cause they are getting Berg, cause if JFJ could get a 4th rounder for Berg, I’m sure he would take it in a second.

  4. mojo19 says:

    you’re stating antropov’s past accurately, but if you watch him play this year, in the 6 games he did play he was one of our best guys, hes actually a really good player, him and jay harrison for witt wouldnt be bad for washington

    and i think berg is worthless, i never incorporate him in trade speculation because i feel he would clear waivers, dont class me with koolcorey77 and guys like that please.

  5. habs79 says:

    It wasn’t my intention, I was just restating my previous problems with the initial trade suggestion. I have watched Antropov play, and he has been steady, but he missed more than his share good chances. He seem to have no finish or a nose for the net. The Leafs have been on a scoring tear, and he is stuck with 3 points. Granted it’s mostly due to him missing the last three games. As for Antropov and Harrison being a good enough deal for Witt. I don’t know, because you don’t know what else is being offered. If they want a really good prospect, instead of a roster player. Which is possible cause they know this season is a write off, they would want someone who would help them in the future. If that is the case I would have to say Harrison would not be the best they could get.

  6. FlyersFanForever says:

    In bizarro world he is the best player ever. Even better than Steve McKenna….where ever he is.

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